Category: Health | Date : December 19, 2014

The researchers analyzed & eacute; exposure to fine particles m & egrave ; res of 1767 children before, during and after & egrave ; s pregnancy.

R & eacute; result, women who & eacute; t & eacute; expos & eacute; es & agrave ; a high concentration of fine particles during pregnancy and particularly during the last quarter saw the risks of having a child with autism double.

The link between atmospheric pollution & eacute ; America and autism is more dé emptied during pregnancy before and after & egrave ; s.

& quot; Our r & eacute; results dé show that exposure of pregnant women & agrave ; polluted air & eacute; can have an effect on the occurrence of autism in her child.

The atmosphere & eacute pollution, but America is a factor on which we can act, rel & egrave ; wind authors of dé study.

In dé avoiding exposing pregnant women & agrave ; a polluted air & eacute ;, we r & eacute; would reduce this risk and thereby co & ucirc ; t crescent represents dé feel autism for families and soci & eacute; t & eacute; & quot ;, the researchers.

The fine particles contain toxic substances that p & eacute; n & egrave ; trent in cells and cause oxidative stress.

This can hinder the normal process of d & eacute; development of f & oelig ; tus, including training of the system & egrave ; nervous, the proliferating & eacute; ration and diff & eacute; cell ferentiation can cause cell death programm & eacute; e.

Other dé studies r & eacute; alis & eacute; es in rodents dé also set & eacute; HIGHLIGHTING that fine particles could cause lib & eacute; ration in the blood and brain mol dé particles that stimulate inflammation and alt & egrave ; & egrave rent the system, immune me n & eacute; onatal, recognized processes as causes of autism.

The link could not & ecirc ; be & eacute; ESTABLISHED between inhalation of particles of larger sizes and autism.



Category: Psychology | Date : December 19, 2014

You r & jewelry ecirc ; Viez bring your own jewelry, your cr & eacute; ations, but for lack of time and expertise you d & ucirc ; you r & eacute; & agrave solve ; abandon the id & eacute; e.

Cr & eacute; & eacute; in April 2014, the site Jewel District features a 3D printing service sp & eacute; cialis & eacute; in jewelry that prints your files in 3D.

Just choose thud & eacute; rial on the site and you’re jou & eacute;.

Meals From food in small bags ? The futuristic movies there were pens & eacute ;, is dé sormais done.

V & eacute; Genuine saving space and time, simply place the food in the food cartridges 3D printer and let the machine do its job.

This invention will dé also reduce food waste by calculating the portion n & eacute; necessary the number of guests.

Tattoos It is still a prototype but id & eacute; e is Eng & eacute; nious.

Piotr Widelka, Johan Da Silveira and Pierre Emm, three designers fran & ccedil ; ais developed this 3D printer capable of tattooing & laquo; near- impossible patterns & agrave ; Do & agrave ; & raquo bare hands ; Emm explains Pierre & agrave ; Sciences et Avenir.

While it is true that draw a perfect circle & agrave ; hand can av & eacute; rer complicated & eacute; for a tattoo artist, id & eacute; e to get tattooed by a machine that takes into account neither the morphology nor pain & eacute; ventuelle, we are skeptical.

A r & eacute; residence & eacute; tudiante We will have ucirc s & r cr & eacute; er a printer & agrave ; the size of the project in order to r & eacute; Aliser b & acirc ; -fund.

Gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; 3D printer project, R & eacute; Lille region wants to build a r & eacute; residence & eacute; tudiante a hundred rooms.

An ambitious project that should come before the end of the year & eacute; e 2015.

& Egrave of prosthesis ; her since 15 dé December 2014, Derby, a wolf-dog living in New Hampshire can go & ucirc ; ter for the first & egrave ; re both joy rides.

Suffering from a birth defect at his front legs, the animal dé pla & ccedil ; & agrave has previously ; using a carriage.

Today gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; the soci & eacute; t & eacute; 3D Systems, the b & eacute; n & eacute; & egrave fited of prosthesis, her, drawing & eacute; es customized and printed & eacute; es & agrave ; Using a 3D printer.

If the invention of the 3D printer should allow a few ann & eacute; es la cr & eacute; ation of organs, we can wonder about the possible dé shores mati & egrave ; re reproduction of objects.

For if it is conceivable cr & eacute; er of prosthesis & egrave ; his, it is probably to m & ecirc ; me guns..

How to regulate the possession and weapons & agrave port; fire if the cr & eacute; ation thereof becomes r & eacute; m & alisable in ecirc ; homes of me ?.