Category: Health | Date : September 16, 2014

Strala yoga, fly yoga, hatha yoga..

and now stand up paddle yoga.

Visitors to the next Grand Pavois will be attempted.

The stand up paddle yoga, the new sports trend from California.

On the space slips Grand Bulwark, there will be none for addicts sensations of skiing.

Visitors dé cover the last article egrave, re fitness trend from California : stand up paddle yoga.

But dé sormais, they will be able to find the peace int dé higher r dé alisant various yoga postures, over water.

However, eddies and currents will wire & agrave ; headaches for yogistes.

In AD & egrave, s sp dé Specialists, this position would work muscles that are not sollicit dé s in a s dé ance yoga floor.

Initiations are dé wallow & agrave ; La Rochelle & agrave ; during the Grand Bulwark, which dé sick Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the Port des Minimes.

The s dé ances are dé will roll led by Caroline Taboulet, professional windsurfer and Alice Arutkin champion of France waves funboard.



Category: Science | Date : September 16, 2014

& quot; Our dé decision is taken for more than a week.

We do not want this life & the agrave ; for our son. & quot ; It is with great sadness but also firmness dé M dé lanie speaks on France Info.

While she does dé was pregnant only five and a half months, she has recently given birth dé Titouan 31 ao & ucirc, t, & agrave ; the h & OCIRC ; hospital Saintes, Charente -Maritime.

Tr & egrave, s fast, his b é b é ;, who weighed less than 900 grams, is transferred é r é ; CHU Poitiers.

& quot; Prognosis major pr dé matur dé s is difficult, we have only a statistical tool & quot ;, r dé pond, the m & ecirc ; radio me, Roger Gil, head dé ethics CHU.

Face & agrave ; the suffering of these parents, who blame & agrave ; the dé team m dé th of association to practice hard dé peutic and agrave & ; the patient, a notice comes from & ecirc, be asked dé & agrave ; a al & egrave ; ge dé ethics composed dé r dé leaders sp dé cialis dé s n dé onatalogie.

Pending r dé answer, you should know that 10,000 large pr dé matur dé s born each ann dé e in France.

These children, who were born before the end of 32 weeks, subject to dé studies r dé guli & egrave, res.

But it is mainly tr & egrave ; great pr s dé matur dé s posing problems & egrave, my, m & ecirc ; me if the survival rate of children n dé s & agrave ; the limit of viability dé has increased dé FA & ccedil ; are substantial in some countries for a ann é twenties, es, before reaching a plateau.

& Agrave ; Following the birth of a child of less than 500 grams in Germany in 2011, experts & ccedil fran, ais had explained dé that in our country there was dé t & eacute; dé cid dé not to intervene astronomically ccedil ; activating system dé cally and offer palliative care.

In The Daily m dé physician, Dr. Yannick Aujard was then ready dé cis dé the problem & egrave ; me tr & egrave, s great pr dé matur dé s n ‘ dé was not that of the technical treatment, but that of s dé what medium and s dé v & egrave, res.

According to national guidelines, apr & egrave, s week 24 am to dé norrh dé e, most dé teams are actively managed pr dé matur dé.

Before 23 weeks of am dé norrh dé e, p dé diatres n dé onatalogistes fran & ccedil ; ais have dé cid dé not to intervene.

Palliative care is implemented in emblem dé e in the delivery room.

& Agrave ; 22 weeks, the lungs are immature and survival, tr & egrave, s unlikely.

At their birth at 24 weeks am dé norrh dé e, Titouan has arrived dé in what sp dé Specialists describe as & quot; Grey area & quot;.

They believe that dé decisions about care must & ecirc, be made ​​based on the request of parents and the dé tat b é b é ;.

It seems dé empty, in these conditions, M dé lanie and her companion are heard.