Category: Science | Date : September 2, 2014

About 80 % of the information li dé es & agrave ; learning go by sight.

& Agrave ; alone, this figure shows how important it is to control & OCIRC, l sight of children in this p dé period of rentr dé school e.

As each ann dé e & agrave ; such dé era, the National Association for the am dé improvement of sight renews its advice and recommendations.

And manufacturer of prescription glasses warns against the light & egrave, re blue -violet dé set not only by the sun but by the LEDs pr dé paths in dé screens of computers, tablets and smartphones.

He must know that acuity dé visual of a 3 year old is the same & agrave ; that of an adult.

The system & egrave ; visual to me dé develops gradually up & agrave ; the & acirc ; ge 6 years and the vision stabilizes & agrave ; the & acirc ; age of 12.

During his youth ann dé are the eyes of the dé & the egrave ; ve are sollicit dé s, first when learning to read and the dé writing.

By cons dé fore, more dé = increasing problem & egrave, my vision be dé pist dé s pr dé cocement more the child can easily move the m & ecirc ; pace as his comrades.

& quot; It is therefore recommended dé him to seek medical d & egrave ; & s mother then agrave ; 6 years, when its input dé e under CP.

It is dé also important to not n dé gliger the opinion of m dé school doctor & agrave ; After the visit performed é e in the dé School & quot pr ;, dé cise the record of the ASNAV.

For children who need them, the choice of glasses do nothing trivial.

The boards of Essilor in the matter & egrave, re are sound.

They recall that we must take into account the lifestyle of children.

For example, they spend three times longer & agrave ; ext dé laughing as adults.

This concept is especially important & agrave ; consider that their crystalline yet naturally filters the sun’s UV rays.

On the other hand, their eyes are more often directed dé upwardly than adults due to their size.

The frame must ecirc & ; be positioned dé e cons in dé frequency.

As agrave & ; this last article egrave, re, it must & ecirc, be chosen by the person who will wear it and strong enough to r dé agrave & sister ; the daily lives of kids, including the most turbulent.

He did not fail to recall that scientific research r dé Centes have dé shown dé the light & egrave, re contained harmful part, the famous light & egrave, re -violet blue.

& Eacute ; setting sun but dé also by compact fluorescent and white LED lamps cold found in dé notches computers, tablets or smartphones, it is tr & egrave, s harmful to cells r dé tine.

It would be m & ecirc ; me a risk factor for AMD. A r dé cente dé study with Ipsos r é v dé the dé that pr & egrave ; ‘s a 7 year old child in five dé j & agrave ; personal tablet and youth ages 7 and 12 spend an average week, 19 h 40 before a dé notch, to one conclusion : better to choose lenses that guarantee a filter s dé lective from light & egrave ; re.



Category: Beauty | Date : September 1, 2014

Not a r é f dé ence cod dé e, or a number of Excellence in Digital dé meteorology but indicative of an iconic address.

That of the house Diptyque, located in fifty years & n deg, 34 Boulevard Saint -Germain, and agrave ; Paris.

Become gasoline, capturing the history and atmosphere & egrave, re of this place, has given the 34 dé Birth & agrave ; a collection dé eponymous perfume objects dé s.

Perfumes for self and home, objects dé & Co and agrave ; This line feel, baptized dé e logically Collection 34 fully revives the spirit bazaar dear to the three founders of Diptyque.

A dé state of mind, a mood that has always been the salt of the house like no other, nicknamed é e long ago by Henri Gault and Christian Millau, & laquo ; Shop merchants nothing & raquo;.

Imagining & laquo ; permanence of the dé ph dé m & egrave, re & raquo ;, Diptyque book here the first chapter Essences fool dé ‘re a perfume, r dé guli & egrave ; larly, find a new signature scent.

Act 1, sign & eacute; nose Fabrice Pellegrin, honors the mimosa whose r dé harvest in 2013 augured a large mill dé sime.

The fragrance aims to be a & laquo ; thousand flowers & raquo; dé delicious, enferm dé by ma & icirc, be in a beautiful glass bottle engraved ;, overcame é dé a pear & agrave ; the old and captured dé Concretely in & egrave ; yourself in a dé horsehair zamak.

Later in the Bazaar 34 candles to wake & agrave ; die for all tell a story pioch dé e in the tomes of Diptych : The well Redout dé he continues recipe potpourri of English, pass dé e there are some dé & agrave decades ; the store ; Lilacs are they inspired by the garden of the house Norman founders while curiosity dé s us into the workshop Desmond Knox- Leet between amber, wood, benzoin, ink and flowers s dé ch dé es.

Sublime lanterns accompany : terra m & ecirc, the dé e scrolls to al dé atory, c dé Ceramic Relief dé e peacock feathers or brass CISEL dé moucharabieh as we put them on pedestals b dé tone, marble or walnut.

Project aspiring & agrave ; provoke encounters and make na & icirc ; very exp dé artistic experiments, and laquo ; AT & raquo; Also offers 34 air fresheners & agrave ; cold atypical con & ccedil ; us by a designer and a sp dé cialist casts pal dé ontological : an oval and a bird pl & acirc ; be branched dé in s dé series limit dé by e dé delicacy of the process dé dé manufacturing.

But the story would not be complete & egrave ; away without that stationery po dé tick sign dé e Papier Tigre, whose designs are based, dé Obviously, archives Diptych : notebooks postcards through the famous calendar perp dé tual of the new brand, all printed dé s on media recycled dé s or environmentally.

In short, carry this little mess at home, oh yes.

Collection 34 shops Diptyque, Printemps Haussmann, Galeries Lafayette and Bon March é ;.