Category: Health | Date : August 21, 2014

The European Agency dé enne of m dé dicament has recommended dé to severely restrict the use of m dé drugs & agrave ; based bromocriptine, still commonly prescribed in Europe to stop the Mount dé e & milk after egrave, s birth, due to a small risk of ind effects dé serious sirables.

Particularly marketed dé e under the brand Parlodel as g é n é ; cal, bromocriptine is an active substance that acts on the nervous systems of dopamine.

It is used dé e in patients with Parkinson’s disease, but it is mainly prescribed to women who have just given birth and do not wish to breastfeed.

& quot; Bromocriptine should not & ecirc, be used dé e mani & egrave, re system dé matic for pr dé come or stop lactation & quot ;, indicates a recommendation approved dé e by the committee dé European dé in coordinating entity is dé European dé enne represented dé feeling the diff dé annuities national agencies m dé dicament.

The m dé drugs containing this substance should dé sormais & ecirc, be prescribed only when there & quot; Reasons imp dé fronted & quot; -Off & ecirc ; ter lactation, such as infection by the AIDS virus or & quot; For dé avoid any extra stress dé & commentary after egrave ; s loss of b é b é ; during or just after & egrave, s birth & quot;.

R dé dé valuation of bromocriptine had dé t & eacute; demand dé e last year by the agency fran & ccedil ; ease of m dé dicament who had dé tat side effects & quot; Rare but potentially serious cardiovascular & quot ;, mainly but also neurological and psychiatric.

The first reports date back ann dé es 90.

The first reports of effects ind dé sirables serious dé were occurring d & egrave, the ann s dé 90′s, especially in the United States, and had led & agrave ; strengthen information on pr dé job guarantees, especially among women pr dé feeling cardiovascular risk.

But the dosage and warnings dé were badly respect dé es, according ANSM reminder that the Mount é e is a milky & quot; physiological processes & quot;.

& quot; If the woman is not breastfeeding, lactation stops on its m & ecirc, me & a agrave ; two weeks & quot; she says on its website, while pr dé specifying that there are alternatives th dé peutic & agrave ; bromocriptine in the case o & ugrave ; lactation should ecirc & ; stopp be dé changed for reasons m dé dicales.

The CMDh for his part stressed that bromocriptine is available in the European Union countries European dé enne since 1973 and that the absolute number of severe side effects compared dé s the authority dé s is tr & egrave, s low, with a rate of incidence estimated dé agrave & 0.005 ; 0.4%.

Other indications of bromocriptine are not concerned dé es by the recommendation of the CMDh.

This last article egrave, re should dé sormais & ecirc, be ent dé rin dé e by the Commission European dé enne taking the dé final decision, which then will & ecirc, be followed by the Member States.



Category: Nutrition | Date : August 21, 2014

While the popularity dé the & quot; Super Fruit & quot ;, such as berries a & ccedil, a & iuml ;, wolfberry, gorg dé s antioxidants and vitamins, is growing, some take the opportunity to highlight the supposed dé ‘re slimming virtue fruit m dé known OccidentParmi them Garnicia Cambogia is a leading figure.

Just type the name in a search engine for realizing.

Garcinia cambogia, a plant tr & egrave ; used s dé e Asia.

Indeed, the dé bark of this small fruit native to India and Southeast Asia contain the s dé Sami against the extra pounds : hydroxycitric acid.

Traditionally, Asians use this dé bark in the kitchen and to treat rheumatism and gastrointestinal disorders.

On paper, yes, the m dé mechanisms of action of this acid are enough s dé produce : animal, HCA emp & ecirc ; che adipocytes store fat derived from dé gradation carbohydrates.

In other words, with the AHC, when animals eat sucr é ;, they do not store fat! Yes humans, all is not so easy because the m dé tabolismes carbohydrate and lipid, while similar, are all the m & ecirc ; me more complex than in animals.

But that does emp & ecirc ; che not some unscrupulous manufacturers to communicate the supposed dé s slimming powers of Garnicia Cambodgia to sell miracle pills ; or hundreds of consumers to buy.

Garcinia cambogia banned in France in pr dé agrave & repairs ; screw dé slimming e.

But since May 2012, & quot; import, pr dé preparation, prescription and dé deliverance pr dé repairs masterful officinal and Hospitali & egrave, res, including pr dé repairs hom dé opathiques, composed dé are Garcinia cambogia & quot; are prohibited in France.

To justify its dé decision, MSNA recalls & quot; The occurrence of several cases of attacks h dé patiques, muscle, cardiac and neurological sometimes serious report dé s United States and Canada, which is highly suspect dé e d ‘& ecirc ; & agrave be due ; consumption of products containing Garcinia cambogia particular & quot;.

N dé anmoins for the Directorate G é n é ; General for Competition, Consumption and R dé pressure Fraud, m & ecirc ; me if dé decision ANSM & quot; dé evokes the independent effects dé sirables, cases cit dé s, observed dé s in the United States and Canada, back & agrave ; 2009 and relate to a product with many ingr dé ingredients.

The causality dé Garcinia cambogia for not dé t & eacute; dé shown dé e3 & quot;.

The effectiveness dé Garcinia cambodgia diet has not dé t & eacute; dé shown dé e.

For DGCCRF & quot; is primarily the lack of effect th dé peutic ultimately motivates this dé decision not to recognize & icirc, be pr dé repairs & agrave ; Garcinia Cambogia base in the field of m dé drugs & quot;.

But this ban on the pr dé officinal preparations, it is & agrave ; possible to obtain complete dé food & agrave ments ; Garcinia cambogia base.

Indeed, in Europe, many countries have authorized dé in compl dé food ments and France, & quot; there is still no provisions sp dé cific for this plant in cons dé sequence of what, complete dé ment food is not banned & quot;.

Recall that prior to purchase complete dé ing food and other miracle pills, be sure agrave & foremost ; advice AUPR & egrave, s of a healthcare professional dé.

Up & agrave ; pr dé feels and dé pit of the many buzz s’ dé as succ dé dé s to each other, there are no r dé diet or a miracle drug for weight loss.

To lose weight permanently and well, no mystery & egrave, re: we must compel & agrave ; a r dé diet food dé balanced dé and practice r dé guli & egrave ; larly an activity dé physical.

This is a comprehensive care that needs & ecirc, be followed by m dé doctor.

1- ANSM prohibits the use of three plants and 26 active substances in pr dé repairs & agrave ; screw dé e r slimming dé alis dé es pharmacy, communiqu é ; Press MSNA, May 10, 2012.