Category: Psychology | Date : November 27, 2014

The Finnish government dé cid & eacute; remove dé definitively the course of dé cursive writing of the basic education program.

D & egrave ; s rentr & eacute; e 2016 so children no longer learn the & eacute; writing & laquo; li & eacute; e & raquo; but only & agrave ; typing on a keyboard.

In practice, it does dé more crit & laquo; & agrave ; Hand & raquo;.

Face it, our pen more is not out of his dé tui for some time and we are not alone.

On apr & egrave ; s & eacute command a survey ; by DOCMAIL, a Briton in three has no dé crit & agrave ; hand for six months – on average, and the last document trac & eacute; dates back to the pen & agrave ; forty-one days.

In short, calligraphy is more utilitarian, it became a hobby among others.

Pros & eacute; write a postcard & agrave ; our great – m & egrave ; re Zouzou eg.

It therefore seems logical and useful to teach children that they will use in their daily work life.

The unthinkable abandonment of dé manuscript writing.

On the other hand, learning the & eacute; writing & agrave ; hand dé develops the faculty & eacute ; s motor skills & eacute; fine child.

However, experts estimate that replace DIY or drawing will have the m & ecirc ; my impact on the brain.

Finally, do not know dé write as via a keyboard involves dé pendence & agrave ; technology.

How when our computer r & eacute; lays more ?

It has already d & eacute; j & agrave ; possible to dictate the text and see it appear on his dé computer screen or smartphone.

And you what do you think? Learning the dé cursive writing about dé suet ? If is it unnecessarily tie & agrave ; the & eacute; writing & agrave ; hand?

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Category: Health | Date : November 27, 2014

The ministry & egrave ; re the City, Youth and Sports is launching a national fitness program destiny & eacute; & agrave ; encourage citizens & agrave ; practice activities & eacute; Physical r & eacute; guli & egrave ; re.

Rugby player S & eacute; bastien Chabal is the official ambassador.

Pr & eacute; feel & eacute; November 25 at the Mayors, it dé program butera in 2015 in 25 pilot cities in France.

The principle : a platform, install & eacute; e and outdoor available free, has seven exercise stations to be entered & icirc ; ner by low & eacute movements ; s on the body weight.

These platforms will also connect & eacute; es : mobile application will allow users to receive coaching tips to learn the exercises, to record their performances to see their progr & egrave ; s, or even cr & eacute; er a community & eacute; athletes to compete in challenges.

Stockings & eacute; the slogan & quot; 7 movements, 7 minutes & quot ;, the objective of this op & eacute; ration is to & agrave ; all audiences, young and old, to stay in shape, to provide a space to cause your icirc ; ment easily accessible and efficient sports dé beginners as well as more seasoned.

This program is from the National Fitness Campaign cr & eacute; & eacute; e to & Eacute ; the United States in 1979 by Mitch Menaged.

Since then, over 10,000 platforms bloom in 4,000 cities.

Les & eacute; sports equipment will be installed & eacute; s based on partnerships between collectivit & eacute; s local and private companies & eacute; es.

& quot; Our goal is to promote the sport for a healthier life in France.

This campaign should then grow throughout Europe as she r & eacute; pandue & agrave ; through & Eacute United- States & quot ;, has underlined & eacute; Patrick Kanner, Minister of the City, Youth and Sports.

To raise awareness on the issue of health & eacute; Public and promote fitness program, S & eacute; bastien Chabal is associated & eacute; the project.

& quot; I am proud to join my strength with Mitch Menaged to promote an innovative project in France, tr & egrave ; s easy & agrave ; implement a & quot ;, he & eacute ;. how.