Category: Health | Date : October 23, 2014

On 23 and 24 October, will take place on congress & egrave, s of the League dé t & eacute; French & ccedil ; comfortable fight against AIDS.

On this occasion, Bristol -Myers Squibb dé sail a book filled with t dé Testimonials and photos of women s dé ropositives and interviews m dé doctors and officials of two associations of patients in relation to HIV : Da Ti Seni and Ikambere.

The illustrations are dé t & eacute; r dé alis dé are by photographer Yoann Landing.

Four th & egrave ; are my first dé s : self-esteem, the eyes of others, the dé Sir children and the future.

This project is part of the continuity dé SHE program, created dé dé in 2010, that supports women s dé ropositives and r dé pond & agrave ; questions.

Lanc dé in 18 European countries dé ens, this program is possible thanks & acirc ; & agrave this ; collaboration between associations of patients, m dé doctors sp dé cialis dé s in the management of patients with HIV and women s dé ropositives.

The book will diffuse dé AUPR & egrave ; health professionals s dé sp dé cialis dé s in the management of HIV patients but dé also AUPR & egrave, s women s dé ropositives & agrave ; through patient associations.

& laquo ; Having a child gives me hope, and it’s as if I dé shut in good health dé.

Physically, I ‘m fine and I gained weight & raquo;.

This t dé anonymous testimony, and all others, from the book aims to v é for ; hiculer hope and give strength to women infected dé are HIV communicate, regain self-confidence, to lead life & also laquo ; Standard & raquo; possible.

& laquo ; It is essential that women, young or old, one day contaminated dé e HIV, bless dé e in the flesh, feeling betrayed and soiled, could speak, saying his pain, his difficulty dé s confidence with other women who will pass dé are these phases dé SESP dé rancid, and so regain confidence.

Must be able to address issues of sexuality ;, of procr é dé ation of parenthood dé.

It is essential for everyone to be able to understand what is happening between you and the virus & raquo ;, says Professor Christine Katlama, H & OCIRC ; pital Piti dé -Salp & ecirc ; egrave & sorting, re – Universit é ; Pierre and Marie Curie, Pr dé SPEAKER COREVIH the Ile- de- France Centre.

Risk more dé lev dé s women.

In Europe, one in three people diagnosed dé ‘re with HIV infection is a Women1.

Of these, three-quarters dé t & eacute; contaminated dé es h by dé t dé rosexuelle, which is the case for less than a third of men.

The risk of contamination in a ratio h dé t dé rosexuel are significantly dé lev dé s for women than for men it is not possible to quantify pr dé cis dé for such risks.

Viral concentration, much dé lev dé e in semen than in s dé cr dé vaginal tions ; The fragility dé Cervical ut dé rus, especially in the R & egrave ; rules in STD cases or small the dé sions traumatic ; The mucosal surface expos é e is larger and sperm stagnant for several hours in the vagina.

Infection with HIV is associated with risk gyn dé imposing ecological monitoring dé narrow.

Between 20 and 40% of women s dé ropositives have the dé sions of the cervix ut dé rus that can dé evolve into cancer.

These the dé sions are observed dé es than 3% of women s dé ron dé preroga-.

In addition, the & quot; Developmental & quot ;, especially en dé quently there is an immunosuppressed dé pressure are less likely agrave & ; gu dé rison spontaneous dé e in patients s dé ropositives.

They are li dé are largely agrave & ; papillomavirus infection.

Among patients deep dé ment immunosuppressed dé prim dé es, local treatment by cone biopsy is not recommended é ;, but taking an effective antiviral treatment options to immunity dé often allows the disappearance of these dé sions.

The risk of cancer of the cervix ut dé rus and infection led experts & agrave ; recommend a review gyn dé ecological smear every six months for women s dé ropositives.



Category: Science | Date : October 23, 2014

P dé diatres Association fran & ccedil ; comfortable p dé pediatrics outpatient come to be closer to those of the Association fran & ccedil ; comfortable p dé diatres endocrinologists lib dé eral order to dé laborer documents & agrave ; destination for caregivers so they can r dé lay & agrave ; all questions posed by worried relatives & agrave ; the onset of signs of puberty dé pr dé Coce their child.

These two associations want dé also launch a dé study on this problem & egrave ; myself increasingly en dé fore and concerns more often girls than boy & ccedil ; ons.

In their communiqu é ;, they remind : & quot; puberty The dé is a chained & icirc ; ment complex ph dé name & egrave, physical and psychological ties that drive & agrave ; the transformation of a girl into a young woman and a little boy & ccedil, we young man.

She dé latch now & agrave ; which leads me hormonal & agrave ; progressive maturation of the system & egrave ; enabling the central control puberty dé situ dé e in the brain at two glands. hypothalamus and pituitary & quot ; Normally, girls, everything begins between 9 and 12 years by the dé development of breasts and he spends an average of two years before the arrival dé e of Premi & egrave, res r & egrave ; rules.

At the boy & ccedil, we, the increase in testicular volume occurs between 11 and 13 years.

But voil & agrave ;, breasts may appear & icirc, be among girls under 8 years old and testicles gar & ccedil ; onnets may change before & acirc ; age of 9 years.

These pubertal signs are accompanied by organ maturation g dé nitaux and a thrust dé e growth.

Some parents dé crivent dé also changes in mood can dé voquer an entr é e pr dé Coce in the & quot; crisis of adolescence & quot;.

All these signs should encourage & agrave ; consult.

The m dé doctors then propose a number of tests for the diagnosis of puberty dé pr dé Coce, dé complete its origin and choose the appropriate treatment dé.

According p dé diatres, the two main causes of puberty dé pr dé Coce are overweight and endocrine disruptors retrouv dé s in our environment.

But the majority dé comes from the chemical industry as hormone treatments containing oestrog & egrave ; nes synth & egrave, or x is dé no- oestrog & egrave ; nes, chemicals whose shape resembles & agrave ; that of oestrog & egrave ; nes.

P dé diatres believe that counseling is n dé necessary to help young & agrave ; overcome the physical and psychological changes pr é ; coces.

A council that makes sense with reading r dé results of a dé study Toulouse r dé recently pr dé feels dé e & agrave ; a congress & egrave, s & agrave ; Marseille : according to this study, 72 % of girls who had a puberty dé pr dé Coce have sex & agrave ; the & acirc ; age 14.

These are often accompanied dé s behavior & agrave ; risk : no contraception, more and / or more partners & acirc ; g dé s and no pr dé prevention of STDs.

The sp dé Specialists speak carr dé ment of a new pathology that grows to a break with the family and promotes entr é e in dé delinquency.