Category: Psychology | Date : March 6, 2015

When is a woman pr & eacute; SPEAKER ? According to a Harris Interactive poll Sarenza, 94% of men fran & ccedil ; ais do not inconv would dé deny & agrave ; vote for a woman to dé elections pr & eacute; sidentielles.

If it’s never arrived & eacute; in France, many women in the world have d & eacute; j & agrave ; & eacute; t & eacute; & agrave ; t & ecirc ; you a dé tat as in Liberia, India or Switzerland.



Category: Psychology | Date : March 6, 2015

I love chickens! Because they are f & eacute; ministes and dé environmentalists ! It has often been used & eacute; e as a symbol of the woman and it consumes a lot of d & eacute; organic waste so when you put the chickens in houses that r & eacute; product d & eacute; waste and more they make & oelig ; eggs that give of prot & eacute; ines and as I do not eat meat or fish & ccedil ; a suits me !

How do you explain that in politics sexist attacks still exist ?

They are tr & egrave ; s anchored & eacute; es in culture as something rather sophomoric, good child just as a fashion man-woman relationship.

In France, on & eacute; v & eacute; important events such as DSK, c ‘ & eacute ; most was the fact that he has a lot of money that has shocked & eacute; that the act itself m & ecirc ; for which I & eacute; was batteries & eacute;.

The policy is only a reflection of the population.

Today, he is asked more dé ethics, more moral, more exemplarit & eacute ;, it votes on the hand & c oelig ; ur legislation the & eacute; equality & eacute; gender and finally it acts in the opposite direction.

As a woman of power, have you had & agrave ; Do & agrave ; sexist attacks?

Yes yes a lot! I & eacute; t & eacute; g & acirc ; t & eacute; e ! The top three that I have been most marked & eacute; e : rumors of a relationship with former Pr & eacute; President of R & eacute; public Nicolas Sarkozy clearly meant that I & eacute; tais arrived & eacute; e l & agrave ; because in the h & eacute; micycle, while j ‘& eacute; shut minister, d & eacute; could & eacute; UMP dealt me & eacute; e & laquo; bitch & raquo;.

That said, it also happens & agrave ; men treat other men & laquo; assholes & raquo; & agrave ; the assembled & eacute; e The worst was when I & eacute; t & eacute; a little short skirt and I made ​​myself whistling.

What I was most shocked & eacute ;, is the r & eacute; other women who had a share & laquo; protest against & raquo; saying it does dé was not true, we could walk around without problems & egrave ; me skirt.

I started & eacute; the karat & eacute; with men who formed me & eacute; e and men.

M & ecirc ; entered me & icirc ; ment, m & ecirc ; my blows For cons when I arrived & eacute; e in & eacute; team of France, tr & egrave ; s objective to & ecirc ; tre s & eacute; lectionn & eacute; e, it was & ecirc ; be Particular & egrave ; larly well seen by the s & eacute; lectionneur, & ecirc ; tr & egrave be ; s close to him and it does dé was not my case.

Tell a exp & eacute; sexist rience & agrave ; which you assist & eacute;.

It will do a lot ! What shocks me the most is the exp & eacute; sneaky and insidious experiments : the Failure & ecirc ; be & eacute; cost & eacute; e, when a woman speaks during a r & eacute; union and all of a sudden there was a hubbub in a dé radio mission when a man raises his voice so we can not hear the woman..

There are two characters & eacute; tics : when there st & eacute; r & eacute; OTYPE literally and when the primary objective of the note is dé enhance women.

The chatter is extr & ecirc ; armament symbolic because it is st & eacute; r & eacute; otyp & eacute; and dé rewarding.

In toys, R & eacute books affirmation of the & eacute; equality & eacute; rights, including the rights of women & agrave ; have their body is the most important not to let anything go.

I love having fun & agrave ; reverse the situation and take men on their physical example.