Category: Beauty | Date : October 20, 2014

our lunch breaks sometimes turn & agrave ; nutrition assault.

Some habits disturb digestion, cause your icirc ; NEET tape and drowsiness after the & egrave, s afternoon.

Eat in less than thirty minutesPrendre time to eat ? Easy & agrave ; say when our journ dé es spin & agrave ; the speed of the dé clear and we have twenty minutes for a sandwich between two r dé unions.

And cons dé quences fast lunch do not forgive ! As the feeling of & ecirc ; rassasi be dé e happens more slowly, eat more.

On the other hand, foods too quickly mastiqu dé s still arriving in large pieces in the stomach that must work.

But this leads & agrave ; filling of the stomach decreases the density dé dé nerg dé tick food.

We therefore feel rassasi dé e while we do not have enough mang dé.

C dé der gaseous or sucr dé M & ecirc, it appears to me & icirc, t less exotic, nothing beats the extremely simple glass of water during the break.

The dé sweetener of a sugared beverage é e and the gas entered a soda & icirc ; NEET of s dé cr dé tions that disrupt gastric digestion.

Nothing better to g & acirc ; expensive & the second egrave ; part of me journ é e.



Category: Science | Date : October 20, 2014

The AIDES dé book its new campaign against AIDS.

Titled dé e & quot; No pr dé condom, no sex & quot ;, it includes four short vid dé bone using sc & egrave ; not naked couples who spend time diff dé annuities mani & egrave ; res.