Category: Health | Date : April 24, 2014

New French work published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology shows that bisphenol A, known for his role as an endocrine disruptor, could be involved through other receptors, in diabetes, obesity or deafness.

For the authors, the reassessment of the impact of industrial pollution on health So human is essential.

With a production of over 3 million tonnes per year, bisphenol A is one of the most studied industrial compounds.

Its presence in food, drinking water, plastics, epoxy resins, coatings, packaging of food, receipts..

led authority European Security Food establish an acceptable daily dose 50 mcg / kg / day.

If its effects on male reproductive organs or human females, such as prostatic hypertrophy, decreased anogenital distance, alterations in sperm, decreased fertility, puberty Early or abnormalities of the endometrium and ovary, are now more show, several observations suggest that BPA may affect organs unrelated to reproduction.

The work carried out in vitro by Vincent Laudet and his team at the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon have shown if estrogen receptors were much the target of BPA, but they were not the only.

Studies in zebrafish have confirmed this hypothesis and showed BPA resulted in abnormal development of structures corresponding to the inner ear in humans by binding to distinct receptors for estrogen receptor.

Researchers have therefore continued their work and demonstrated the nuclear receptor ERRγ was the mediator of malformations induced by BPA in these structures.

Yet ERRγ recently involved in the control of insulin secretion in the mouse and in the metabolism at the heart and skeletal muscle.

For the authors of the work, ” ERRγ could be a major player in obesity induced by BPA in infants “.

They also want be studied the link between, on the one hand, exposure to BPA and, on the other hand, behavioral disorders adulthood, disruption of energy metabolism and brain function, or diabetes type 2.

They argue for a reassessment of the impact of BPA on health human ” By expanding its spectrum of action from the developmental and reproductive effects to the metabolic effects “.

affinity BPA to ERRγ receptor being 1000 times that of compound receptor in estrogen, they believe that the acceptable daily intake should be reviewed to down.



Category: Beauty | Date : April 24, 2014

Conventionally, in colorful packages, working on four pigments derived from iron oxides, explains Sylvie Guichard, director of science communication at L’Oreal makeup search: black, red, yellow and white.

” But today, it is no longer content to use ” raw “.

They ” tinker ” to provide transparency effects, light and shine to matter.

In light of recent news, we can say that these are magic particles.

Textures containing high-tech pigments must be handled with care.

Anyway, we need a uniform pressure to unify the installation of pigments.

” You can also pour a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub against each other and sweep the face.