Category: Health | Date : November 28, 2014

These prot & eacute; ines are concentrated & eacute; es ph & eacute; nylalanine and tyrosine amino acids & eacute ; s that m & eacute; tamorphosent in brain dopamine and noradr & eacute; naline.

Dopamine plays starters energizing the m & eacute; metabolism, then noradr & eacute; adrenaline serves Acc & eacute; l & eacute; tor.

An imp & eacute; rative : limiting fast carbohydrates because & laquo; the insulin spike they dé clenchent makes available tyrosine for the production of neurotransmitters & raquo ;, warns Dr Didier Chos, pr & eacute; President of the Institute European & eacute; in di & eacute; t & eacute; tick and micronutrition, co-author of & laquo; In good health & eacute; gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; micronutrition & raquo;.

First, because their carbohydrates by distilling slowly into the blood, provide dé energy over several hours.

Then, because & laquo; glucose is the only fuel the brain.

But it can not be stored and therefore has no r & eacute; & raquo ;, serve pr & eacute; cise Dr. Ferreri.

Broccoli, black currants, red pepper, citrus, kiwi and mango are behemoths in vitamin C.

& laquo; It is anti -fatigue, especially because it stimulates the s & eacute; cr & eacute; ing adrenal hormones & eacute; naliennes, which give a boost & raquo ;, says endocrinologist Paule Nathan, author of & laquo; Food wise guide & raquo ;.



Category: Beauty | Date : November 28, 2014

What is he hiding derri & egrave ; re the yellow chick bottles of Divine range ? Four outstanding products.

L & eacute; g & egrave ; re in touch, cr & egrave ; bring me comfort and r & eacute; comfort & eacute; elasticity & eacute; and dé shine, to aggress & eacute skins are by various agents of everyday life.

More smooth, the S & eacute; & rum contributes agrave ; redraw the oval face.

The care for the eyes, it tends & agrave ; limit the appearance as dreaded & eacute; e of crow’s feet.

As & agrave ; the softening lotion, finally, she not only pr & eacute; skin barrier & agrave ; the other care application, but it conf & egrave ; re also a complexion brightness & eacute; and surprising transparency.

All for one, one for all! Each product & eacute; as compl & eacute; tary, the best is to use the four.

The range also offers a wonderful id & eacute; e gift.

Cr & egrave ; me Divine help even more active women & agrave ; fight against the signs of & acirc ; ge.

For 91% of women, the skin is firmer and 95% of them, she finds her dé shine and dé elasticity & eacute; *.

In texture l & eacute; g & egrave ; re but rich in contact with the skin, Cr & egrave ; me Divine, lov & eacute; e in his dé yellow hair, is a caress to fra & icirc notes; punctuated é tasks ; ‘re green accents, Color Enhance & eacute ; s by the scent of the immortal flower in a Miell & eacute ;, & eacute intens cocoon ; ment wood & eacute;.

In the new Divine range, one red & Discover the world of Divine Extract.

A s & eacute; rum that helps & agrave ; fight against the oval loss and firmness & eacute; facial.

88 % of users, the skin is imm & eacute; ately tightened and, according to 90 % of them, the shape of the face is permanently red & eacute; finite **.

It is applied with the flat of his hand, touching the skin and dé avoiding the eye area.

For 72% of women, the look is visibly younger ***.

A range of complete é care; t & eacute; e by a new product, the Divine Lotion.

Apply by pressure and strokes on the face to let the skin fra & icirc ; che and perfectly cleaned & eacute; e, pr & ecirc ; you & agrave ; accommodate other products of Divine range.

Satisfaction test on 50 women for 2 months.

Satisfaction test on 53 women for 1 month.