Category: Health | Date : February 27, 2015

Marie Claire: it seems that leaving, m & ecirc ; momentan & eacute me ment, children with their p & egrave ; re is still difficult for a woman.

Catherine Vanier : This is probably one of the last bastions & agrave ; dropping for women: the belief that they are bad m & egrave ; res if they are not that m & egrave ; res.

That is & agrave ; -dire if their dé Sir is not exclusively East & eacute; to their children.

One might think that the lib & eacute; ration sex, the advanced & eacute; e the rights of women and g & eacute; n & eacute; realization of discourse f & eacute; departments have ease & eacute; things to the point where the & quot; Normal & quot;..

but in practice, this is not the case.

Culturally, individually, still holds tr & egrave ; s strong & agrave ; this id & eacute; e that the child is the sole object of lam & egrave ; re.

And this object is not shareable with a professional vocation or a passionate love.

The guilt & eacute; Personal women is only int & eacute; riorisation ambient speech, int & eacute; integration of our R & eacute; f & eacute; social and cultural references.

For children or adolescents live well s & eacute; preparation, it is necessary that the m & egrave ; re it – m & ecirc ; my live well.

This requires her to do with her body dé decision, she feels the l & eacute; gitimate essential for it.

This does not exclude the questions, doubts, feelings of missing or m & ecirc ; me guilt & eacute;.

The important thing is that it reaches & agrave ; & eacute; quilibrer in its dé decision, her dé Sir and well & ecirc ; be his children.

If dé decision is taken and assum & eacute; e apr & egrave ; s what face- & agrave ; -face with you, you have to talk to her husband, and in a second & egrave ; me time with his children.

It is important to give & agrave ; information about each of reasons, hard & eacute; e and modalities & eacute; s that s & eacute; preparation.

Otherwise, a m & egrave ; re making a choice of personal life, professional or love that forces & agrave ; if s & eacute; adorn her children and put an organization in place, does not abandon.

For children, a better m & egrave ; re & eacute; loign & eacute; e and linked but happy that a m & egrave ; re pr & eacute; but feel frustrated & eacute; e and sacrificed & eacute; e.

What r & OCIRC, the plays the p & egrave ; re in this Particular & egrave configuration; re ?

It can either exploit children and contrast & agrave ; their m & egrave ; re either support his dé decision and reassure the fa & ccedil ; on which they are loved & eacute; s and of which we take care of them.

M & ecirc ; me when he does not support the dé accuracy of m & egrave ; re, it should give priority int & eacute; r & ecirc ; t her children by not judge or condemn and take emotionally hostage.

There are p & egrave ; res that & agrave ; During a s & eacute; preparation, dé cover their paternity & eacute; and cons dé consequences in everyday life: some fully invest the R & OCIRC ; it and build relationships more accomplices and more intimate with their children; others, frightened & eacute; s by the load, go much solicit others, family, in-laws or friends.



Category: Nutrition | Date : February 27, 2015

& quot; These r & eacute; results may indicate an inability & eacute; increased to m & eacute; taboliser a large quantity & eacute; prot & eacute; ines in people who have the habit of skipping breakfast dé lunch & quot ;, says author Heather Leidy, assistant professor at dé Nutrition Department of the University & eacute; Missouri.

To conduct their research, scientists have worked & eacute; with 35 young overweight women & acirc ; g & eacute; es 18 & agrave ; 20, showing a body mass index between 27.3 and 29.1.

They asked & agrave ; those who never ate in the morning to follow one of three situations for three days affil & eacute; e : take a small dé lunch rich in carbohydrates, take a morning snack rich in prot & eacute; ines or continue & agrave ; dé avoid this meal.

Their OCIRC & c ; t & eacute ;, the habitu & eacute; es of the first meal of the journ & eacute; d & e have ucirc ; compliance & agrave ; a small dé lunch is rich in carbohydrates is rich in prot & eacute; ines three consecutive days.

The fourth & egrave ; me day, participants continuously & eacute; as the days pr & eacute; c & eacute; teeth, but the researchers measured & eacute; their glucose levels and insulin throughout the Journ dé e.

The glycerides & eacute; mie is influenced & eacute; e by our eating habits.

The tests r & eacute; v & eacute; l & eacute; the r & eacute; carbohydrate response to the small dé lunch participating dé was largely influenced & eacute; e in habits.

Those who usually do not take this meal recorded tr & egrave ; s high glucose levels throughout the journ & eacute; e apr & egrave ; s have consumed & eacute; a small dé lunch prot & eacute; in & eacute ;, however, carbohydrate -rich snacks were not producing the m & ecirc ; indeed me.

When the followers of small dé lunch took this meal focusing on prot & eacute; ines, they recorded an glycerides & eacute; r & eacute more crumbs ; pick the rest of the journ & eacute; e.

& quot; Current scientific evidence shows that & eacute; l & eacute; vation sustained glucose apr & egrave ; s meals can strongly contribute & agrave ; poor control & OCIRC ; its the glycerides & eacute; mie and is associated & eacute; e & agrave ; an increased risk of dé velop the diab & egrave ; you type 2 and cardiovascular complications & quot ;, notes Heather Leidy.

To find a good dé balance, scientific advises addicted & icirc ; be fa & ccedil ; it gradually the proportion of prot & eacute; ines we Eng & egrave ; re the little dé lunch when we take the habit of feeding the morning.

She advises young women to take a small dé lunch about 350 kcal with 30 grams of prot & eacute; ines, they will find either in & oelig, eggs, lean meat or yogurt & agrave ; Greek.

Researchers am & eacute; Ricans have shown 1 & eacute; three meals a day at least diminished by half & eacute; the problem & egrave ; my weight.

Most impressive, just skip breakfast dé lunch multiplied by 4.5 the risk of dé velop overweight ! According to scientists, this meal would not only t & eacute; moin good eating habits, but it would dé also a r & eacute; partition of calories taken throughout the journ & eacute; e.

A ph & eacute; name & egrave ; do that would promote satiety and reduce the vell & eacute; it & eacute; s storage in our body.

Cons dé sequence or not, the virtues health & eacute; breakfast dé lunch will ecirc & arr ; tent not overweight but relate to health & eacute; g & eacute; n & eacute; ral ! So the morning eaters fell by 20% their cardiovascular risk 2.

Sources: The effect of the type and frequency of breakfast consumption on glycemic response in overweight / obese late teen girls, and al Heither Leidy, F & eacute; February 2015, European Journal of Clinical Journal.