Category: Beauty | Date : August 27, 2014

Gentlemen, and if you go through the box before the hairdresser rentr dé e ? Inspired dé by ‘re backstage dé wire dé man ‘s fall-winter 2014-2015, we rep é r é ; ten hairstyles & agrave ; r dé Aliser based on your professional world.

Tell me how you headdresses, I will tell you who you are!.



Category: Health | Date : August 26, 2014

The World Health Organisation dé has recommended dé Tuesday to ban the sale of cigarettes dé electronic minors, saying consumption posed & quot; Serious threats & quot; adolescents fetuses.

The experts dé also pronounced dé s for a ban on their use in public areas closed dé s & quot; At least until agrave & ; it is prouv dé the steam exhal é e is not dangerous for people passing around & quot ;, according to a document published dé Tuesday by the WHO.

& quot; Existing evidence shows & quot; cigarettes dé Electronic & quot; are not the simple + steam + & quot; as often say their manufacturers affirmed dé WHO.

Also, their use & quot; Pose serious threats for teens and fetus & quot ;, pursue the experts.

In AD & egrave, s WHO, there is sufficient evidence to warn & quot; Children, adolescents, pregnant women and women & acirc ; ge of procr dé st & quot; the cons dé quences & agrave ; long term can have cigarette consumption dé Electronic & quot; The dé brain development & quot;.

These recommendations dé t é ; published dé es by WHO for the sixth & egrave ; Session of the Conf dé Conference & agrave parties ; Convention WHO Framework on Tobacco Control which takes place from October 13 to 18 & agrave ; Moscow.