Category: Health | Date : July 22, 2014

Asbestos Victims Compensation still a problem.

On 28 February 2013, the Committee on Social Affairs established committee asbestos monitoring to take stock of the implementation of the proposals made in 2005.

Comprised of senators from all political groups, the committee wanted further reflection on the compensation of victims and issues of asbestos.

Reportage ] Back to the committee of..

According to the report released in July 2014 after 42 hearings associations, professional asbestos removal, doctors, unions, experts, compensation and professional branches of the building fund committee Tracking notes that the proposals made ​​in 2005 were mostly followed.

These related mainly to the measures taken for the protection of workers.

But seven proposals for the compensation of victims and funding went unheeded, lack of resources but also consensus on the idea of ​​charging companies that produced asbestos materials.

To the prevention of risks asbestos a great national cause by putting in place an inter- national steering to develop a national strategy with a timetable and priorities and the creation of a structure for interdepartmental coordination attached to the Prime Minister.

It should also establish a support mission for public clients, Flécher credit to research and development and create a unique internet platform risk asbestos destination both the general public and professionals;.

Improve the identification of asbestos in forming rigorously preparers diagnostics to inform all building trades risks; create an Internet database with all DTA and strengthen coordination and mapping ;.

Enhance security workers exposed to asbestos, including requiring professional organizations to educate their members to this risk, strengthen the role of HSC and inspection work and expand opportunity the ” stop asbestos site ” ;.

Better protect the general population by lowering the threshold of asbestos in the air triggering asbestos removal, better inform individuals about waste management, assist public employers ; contact agents may have been exposed to asbestos and increase staffing INVS.

For Aline Archimbaud Committee Chair Monitoring asbestos: ” It would be irresponsible to believe that asbestos is a problem of the past.

Nearly twenty years after its ban, the health crisis is before us ; we have 100 000 people in 2050.

If prompt action is not taken by the government, asbestos removal will be done in catastrophic conditions and is second epidemic could develop, especially on a million employees building, including small artisans, workers in asbestos removal companies, but also the residents “.

All public and private buildings built before 1997 potentially contain asbestos.

Aline Archimbaud sent date the report to the Prime Minister and requested a meeting to submit proposals to the Senate implement without delay.

It is estimated that France, more than 35,000 deaths were recognized in France due to asbestos between 1960 and its ban.

Given the time between exposure and the onset of the disease, 60 000 100,000 deaths are expected in the 20 to 25 years come over.

” Certainly, France is not the only country affected by this health catastrophe, but the shortcomings of our health care system at work and the prevention of occupational risks, the absence the time of any system of monitoring and warning, the existence of an industrial asbestos lobby contributed to a belated recognition of this tragedy ” considered the Senate report ” The tragedy of asbestos in France : understand better repair, draw lessons for the future” from 2005.

Information Committee Report Monitoring asbestos chaired by Mrs. Aline Archimbaud – July 2014 -.



Category: Psychology | Date : July 21, 2014

Workweeks are more suited to employees’ lives ! This is the observation made by a Mexican billionaire who proposes to establish work periods not exceeding three days.

It was at a business conference in Paraguay Carlos Slim, a telecom spawning which is also the Second World fortune, exposed its managerial theory.

According to him, there is a mismatch between the current lives of employees and the management model used to worldwide.

” People will have to work more years, until their 70 or 75..

The ideal would be to work 11 hours a day, three days a week, ” he says.

“With three days of work per week, we would have more time to relax and have a better quality life.

Carlos Slim has already implemented adjustments to its own employees ! In his company, Telmex, he opened a voluntary program allowing its employees to continue work after retirement, 4 days per week, and continue to be paid.

Carlos Slim theory is found in various theses about the company, such as Jorion explains that the issue of boredom will be a very important place in this area.

And you what do you think ? Would it be beneficial for employees to work only three days a week? Would you make a layout of your work time?.