Category: Beauty | Date : April 19, 2014

In Manhattan, it counts among its fans Mariel Hemingway, Jane Fonda, Brooklyn Decker This papesse yoga, former top model, softens the discipline and imposes its cool style.

” Strala ” means ” irradiating “,” radiate ” Swedish.

” I wanted to teach yoga in which people can move as they wish.

They are not focused on the perfection of a pose or perfect alignment, but the pleasure of practice, “says Tara.

In halfway between yoga, dance and fitness, Strala Yoga is a discipline that connects without repetitions or downtime.

The movements are fluid, we do not force, and jazzy music is unobtrusive.

Swinging arms, deep breaths, seeking balance for the course to be accessible to all, Tara uses a simple vocabulary to describe movement.

Result: it follows, working and doing its best for an hour in a good mood.



Category: Science | Date : April 19, 2014

A leap forward in preparing surgical practice and regenerative medicine.

In any case, the certainty of the Paris team led by Ludwik Leibler and Didier Letourneur.

She has developed a very simple method of bonding of Use.

applied to skin, it helps close deep wounds in seconds and get a healing quality and aesthetic.

She was also successfully proven difficult to repair organs suture as the liver.

This work – in rat – has just been published on the website of the journal Angewandte Chemi.

This is in December 2013 that the team Ludwik Leibler presented in the journal Nature, an entirely new concept collage gels and biological tissues through nanoparticles.

The principle is simple: the nanoparticles contained in a solution spread on surfaces glue molecules bind to the gel by a phenomenon called adsorption.

Result : forming numerous connections between the two surfaces.

The accession process, which has no chemical reaction takes only a few seconds.

The results of the first experiments in rats thus come to be made ​​public.

The researchers first compared closing a deep skin wound by the traditional method and with brush application of their aqueous solution of nanoparticles.

This triggered rapid skin closure to Complete healing without inflammation or necrosis.

The resulting scar is almost invisible.

In a second experiment, always rats, the researchers applied This solution bodies ” Soft ” as liver, lung or spleen.

These latter are difficult to suture because they tear when passing the needle.

” Currently no glue combines efficiency Membership and Safety for the organization, ” the statement Press.

face a deep gash liver with heavy bleeding, researchers spread the aqueous solution of nanoparticles and pressed the two edges of the wound that is closed.

Finally, in any other field, the researchers managed through glue to their adhering a degradable membrane in the heart, despite strong mechanical constraints its beat.

And they show that it is possible to set various medical devices therapeutic purposes or mechanical repair and strengthening of organs and tissues.

In reading these results, we can understand the enthusiasm of researchers, who do not hesitate to speak of ” exceptional method of its potential field of clinical applications “.

It is simple, easy to implement and, more importantly, the nanoparticles used can be metabolized by the body.

It should naturally make its debut in operating theaters in the relatively near future.

Vascular laboratory translational research.