Category: Psychology | Date : July 29, 2014

I traveled to Burkina Faso for a humanitarian trip in order to promote and encourage the education of children.

These weeks have completely changed my worldview, I realize how lucky I am but also the absurdity our western materialistic lives, stressful, sanitized.

I felt a taste of the real values ​​of life, but I did not know that the most upsetting remained to come over.

Before leaving, I had booked my flight, not without hesitation, what time, what price, what flight ? Should it really take this low cost company that did not have the best reputation ? Finance compelling, I could not take Air France and so I chose Air Algeria, tariffs O how tempting.

Come time to choose the date : July 23, 24, 25 ? Finally, after long hesitation, I clicked on the 23.

Airhead inveterate I announce to my mother, my family, that I will return July 24.

My mother even noted in his diary, talking about, I still remember that day in my head with ” Lea Marie returned Burkina “.

So I take my plane Ouagadougou on 23 July, one of which must land at 0:50 Algiers to 4am.

I note carefully the number of my flight ” AH5017 “, not knowing that the next flight will be the same one all the newspapers.

I spend a pleasant journey, despite my panic aircraft and thunderstorms broke out in the night and seem dangerously close.

The crew reassures me that plane is strong, thunderstorms are not dangerous, the plane is the safest means of transport! Leaving the unit several hours later, I warmly thank the crew and tells them that I never had Flight with nice people too.

” If you were not in the AH5017 24 July, reassure your loved ones. ” This message still mysterious enough to give me chills.

I then inform you quickly about what happened.

The titles of the tabloids are increasingly distressing.

who was convinced that I was on that plane.

Messages have ceased to flow to see if I was still alive, no one believed it, for them I am a ghost, I grazed death, 24-Hour.

I spent the day of July 24, 2014 completely upset at floating between two worlds.

All this seems completely unreal.

I think of the families that could be mine, desperately waiting..

It speaks to me of God, Fate, good star, Guardian Angel.

I wonder why them and not me ? Angels do they play in heads or tails ? While France flags are at half mast for three days, all my thoughts are with the relatives of the victims and I can not tear myself away from this vision of my mother crying in front of his agenda and calling to all airports..

My humanitarian trip to Burkina Faso and my hectic return I learned the true meaning of life: he not seek happiness because already before our eyes.



Category: Health | Date : July 29, 2014

Run a few minutes each day is as effective as a long jogging when it comes to extending life expectancy, according to a study published Monday, which also shows that a rider lives longer on average a person inactive.

This study from the University Iowa, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, shows that people who are only five to ten minutes each day can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality premature.

And the authors of the study found no significant differences between those at little or a lot, quickly or slowly.

Thus, people who have chosen race walk for exercise have a 30% risk of premature death less, and 45% less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than inactive people.

The life expectancy of the average rider is three years higher that of a person who is not short, according to this study.

” As time available is one of the most important brake practice activity physics, the study could encourage more people to start race foot, “commented Duck- chul Lee, one of the main authors of the study.

The latter was conducted in Texas with more than 55,000 adults followed for 15 years, having age of 44 years an average.

“Even the group of those who traveled every week less distance, less often and less quickly at risk of mortality much smaller than those who do not run, “said the study.

” Similar trends were observed for mortality risk by cardiovascular diseases “.

The researchers also found a race 5 minutes brought the same health benefits a walk of a quarter of an hour.

A study published in The Lancet in 2011 showed a daily brisk walk of 15 minutes or half the recommended time, allowed to add three years of life expectancy.