Category: Health | Date : September 1, 2014

The laboratory pr dé feels dé Saturday August 30 & ucirc, t r dé results tr & egrave, s expected of this clinical trial call dé LCZ696 during the congress & egrave, s of the League dé t & eacute; European dé uropean Heart r dé united this weekend & agrave ; Barcelona, ​​Spain.

These data dé es have dé t & eacute; published dé are simultaneous dé ment in the journal m dé of association am dé -American New England Journal of Medicine.

R dé reduction in mortality dé and hospitalizations.

Men dé e AUPR & egrave, s of 8442 patients in 47 countries followed for 27 months, this dé study, the largest ever r dé alis dé e, & was agrave ; dé evaluate the harmlessness dé and effectiveness dé of this treatment in patients with heart failure by comparing with those flavou dé s with enalapril, the current treatment of choice.

At the end of this p dé period of observation, 21.8% of participants related dé s with LCZ696 died of heart failure and 26.5 % in those related dé s with enalapril, which represents dé feel 20 % less.

The laboratory has underlined dé in a statement dé the magnitude of the benefits of this treatment dé was & quot; Statistically and clinically tr & egrave ; important s & quot;.

Besides r dé reduction in mortality dé Cardiovascular this dé study was dé also dé shown dé that m dé dicament r dé duisait 21% the number of hospitalizations for heart failure.

& quot; think when I m dé doctors will see these r dé results, they will find compelling and we will see & agrave ; a complete change in the treatment of heart failure & quot ;, has estimated dé Dr. Milton Packer, a professor of clinical sciences & agrave ; Universit é ; South Texas & agrave ; Dallas, one of the main authors of the dé study.

Despite dé existing treatments, the mortality rate dé heart failure remains dé dé lev ;, with up & agrave ; 50% of patients dé c dé ing within five years after & egrave ; ‘s diagnosis, has no dé laboratory.

Heart failure, which emp & ecirc ; che the heart to pump enough blood to the organs, cause your icirc ; does shortness of breath, fatigue and r dé intention of fluid in the lower members dé laughing.

According to several analysts, the new treatment may become a & quot; Blockbuster & quot ;, a m dé dicament whose sales dé spend a billion dollars a year.

Novartis pr dé sees dé ask authorization applications isation dé AUPR & egrave, s agency am dé -American of m dé drugs, the Food and Drug Administration by the end of 2014 and AUPR & egrave, s his dé equivalent of the Union Europ dé enne dé goal in 2015.

Novartis had announced dé last March it was terminating & agrave ; this trial more t & OCIRC ; cy pr dé seen as treatment dé was significantly sup dé laughing & agrave ; enalapril, m dé dicament most used dé currently against heart failure, hypertension art dé -sectoral and dysfunction of the left ventricle of the heart.

But this new treatment is likely & ecirc ; very expensive, according to analyst Tim Anderson, the firm Sanford C.

Bernstein, cit dé The New York Times.

According to him, this treatment could ucirc & Co ; ter seven dollars per day in the United States or 2,500 dollars per year while the g & versions eacute n dé cal other treatments against heart failure can come back & agrave ; $ 4 a day.

Among the most en é side effects of LCZ696 quently, these researchers relev dé more hypotension but less problems & egrave ; my r dé nal.

Source: Communiqu dé Press Novartis August 28 & ucirc ; 2014 t..



Category: Psychology | Date : September 1, 2014

Trisha Prabhu, 14, impresses g dé Google ant by the simplicity dé and effectiveness dé project it has put in place to fight against cyber HARC & egrave ; LEMENT teen.

& laquo ; Rethink & raquo; allows to read and therefore to rethink the comment hateful or offensive dé tect dé by the software before & ecirc ; post be dé web.

A simple recipe, but v dé ritablement r dé revolutionary because no system & egrave ; computer only allows me & agrave ; date to anticipate the publication of insults, threats, ridicule or sent dé ‘re on the web.

Invented the software & eacute; by Trisha firstly makes & agrave ; the user to read his comment and then confirm its publication.

If the teen confirmed he will appear on his dé notch a warning about the idiots dé psychological consequences that may affect the recipient of the comment, and a new confirmation is then re- imposed dé e.

If you don ‘& ecirc : your so far not convinced by this system & egrave, me who is the sole good will dé and the decline in young people, know that 93 % of teenagers have chosen not to publish their comments after egrave &, s warning sent dé e Rethink.

533 dé & the egrave ; ves & acirc ; g dé s between 12 and 18 have test dé First, a first software, call dé & laquo ; Baseline & raquo ;, who proposed only to read their comment.

67 % of them have confirmed dé publication.

& laquo ; Rethink & raquo ;, cr é e thereafter dé latch stimulation c é r é ; brale gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; the second & egrave ; alert me as a warning.

Voil & agrave ; v dé Genuine key to the effectiveness dé project.

The explanation is also dé thundering his r é ; result.

And it comes from science! Indeed, awareness of our actions is a ph dé name & egrave ; not dé clench dé by the cortex pr dé -frontal.

This part of the brain does dé so mature that agrave & ; the & acirc ; age of 25, it is difficult for adolescents between 12 and 18 to take sufficient perspective on his actions.

The software invented dé e by Trisha therefore stimulates & agrave ; twice the area of the brain gr & acirc ; This alerts, and allows con dé frequency greater awareness of young dé director.

Cyber ​​HARC & egrave ; LEMENT key dé j & agrave ; more than 50 % of adolescents, including 10 & agrave ; 20% are victims r dé guli & egrave ; larly.

Ridicule, insults and threats which can take dramatic turns in young recipients.

A sad ph dé name & egrave ; not that pr dé responsibilities include Google, which saw in the invention of a Trisha v dé Genuine r dé evolution in the fight against cyber HARC & egrave ; LEMENT.

Persuaded dé that its software can & ecirc, be adapted dé & agrave ; all r dé and social networks & ecirc, be used dé by all, Trisha Prabhu could pocket a cash prize of 37,000 euros if his invention gets Premi & egrave ; st place.

The winner will be announced in the month of September.