Category: Health | Date : September 30, 2014

86% of Fran & ccedil ; considered ais & egrave ; rent that the introduction of a pack of cigarettes will not help neutral & agrave ; reduce tobacco consumption in France, r é v & egrave, the one dé study OpinionWay MetroNews for this Monday, Sept. 29.

And it is not only smokers who think, nonsmokers share this view.

The Minister of Sant é ;, Marisol Touraine, a pr dé feels dé last week & egrave, re large measures of a plan for tobacco control, which pr dé sees imitate Australia, the first country & agrave ; have instaur dé Pack of cigarettes neutral.

But the Fran & ccedil ; ais acknowledge their skeptical.

For more than three quarters considered & egrave ; rent this ineffective measure, whether male or female, smokers or non- smokers.

C & OCIRC, t & eacute; smoking just a pack without logo will have no impact, with 86 % trust that they will smoke no more, no less.

And this r dé answer applies to both the young and more & acirc ; g dé s.

Even so, Fran & ccedil ; ais are not opposite dé s anti- tobacco measures are launched dé are in favor of health dé public.

They are pleased & OCIRC, t support the proposals regarding the prohibition of cigarette dé electronics, especially when it comes to childcare places, in public transport or in the workplace.

According to 44% of Fran & ccedil ; ais, the best way to fight against the tobacco is agrave & ; make pr dé Convention and the dé education.

Source : This dé study was dé t & eacute; r dé alis dé e AUPR & egrave ; ‘s a dé sample of 1,011 Fran & ccedil ; ais represented dé sentative of the French population, ccedil, comfortable & acirc ; g é e of 18 and over, interviewed dé s 25 and September 26, 2014 – Opinion Way for MetroNews.



Category: Beauty | Date : September 30, 2014

The clan Courtin – Christian, Olivier and their four daughters – c dé l & egrave ; ber the anniversary of the cr brand dé dé e by Jacques, their p & egrave, re and large -p & egrave ; re.

Back in five key dates dé s sixty years of innovation cosmetic dé ticks.

There cr dé era ‘s best-selling facial oils Sandalwood, Orchid é e and Blue Lotus.

It still sells 600,000 a year.

The turnover & agrave ; the dé era of 10 million francs.

Today pr dé chairman of the supervisory board, he has contributed dé at dé international development with a recipe: & laquo ; I never opened a country without opening an institute.

& raquo; Today, 7000 esth dé ticiennes are formed dé are each ann dé e.

Makeup pollution, Water Uplifting, first aid with UVA and Multi -R é g é n é ; appli- the cr & egrave, to me the most sold in Europe are emerging.

The secret of success & egrave ; s: sharp formulas & agrave ; reasonable prices.

Jacques Courtin said: & laquo ; The right price is one of respect for the client.

& Agrave ; the image of the League dé t é ;, who wants & agrave ; the tip of the progr & egrave ; s.

Revenues flirts dé sormais with the billion and a half euros.

60 years of beauty dé f & ecirc, t dé s 60 tips Beautification daily is often a complex ritual.

Therefore Olivier Courtin -Clarins, director g é n é ; eral of Clarins Group, dé cid dé to its comp dé tence serving women.

With his book Doctor, I want & ecirc, be the most beautiful, the expert r dé pond sometimes simple questions that we ask.

Organized dé seven chapters, the book is as much about routine dé face painting, as the bra & agrave ; choose to have a beautiful bust, belly massage, heavy legs and feet scrubs, up & laquo ; do’s and don’ts & raquo; & agrave ; apply in travel.

The int dé gralit dé Product sales of the book will go & agrave ; Arthritis, a foundation supporting research against severe rheumatism, dé emanation of the Association for Research on Rheumatoid QC dé dé e in 1989 by Jacques.

One more reason for acquiringandprocessin dé er collection, d & egrave, s October on the Clarins website.

Doctor, I want & ecirc ;, be the best 10 & euro ;.

& Agrave ; see also: Clarins, the & quot; Small & quot; French & ccedil ; comfortable that s dé product Etam Lingerie The Japanese women tell stories care, make-up and perfume : the novelty dé s & agrave ; not to miss.