Category: Health | Date : September 2, 2014

The s dé SAFETY dé the m dé drug is a th & egrave, I always pr dé feels in Prescrire.

But beyond & agrave ; Information, the magazine announced a training program and the publication of a & quot; Little Manual disorders original m dé dicamenteuse & quot;.

Support a pharmacovigilance ind dé pending.

In addition to its information pr é content; prevention and treatment of many diseases, the journal Prescribing always keeps a & oelig ; watchful eye on the balance b é n é ; profits – risk m dé drugs.

In this issue dé ro the rentr dé e 2014, the magazine r dé affirms its int é r & ecirc, t pharmacovigilance offering an item that recalls its background dé e on notifying ind effects dé sirables of m dé drugs.

This principle is also & quot; One factor am dé improvement of knowledge on m dé drugs & quot;.

Article pr dé specifies that monitoring ind effects dé sirables of m dé drugs comes mainly from pharmaceutical companies but stressed that both practitioners and patients must rely on their m & ecirc ; my to build this device & quot; When notifying system dé cally the independent effects dé sirables suspect dé s the pharmacovigilance center of their r dé region & quot;.

These notifications are essential to dé trigger an alert : & quot; Small s dé series of cases correctly paper dé s is often enough to raise the alarm ind effect dé sirable & quot; *, the authors point.

Two initiatives from beyond & agrave ; information.

Prescrire also announced the launch of a training program & agrave ; Remote & quot; M dé drugs in Questions & quot;.

This training aims to im dé improve the practice of health care providers so that they take into account the adverse effects of m dé drugs and ways to r dé produce.

The training is open to m dé physicians but also pharmacists and nurses.

The 2014-2015 session is dé roll of November 2014 & agrave ; October 2015.

Open until 15 October 2014 Entries.

The second & egrave ; my initiative is the publication of a book destiny dé dé also caregivers but also dé students and m & ecirc ; myself to the public.

This & quot; Little Manual of the original m & eacute disorders ; dicamenteuse & quot; helps find mani & egrave, re hi dé rarchis dé e, the main m dé known to cause or aggravate various problems & egrave drugs ; my sant é ;, class dé s by large estates m dé dicaux.

According Prescribing, this book helps the patient & agrave ; r dé lay & agrave ; an important question : what if it ‘ dé was the m dé medicine?

The book of 224 pages is available at a price of 19,90 & euro ;.

Patients and patient organizations can dé declare effects ind dé sirables online by completing a document available on the website of the High authority dé sant é ;.



Category: Psychology | Date : September 2, 2014

M dé rely on us girls walking barefoot along the oc dé year.

Sometimes they remember later, and retracing their steps, dé decide that real life is elsewhere.

Julia Chaplin, smiling quadra am dé -American, a pass é ;, child, every winter in Mexico, on the Pacific coast, in a spot named dé Todos Santos, his m & egrave, and re p & egrave, re journalist am dé Rican who Largu dé the moorings had dé cover and adopt dé as a base.

Julia and her sister will learn & agrave ; dé cover the good c & OCIRC, t & eacute; of life: an old house & agrave ; the sublime patina of journ dé es & agrave ; play, learn & agrave ; live to the rhythm of the sun and the dé cume waves tempting for this accomplished surfer.

& laquo ; Our Volkswagen Combi served as a small caravan of nomads.

With my parents and my sister, we never stayed at m & ecirc ; place me over two years.

We also have v dé cu Bahamas, & agrave ; Key West, California..

And everywhere we could & agrave ; introduce us to places o & ugrave ; we n ‘ dé tions not invited dé s.

One of my main strengths & not ; which allowed me dé gypset & not cover the movement ; comes from & agrave ; I know me embed anywhere & ugrave ;.

& raquo;.

Julia Chaplin never ceased dé back to vacation at the family home of his childhood.

Garth is a dé writer and surfer the dé legendary ; Euva, his girlfriend is actress and fashion designer.

These alchemists of the moment, able to transform lives lead dé ‘re golden thousand carats, beautiful as gods, are c dé the dé br dé s for their charm, cool look and rac dé e, but also their & acirc ; & of my laquo ; bon vivants & raquo;.

Person, & agrave, out there, no one wants to miss their evening dé Totally barr dé es that dé roll up & agrave ; dawn to their home in bits and pieces, perfect mix between the worlds of Frida Kahlo and Neil Young.

Garth and Euva these boh dé mine eccentric n é o – hippie chic embody id dé alement, according to Julia, she will appoint tr & egrave, s fast gypset style.

The point of dé share an adventure that the m & egrave ; nera, as part of his research around the world.

& laquo ; Garth and Euva are part of a cha & icirc ; not invisible extraordinary people we found both agrave & ; Topanga Canyon, California, that & agrave ; Punta Hermosa, the P dé Peru, in the ultra-cool Ibiza and Jade Jagger confidential version that agrave & ; Montauk, arty side / rock stars Warhol and co & raquo ;, highlights & laquo ; id dé geologist & raquo; a movement that is not one and never will : philosophy gypset not dé she ends up as singular & egrave ; larly individualistic, somewhat broken the b & ecirc ; parliaments herd of team spirit ?.