Category: Nutrition | Date : October 31, 2014

Councils St & eacute; phane Duchiron, Chef.

For fa & ccedil ; ad fferent face in a pumpkin, d & eacute; j & agrave ; must choose a good squash.

It must be made ​​for it, it is called a Halloween pumpkin.

We will start by drawing the eyes, we can draw diff & eacute; ently.

Er a path & eacute; and then, cut around the p & eacute; doncule pumpkin for cr & eacute e.

There is support for the drop, and you can remove the cap.

Pumpkin is empty, then we do the same with the cap.

It with a knife just by making a small mark about 1 millimeter & egrave ; ; very deep one comes around then the & oelig.

It should go smoothly not to go beyond & agrave ; marking.

Id & eacute; alement, it is better to work in reverse without putting his hand on the other OCIRC & c ; t & eacute ;, to not hurt if the knife dé rape.

Contour marking is drawn with a knife.

We can draw the teeth, rounds, squares & eacute; s, we make teeth diff & eacute; rents.

Then we will cut all around, until the teeth.

Then you press, or to the int & eacute; laughing, either to the ext & eacute; laughing.

We just make two small holes for the & oelig ; it.

It comes & agrave ; int & eacute; mirthful squash and hollow for the d & eacute; pledge the & oelig ; it.

On the other & oelig ; it it is like a triangle to make two eyes diff & eacute; ent.

The candle is placed inside, is closed with the cap and voil & agrave ; Pumpkin & agrave ; place in the garden, on the balcony Operate your cr & eacute; ativit & eacute; and frighten & agrave ; your neighbors! Tr & egrave ; s Happy Halloween!

You want to get started? The chief St & eacute; phane Duchiron offers a Halloween shop.

A pumpkin carving workshop followed by a go & ucirc ; ter is organized greedy & eacute; Wednesday, October 29th from 15h & agrave ; 17h & agrave ; the h & OCIRC, such Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocad & eacute; ro.

Each child will carve pumpkins 2 : one will expos & eacute; e in the garden of the h & OCIRC, and the second as & agrave ; bring home.

Accompanied children & eacute; s & agrave ; From 6 years.



Category: Beauty | Date : October 30, 2014

For a bun boh & egrave ; me easy, just to bring a little & eacute; elastic and some clamps & agrave ; chignon.

We begin by smoothing hair are curly & eacute; s and the brush.

We keep the line that pr & eacute; f & egrave ; re in the middle or on the c & OCIRC ; t & eacute ;, with or without fringe.

A low -tail horse is tied, then loosen the & eacute; & acirc elastic of cr ; not for cr & eacute; er a sort of nest, between the clip and the t & ecirc ; you.

The id & eacute; e is to come and jam roll lengths in the hollow cr & eacute; & eacute; between cr & acirc ; and not the & eacute; elastic.

Wrap hair in the palm of horse -tail.

If you do ma & icirc ; trisez not the technique of winding the -tail horse toward the int & eacute; laughing, grab a headband & eacute; elastic, place it around your cr & acirc ; do and wrap your lengths around the & eacute; elastic for a bun r & eacute; tro and romantic.