Category: Beauty | Date : September 23, 2014

D dé Sir dé e Lamarzelle : What is nose surgery ?

The rst & egrave, re is primitive, that is & agrave ; -dire the Premi & egrave, re intention, first date.

These small incisions on each side of the nostrils which can lift the skin of the nose and having a panoramic.

Most often, it is an augmentation surgery or rectification.

M & ecirc ; me if there is a number of rep & egrave, res, the project is only dé Labor dé photo for the nose meets the expectations of the patient as much as the rest of the face.

But before moving to the block, at the second & egrave ; consulting me, once the patient & agrave ; took his dé decision dé finitive, the picture is nose reshaping & ecirc, be performed dé.

The client for this must bring a photo of him on a matte paper, front and side, black and white.

Thus, the surgeon draws a line m dé diane and can dé establish a first aper & ccedil, u of r dé final result in exhilarating places nose & agrave ; decrease.

That dé lai to see Dr. dé result dé finitif ?

Claude Levy : Apr & egrave ; Op s dé ration, wait two months for the r dé result is perfect, the skin and the nasal bones are recovering from trauma exercised é ;.



Category: Psychology | Date : September 23, 2014

So we wondered more and more about the s dé dentarit dé growing children, some parents choose to structure time for small game they dé think more every day, or a dé study emphasizes the importance of free time and real moments of games for younger.

& quot; By focusing on the physical aspect of leisure, authorities dé c & s leave OCIRC, t & eacute; several aspects of the game that are yet b é n é ; fic & agrave ; the health dé dé emotional and social youth & quot ;, a comment dé Professor Katherine Frohlich from college dé Montr é ; al.

Indeed, fun & agrave allows ; the child to dé load of worries and its problems & egrave ; my while promoting good social relations.

The dé study was dé t & eacute; men dé e on a panel of 25 children Montr é ; acirc s & g dé s 7 & agrave ; 11 years, who have been asked dé photograph and dé describe what they did during their activity dé r s dé cr dé ative.

Researchers have not dé sport dé was well represented dé dé feels ;, & agrave ; Like other activity dé s more s dé dental such as crafts, drawing or playing with a pet.

By talking to children about their activities dé s, researchers r dé & agrave succeeded ; understand what the game meant to them.

They concluded that the activities dé r s dé cr dé ative & ecirc could, be an end in itself.

They are essential because of dé made ​​that children are getting into playing and enable them to make healthy and rewarding risk.

They also dé covered that children felt some ambivalence & agrave ; their activities dé s planned with dé are and they did not have enough time to play fa & ccedil ; are free.

& quot; Game repens dé as a mani & egrave, re am of dé improve the health dé physical enl & egrave ; ve of spontaneous dé dé ;, it fun and freedom dé in children, which are as essential & agrave ; their well & ecirc ; & quot be ;, has not dé the author of the dé study Stephanie Alexander.

Adding that & quot; The activity dé r s dé cr dé atives are not only physical pr é f é r é ; are many children & quot;.

This research is published in the journal Qualitative Health Research.

In the vid é o below, p dé dopsychiatre St dé Stéphane Clerget, p dé dopsychiatre & agrave ; the h & OCIRC ; Hospital of Cergy-Pontoise, reminded us the importance of play for children.

& Agrave ; During a dé study published dé e last June in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers from the university dé Colorado has interviewed dé 70 parents of children & acirc ; g dé s six years and have found dé that those who read, play or exploring nature & agrave ; they wish, it is & agrave ; ie without parental framework dé were more dynamic and better & agrave arrived ; achieve their goals than children with daily programs pr dé dé finished and tr & egrave ; ax s dé s on the duties and the & ccedil ; ons.

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