Category: Beauty | Date : February 1, 2015

D & eacute; & agrave September purpose ; New York, Marc Jacobs on the catwalk, models with jet-black hair and & agrave ; carnation transparent dé spin, fair skin Repulp & eacute; e & agrave ; moisturizing and totally naked face.

The makeup almost Fran & ccedil ; ois Nars has just authorized & eacute; touches of his Skin & shy ; Concealer to hide small dé defects.

If this bias can dé tonner for d & eacute; & eacute ;, wire tops are accustomed & eacute; es long & agrave ; not wearing foundation on shootings.

& laquo; Makeup artists hate too uniform dyed, pr & eacute; just Terry de Gunzburg, who founded by Terry.

The skin becomes without dé be, but it flattens compl & egrave ; ment face and made ​​disappear & icirc ; be its relief.

While a concealer, estomp & eacute; on critical points, keeps alive the complexion, m & ecirc ; me on paper glac & eacute;.

& raquo; The technique is Particular & egrave ; larly appr & eacute; ci & eacute; e on shots & agrave ; the light & egrave ; re natural or filming in ext dé laughing to play with the dé shine of the skin, Permit & eacute; e bare places.

& laquo; In real life, this gesture is much easier & agrave ; ma & icirc ; CONTROLING as the foundation, insists Terry.

& raquo; It is especially much faster : is tapped, then dé pulls up on blemishes, redness or shadows – the hollow ring, the nose, cheekbones.

Finger but also flat brush, rather OCIRC & ; t hard for more pr & eacute; decision.

& laquo; C & OCIRC ; t & eacute; color is chosen not too pink or too yellow, advises Tom Fir, Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics.

D & eacute; tourn & eacute; to make up the complexion and not only to camouflage dark circles, concealer & ecirc must ; be neutral enough to fit & agrave ; all areas of the face.

& Agrave ; dé avoid the too solid formulations often bourr & eacute; es of titanium dioxide, perfect for coverage but far too dé Paisses for makeup.

It is better pr & eacute; f & eacute; rer fluid textures & eacute; elastic, easy & agrave ; fade and no effect p & acirc ; expensive.

Some formulas enriched Soft Focus allow m & ecirc ; I boost the dé shine.

& laquo; But beware, the concealer like foundation, does not bring a healthy glow, pr & eacute; cise Terry.

If we want to maximize the fra & icirc ; release button, you have to superimpose a blush, the only product capable of staining transparency.

With corrective pigments gliss & eacute; s a s & eacute; rum wrinkle : Terrybly Densiliss Concealer, by Terry, 52 & euro ;.

Fees dyed and finished photog & eacute; nic: Concealer & Eacute ; shine, Nars, 26 & euro ;.

Mim é pigments ticks & agrave ; carnation in a texture cr & eacute; Meuse : Matchmaster Concealer, MAC, 20 & euro ;.



Category: Health | Date : January 30, 2015

& quot; We are moving towards treatments increasingly Customized & eacute; s, for both asthma l & eacute; & agrave gers ; mod & eacute; r & eacute; s and for asthma s & eacute; v & egrave ; res & quot ;, r & eacute; summarizes Prof. Alain Didier, pulmonologist at the University Hospital of Toulouse & agrave ; the eve of the 19th Congr & egrave ; s language Respiratory fran & ccedil ; ease.

Asthma is & quot; Red & quot wire; this congress & egrave ; s Friday and Saturday & agrave ; Lille, which will enable sp & eacute; ists to review this inflammatory and chronic airway disease.

Asthma: a disease far from & ecirc ; be harmless.

Most allergic time, in France it affects about 6 & agrave ; 7% of the adult population and about 10% of children under ten years, about 3.5 & agrave ; 4 million people in total.

She went & icirc ; does about 900 d & eacute; c & egrave ; s and pr & egrave ; s 60,000 s & eacute; hospital days each ann & eacute; e, according to figures from the Institute for Public Health.

In its gen & egrave ; arise, first involved pr & eacute; g & eacute provisions ; n & eacute; ticks.

But the dé Trigger is usually an allergic substance such as dust mites, animal dander, mold or pollen.

Pollutants pr & eacute; SENTS in the air, smoking, or certain respiratory infections & eacute; also en & eacute; quently incrimin & eacute; s.

Support is & agrave ; dé avoid factors dé clenchent or aggravate asthma attacks, and & agrave ; offer treatment sp & eacute; cific such as cortico & iuml ; the inhal & eacute; s, but also & agrave ; & quot; & Contr OCIRC ; l & quot; the disease -modifying drugs.

& quot; Most asthma can lead normal lives with treatment adapted & eacute; & quot ;, notes Prof. Didier who dé however plore that, according dé study r & eacute; cente, only 13 % of asthmatics follow & agrave ; the letter processing.

For Professor Chantal Raherison Semjen, pulmonology professor at the University Hospital of Bordeaux, where a child is wheezing bronchitis r & eacute; cidivante, & quot; It is not yet too often treats the dé acute episode & quot ; without instituting treatment nevertheless indispensable background.

Number of asthmatics also consult & quot; too late because they are unfamiliar with the symptoms & OCIRC ; my & quot; and focus mainly on the whistling while asthma may, in some cases, be limited & agrave ; & quot; A & g ecirc ; does Respiratory & agrave ; effort or coughing s & egrave ; che & quot ;, she adds.

For Professor Didier, d & egrave ; s when they take r & eacute; guli & egrave ; larly their treatment and they ma & icirc ; Trisent well inhalation techniques, intermittent or persistent asthma l & eacute; gers encounter quite a few problems & egrave ; my, unlike 4 & agrave ; 5% of patients with a form s & eacute; v & egrave ; re & ecirc which can not, be controlled & OCIRC ; l & eacute; e.

In the latter, the disease can & ecirc ; be so inflammatory that it r & eacute; not lay the cortico & iuml ; of which has led researchers & agrave ; develop new moles dé particles, including anti- IgE antibodies capable of neutralizing r & eacute; allergic reaction.

Other tracks include the d & eacute; development of a vaccine against allergic asthma which work researchers from INSERM and CNRS.

The case of ob & egrave patients; and his asthma is av & egrave ; re in contrast & quot; More problems dé matic & quot ;, according to Professor Didier, with treatments that are & agrave ; dé finish but should particularly target weight loss.

Some tips for am & eacute; improve the daily lives of asthma.

Prof. Fr & eacute; d & eacute; ric Blay, pneumo- allergist at New H & OCIRC ; Civil Hospital & agrave ; Strasbourg, for its part considers that following a few simple recommendations, many asthmatics could r & eacute; reduce the en & eacute; frequency of their seizures.

He advises not to smoke, to break his apartment & quot; By opening the window & ecirc ; tres for fifteen minutes a day & quot ;, to use duvets or pillows mati & egrave ; synth & eacute res ; ticks to anti Covers -acariens, wash r & eacute; guli & egrave ; larly the lint, privileged & eacute; gier box spring & agrave ; slats and to dé rid of the carpet.

He criticizes dé also essential oils & quot; Tr & egrave ; s irritating to lungs & quot;.

As & agrave ; Pollution ext dé higher the dé studies accumulate to show that it aggravates asthma during pollution peaks and m & ecirc, sometimes me & agrave ; of & quot; Pollution levels jug & eacute; s acceptable & quot; by the authorities & eacute; s health, rel & egrave ; ve for his part Professor Raherison.