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Block nerve impulses slows the progression of gastric cancer.

Botox & reg; is constituted dé Botulinum toxin, a prot dé ine who own & egrave ; properties of the dé t dé s neurotoxic.

Authorized dé in France since 2003, its use is mainly cosmetic dé tick the dé team of Dr. Wang test dé diff dé annuities proc dé harsh suppression of nerve impulses : surgically, using Botox & reg ;, by blocking the neurotransmitter or r dé receiver.

All proc dé hard have shown dé some efficiency é ;, especially for first two lines & egrave, technical res.

When they blow dé surgically nerves, they finding dé slowing tumor growth and increased survival.

When nerves n ‘ dé were sectioned dé s only one c & OCIRC, t & eacute; stomach, the tumor continued to grow on the other c & OCIRC, t é ;, providing extra evidence dé commentary on the importance of nerves in tumor growth.

And m dé dicament has av é r é ; as effective as surgery for r dé reduce the growth of stomach cancer.

& quot; We observation dé that blocking the nerve signals makes cells canc dé stances more vuln dé rable it removes one of the key factors dé who r s dé gulent growth & quot; has dé clar dé Dr Wang.

Botox & reg; emp & ecirc ; che nerve cells lib dé rer neurotransmitter call dé ac dé acetylcholine.

For cosmetic applications dé ticks, blocking ac dé acetylcholine reduces facial wrinkles by causing temporary paralysis of the muscles.

Because the ac dé acetylcholine also stimulates cell division usually, the use of Botox & reg; could help & agrave ; slow the growth of cancer.

Of the 13 patients who underwent vagotomy as part of their proc dé hard in all but one case, tumors are dé veloppaient not in r dé regions ugrave & o ; nerve connections had dé t & eacute; blow dé es.

In contrast, tumors dé t é ; found dé s in m & ecirc, r me dé region of the stomach in all 24 patients who had not had a vagotomy.

& quot; We think Botox is a good treatment because it can & ecirc, be used dé locally and target cells canc dé stances & quot ;, says Professor Chen.

& quot; Botox can & ecirc, be injected dé with gastroscopy which requires only a few hours visit & agrave ; the h & OCIRC ; Hospital & quot ;, he added.

This researcher also emphasizes that Botox, the effects are very & egrave, s localized dé s, & quot; Is less toxic than most anticanc é treatment; standard generous, less is dé ous and has fewer side effects & quot;.

For now, the r dé results encouraging exp dé experiments on mice with Botox convinced Professor Oak to begin a clinical trial Phase 2 Norv & egrave ; ge with patients with stomach cancer.

What will the effectiveness dé this proc dé hard in combination with other treatments anticanc dé ous ? Exp dé experiments pr dé introductory conducted on mice have shown dé that the combined use dé e Botox & reg; and chimioth dé therapy increased the survival rate of 35% & agrave ; chemo alone.

& quot; Netherlands dé our dé animal studies, I think Botox or other th dé rapies of dé rot will certainly boost efficiency dé chimioth of dé standard rapies and th dé rapies CIBL dé es & quot ;, has explained dé & agrave ; AFP Professor Wang.

Another limitation of this dé study is that it focuses on the early stages of stomach cancer.

What about its effectiveness dé on more advanced tumors dé are? In his lab, esp & egrave, re able to develop agents to block r dé neurotransmitter receptors.

According to him, this approach should ecirc & ; be more effective than Botox or surgery on invasive tumors of the stomach and other cancers.

According to these researchers, Botox could be a complete treatment dé commentary for patients whose cancer of the stomach is inop dé maple, those who r dé lay more & agrave ; the chimioth dé therapy or for which the chimioth dé therapy is not indicated dé e.

They believe dé also the dé rot against cancer growth probably should have efficiency dé against other cancers such as prostate, but nerves Involved dé s will certainly vary & agrave member ; and other tumor agrave & ; other.

Denervation Suppresses gastric tumorigenesis – Chun Mei Zhao et al.

Wang, MD, in collaboration with Duan Chen, MD, PhD, in Norv & egrave ; ge and is published dé in the num dé today ro Science Translational Medicine.



Category: Psychology | Date : August 28, 2014

M & ecirc ; me if the community dé Science agrees that sleep helps & agrave ; motor learning, no dé study had pr é c dé ously r dé & agrave succeeded ; why.

To learn more about Dr. dé subcortical regions of the brain, the researchers used & agrave ; pianists.

& quot; The r dé subcortical regions play an r & OCIRC ; important in the consolidation of information, particularly information li dé es & agrave ; track m dé morielle engine & quot ;, has not dé Karen Debas neuropsychologist from college dé Montr dé al in charge of this research.

& Agrave ; According to Dr. Debas, enabling simultaneous dé e of r dé subcortical regions cause your icirc ; do better synchrony AD & egrave, s having slept but r dé results are worse after & egrave, s a p dé period of sleep deprivation, regardless of whether or not the pianist recorded signs of fatigue.

To conduct their research, scientists have not used dé pianos but simply teaching dé s new dé sequences of finger movements on a bo & icirc, reminding you a keyboard.

Participants pass é ; MRI while they r dé alisaient these s dé quences piano before and after & egrave, a p s dé period of sleep.

Researchers had pr é c dé ously noticed dé the putamen, central part of the brain, dé was more active after egrave &, s have not slept and had also dé increased to r é performance, rather veil & OCIRC ; Does that during the journ dé e.

To achieve & agrave ; r their dé results, the scientists analyzed dé techniques connectivity dé c é r é ; brale to identify communication between diff dé ferent parts of the brain activated when dé es.

They concluded that the putamen dé was one of the subcortical part of the brain most closely int dé gr dé es.

& quot; & egrave Apr ; ‘s a night of sleep, we found dé that r dé bucket dé was more int dé gr dé than others, and the interactions among these r dé regions dé were higher after egrave & ; & quot s consolidation ;, has explained dé Professor Debas.

He added: & quot; One night ‘s sleep seems to provide active protection of the r dé bucket, unlike the rest of the journ dé e.