Category: Beauty | Date : July 24, 2014

” My god, I look like my aunt “,” the makeup sex, beauty also ” ” there is at least $ 600 up there “..

five men, white, black and Asian, were loaned to experience : face painting half face by a professional.

In halfway between sociological experiment and sophomoric gag, this video made by the social network of video Buzzfeed.com pose funny way gender and codes of beauty Sex.

Filmed at various stages of processing, five guinea pigs – which will see the final result – expressed some apprehension and questioning their feminine side.

” I ‘ve never worn Makeup my life “,” women are beautiful while men are hairy and monstrous beasts are small “,” I hope I will be more beautiful than my female colleagues “.

Check stage eyelash curler, most of these gentlemen aimeraint forfeit ” I ‘ve always wondered to What was this weird thing, “” my god, it’s scary “.

In the end, discovering their half of feminized face by the makeup, those gentlemen react quite well and realize that women are needed daily..

and why they are often late.

If your lover is not hot to try the experiment home, you can always download the application Genius Makeup L’Oréal Paris makeup vituellement that allows anyone with the Technology brand of reality increased.

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Category: Beauty | Date : July 23, 2014

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