Category: Science | Date : October 25, 2014

& Ccedil ; a is, we enter the gray ! M & ecirc ; me though winter officially arrives on 21 dé December, all night owls will cry their hour of light & egrave ; lost at the end of journ & eacute re e.

As & agrave ; the decline thermometer & egrave ; be at gray skies and rain fr & eacute; quent, the vast majority & eacute; Fran & ccedil ; ais & ecirc go in ; be affect & eacute; s.

The beautiful colors displayed & eacute; es by plant foliage will change nothing or almost.

There are n & eacute; anmoins two ways to combat the blues fall : cook food & quot; Anti- d & eacute; premium & quot; and am & eacute; improve its relationship to others, & eacute; avoid being alone.

They are the subject of books published & eacute; s to & eacute; Odile Jacob conditions.

The velvety & eacute; ch & acirc ; taignes, salad P & eacute; rigord, sandwiches ch & egrave ; vre and the cream of pumpkin are among the autumn pr & OCIRC revenue; n & eacute; es by psychiatrist Florian Ferreri and di & eacute; t & eacute; ian Franck Grison in their book titled & eacute; The R & eacute; anti- regime dé premium *.

These authors point out that our eating habits are likely to positively influence our dé motions and our psyche.

Note that their goal is not to force their readers & agrave ; eat foods they do not like.

Or & agrave ; encourage & agrave ; replace m & eacute; r & drugs by eacute; diet & quot; Ultimate & quot;.

It is simply to help & agrave ; realize that pleasure, diversity & eacute; and hygiene products & egrave ; no food is as important to health & eacute; physical for the well & ecirc, be moral.

In other words, use the properties & eacute; t & eacute; s food as an extra weapon & eacute; commentary to get better.

& Agrave ; For example, a contribution ad & eacute; quat nutrient is essential & agrave ; production neurom & eacute; mediators including, among others, the & quot; banana & quot;.

As for the magnetic & eacute; sium, it helps & agrave ; combat anxi & eacute; t & eacute;.

But go real well, it’s also dare ecirc & ; m & be self – ecirc, me, in all circumstances, and to build relationships & quot; comfortable & quot; with other.

It is daring to say what we think without fear of ecirc & ; be wrong jug & eacute; or & eacute; crush his relatives.

& quot; This is learned and working & quot ;, say two psychiatrists, Chantal Le Clerc and Franck Joffrin Lamagn & egrave ; re coming to & eacute; write a book titled & eacute; I no longer fear the judgment of others **.

They dé veloppent the notion of & eacute ;, assertivit a word that comes from the English assertiveness and covers the ability & eacute; & agrave ; show authentic, without hiding its weaknesses nor its quality & eacute; s and without changing its behavior for fear of being judged by others.

Through a number of practical exercises, the authors give the cl & eacute; s to stay self – m & ecirc ; me at all times, that we have a service & agrave ; or request a review & agrave ; formulate.

Pr & eacute; f & eacute; rant the term assertivit & eacute; & agrave ; that of self-assertion, they point out that the acceptance & agrave ; Reluctantly a requ & ecirc, or a situation you can end up ob & eacute; rer a relationship of friendship & eacute ;.

For example, you have to say & agrave ; a friend that he exaggerated & egrave ; re, without f & acirc ; dear to him, and to repel an invitation & agrave ; share a pumpkin gratin, he was anti- dé premium, if the date does not suit us.



Category: Beauty | Date : October 24, 2014

Always in a bad mood ? Perp dé tual optimistic? But why ? & Agrave ; the occasion of the 27th & egrave ; congress & egrave me, the s annual European College of Neuro -psycho- pharmacology Berlin, Hungarian researchers have advanced dé the season in which we are n dé s would be influenced ind dé the dé bile on our character & egrave, re..

Associate character traits & egrave ; agrave & re ; date of birth, it is no longer the preserve of astrology.

According Medicalxpress site, season of birth of a b é b é ; would actually affect his future personality dé.

AD & egrave, s have followed 400 adults for several years dé es, the scientists were able dé pledge four personality orientations dé s.

The natives of spring and the dé t é ; have a temp dé hyperthymic rowing, that is & agrave ; -dire & agrave a trend ; see life in pink & ecirc, be too positive, too optimistic all the time.

A shade however : subjects n dé s dé t & eacute; are significantly cyclothymic that winter natives, that is & agrave ; -dire they pass quickly from joy to the blues, and vice versa.

People n dé es in winter are about & agrave ; them less irritable, but they pr dé feel any of m & ecirc, me & more favorable terrain agrave ; the dé premium.

& laquo ; The dé biochemical studies we analyzed dé es have shown dé the season & agrave ; wherein na is icirc & ; t, affects certain neurotransmitters & raquo; says Professor Xenia Gonda, lead author of the dé study, interviewed dé e in m dé British dias.

So do we go up & agrave ; choose her due date depending on whether a child wants rained & OCIRC ; does little positive or irritable?