Category: Beauty | Date : September 1, 2014

Not a r é f dé ence cod dé e, or a number of Excellence in Digital dé meteorology but indicative of an iconic address.

That of the house Diptyque, located in fifty years & n deg, 34 Boulevard Saint -Germain, and agrave ; Paris.

Become gasoline, capturing the history and atmosphere & egrave, re of this place, has given the 34 dé Birth & agrave ; a collection dé eponymous perfume objects dé s.

Perfumes for self and home, objects dé & Co and agrave ; This line feel, baptized dé e logically Collection 34 fully revives the spirit bazaar dear to the three founders of Diptyque.

A dé state of mind, a mood that has always been the salt of the house like no other, nicknamed é e long ago by Henri Gault and Christian Millau, & laquo ; Shop merchants nothing & raquo;.

Imagining & laquo ; permanence of the dé ph dé m & egrave, re & raquo ;, Diptyque book here the first chapter Essences fool dé ‘re a perfume, r dé guli & egrave ; larly, find a new signature scent.

Act 1, sign & eacute; nose Fabrice Pellegrin, honors the mimosa whose r dé harvest in 2013 augured a large mill dé sime.

The fragrance aims to be a & laquo ; thousand flowers & raquo; dé delicious, enferm dé by ma & icirc, be in a beautiful glass bottle engraved ;, overcame é dé a pear & agrave ; the old and captured dé Concretely in & egrave ; yourself in a dé horsehair zamak.

Later in the Bazaar 34 candles to wake & agrave ; die for all tell a story pioch dé e in the tomes of Diptych : The well Redout dé he continues recipe potpourri of English, pass dé e there are some dé & agrave decades ; the store ; Lilacs are they inspired by the garden of the house Norman founders while curiosity dé s us into the workshop Desmond Knox- Leet between amber, wood, benzoin, ink and flowers s dé ch dé es.

Sublime lanterns accompany : terra m & ecirc, the dé e scrolls to al dé atory, c dé Ceramic Relief dé e peacock feathers or brass CISEL dé moucharabieh as we put them on pedestals b dé tone, marble or walnut.

Project aspiring & agrave ; provoke encounters and make na & icirc ; very exp dé artistic experiments, and laquo ; AT & raquo; Also offers 34 air fresheners & agrave ; cold atypical con & ccedil ; us by a designer and a sp dé cialist casts pal dé ontological : an oval and a bird pl & acirc ; be branched dé in s dé series limit dé by e dé delicacy of the process dé dé manufacturing.

But the story would not be complete & egrave ; away without that stationery po dé tick sign dé e Papier Tigre, whose designs are based, dé Obviously, archives Diptych : notebooks postcards through the famous calendar perp dé tual of the new brand, all printed dé s on media recycled dé s or environmentally.

In short, carry this little mess at home, oh yes.

Collection 34 shops Diptyque, Printemps Haussmann, Galeries Lafayette and Bon March é ;.



Category: Science | Date : September 1, 2014

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