Category: Science | Date : April 7, 2015

Sport is a v & eacute; Genuine & eacute; cole life and finding itself in physical and mental resources that will soup & ccedil ; not onnait.

This is the message that Marcel Rufo, the C & eacute; l & egrave ; bre p & eacute; dopsychiatre Marseille, wants to get through the last book of Jacques Verdier * which he widely participated & eacute;.

Accompanied by the Director of the Olympic Midi, he int & eacute; ress & eacute; these & quot; & eacute; sports motions Grow & quot;.

All disciplines can provide both great satisfaction..

that intense suffering.

Jacques Verdier cites the distance races, & quot; When the legs are heavy, hard pieces of wood that nothing will soften and the one mind you sum forward & quot;.

Yet, many marathon runners are at their deepest & ecirc ; be the strength to go through.

Before & eacute; prove the immense joy of having r & eacute; ussi.

This is also true for cyclists, as well as in all of sports & quot ; A & quot ;, against a like wrestling, judo and tennis o & ugrave ; we must dé pass, excel, to beat an opponent who has gained the upper hand, which seems to prevail.

& quot; Teach a child that nothing is gained, but things can acqu & eacute; er t & eacute force; nacit & eacute ;, courage, intelligence and modesty, & ccedil ; a does not seem artificial & quot ;, reads in this new work.

For its authors, sport is a r & eacute; v & eacute; lator of dé motion, & quot; The second chance to sublimate the fact of & ecirc ; be & eacute; mu & quot;.

Marcel Rufo is categorical: a child dé pattern does not mean a fragile young.

Its sensitivity & eacute; exacerbated & eacute; e, it can tr & egrave ; s well draw strength, provided it gives him the opportunity & eacute;.

Confidence, notes the sp & eacute; cialist, at the outset, to the eyes and maternal gestures.

& quot; This is why most dé provided are often emotionally, matt & eacute; riellement, the most successful in sport.

This is a & ecirc that ; you because we did not have.

A second chance to rebuild.


The pl & acirc ; be helping stand.

R & eacute; ACHIEVEMENT sport, it’s a psychological victory ” As the & eacute;. Failure, Jacques Verdier Judge saving, m & ecirc ; me it is sometimes tr & egrave ; s hard dig & eacute; rer.

Blessing in disguise? It is not forbidden to think.

& quot; If dé from his illusions, recognize & icirc ; be weaknesses, do not be blinded by dreams, the chem & egrave ; res is d & eacute; j & agrave ; a great step on the dé scale of existence. & quot ; The dé failure will allow the athlete to correct his mistakes, to better understand and advance.

And also to admit its limitations because not Nadal, Federer, Bolt or Merckx who wants ! D’o & ugrave ; the Board of Marcel Rufo : & quot; The choice of sports is never innocent, it is the choice of your quality & eacute; s.

You’re going o & ugrave ; you feel good.

It is the law of r & eacute; assurance.

The dé sharecropping a part of oneself “Content ). // ]] & Gt; * These dé sports motions that make us grow, dé conditions Flammarion, 224 pages, 18 euros.



Category: Psychology | Date : April 7, 2015

The question of the psychological needs of pilots arises since the crash of the A320 on March 24.

Germany’s Lufthansa which employed before his death & eacute; was he seems aware of his problem & egrave ; my.

But the copilot & eacute; it was sufficient follow-up? How is monitoring m & eacute; dical pilot in civil aviation ? R & eacute; responses.

Annual maintenance to dé evaluate the physical and mental abilities.

& quot; There is no strictly psychological counseling among pilots & quot ;, r & eacute; v & eacute; l & eacute; Erick Derivry at Air France captain and pr & eacute; President of the National Union of Airline Pilots, micro Europe 1, a few days after & egrave ; s the crash of the A320.

In France, airline pilots and commercial pilots spend every ann & eacute; e m & a visit eacute; g & eacute of association ; n & eacute; ral for dé assess their physical and mental abilities.

Drivers go to a center of expertise m & eacute; -union aircrew once a year, and every six months from age 60.

Pilots perform an activity & eacute; transport a & eacute; nothing commercial passenger -pilot make their visit m & eacute; -union every six months & egrave ; s 40 years.

During this interview, the m & eacute; g & eacute doctor ; n & eacute; realistic asking questions on the pilot work on his personal and family life.

According to Erick Derivry, & quot; This conversation with the m & eacute; doctor allows the dé evaluate, tr & egrave ; s fast, the & eacute; physical and mental state of the individual & quot;.

However, if the patient s ‘ & eacute; not seek its problems & egrave ; my psychological during this visit, the m & eacute; doctor, not a psychiatrist, will not be able to dé detect a serious disorder.

Are there cases of inability to fly?

According to Dr.

Jean- Fran & ccedil ; ois Paris, m & eacute; physician leader at m & eacute Expertise Centre, medicine has dé AERONAUTICS, cases of inability to fly would be & quot; From the order of 1 2% of examined é pilots; s & quot;.

In its R & egrave ; regulation, management g & eacute; n & eacute; civil aviation eral recalls that pilots holding a license can not fly & quot; if they are aware of any decrease in their ability m & eacute; of association may make them unable to exercise all s & eacute; SAFETY & eacute; & quot; or & quot; if they re & ccedil ; oivent treatment m & eacute; dical or surgical might affect the s & eacute; SAFETY & eacute; Flight & quot;.

Also, the licensed driver must & quot; get a notice & eacute; Rom & eacute; dical & quot; if he suffers from a major illness that emp & ecirc ; Cherait to work as a member of the dé crew.

M & eacute; doctor of a center of expertise m & eacute; -union aircrew dé cidera if the driver is fit or not fly.

Still, the m & eacute; doctors examiners agr & eacute; & eacute; s by the DGAC dé deliver certificates of fitness have not acc & egrave ; s to m & eacute file; dical drivers and can by cons & eacute; fore go & c OCIRC ; t & eacute; a psychological disorder if the driver does not warn.