Category: Beauty | Date : October 21, 2014

Lie most t & OCIRC ; & t can to ecirc, be at the top of his form tomorrow? According to a sp dé cialist sleep, it would not help & agrave ; nothing.

Time id dé ale to go to bed would be calculated according to the rhythm of each.

Who has not heard that the hours before midnight dé were most r dé paratrices ? So we feel guilty when the stroke is Ringer dé s and that still stands, the eve of a major journ dé e work.

Do not worry ! For Dr. Pelayo, researcher sp dé cialist sleep & agrave ; the university dé Stanford, all of this is that dé legend.

Pros & ecirc, be the most op dé rational way, simply Conna & icirc ; needs be dormant for Conna & icirc, be the optimal bedtime.

& laquo ; If you want to get up & agrave ; 7:30 ET you feel you need to sleep seven thirty, you should put yourself in your bed around 11:45 p.m. & raquo ;, pr dé cise about the researcher in relation dé s on the website Atlantico.

For Dr. Pelayo, it is useless to fight against our body by forcing & agrave ; sleep while we are not tired dé es.

& laquo ; It is a mistake to go to bed too early & OCIRC, t, he explains.

Go to bed when your body pr é f & egrave, re stay dé dé ;, awake is like swimming & agrave ; against the grain & raquo;.

It’s simple, we do not go to sleep on command, our sleep is r dé gi by the biological clock.

Internal factors, such as the sleep hormone and temp dé temperature of the body, contribute & agrave ; falling asleep by sending signals to the brain.

External factors also come into consideration, such as the gradual reduction of the light & egrave, re, which stimulate the production of m dé latonine.

But sp dé cialist especially recommend relying & agrave ; lifestyle and r dé establish good hygiene & egrave ; not sleep dé finished dé e by cycles.

One night is composed dé e & agrave four ; seven cycles of 90 minutes each and we need about fifteen minutes to fall asleep.

So you have to sleep & agrave ; fixed time and not during the intervals.



Category: Psychology | Date : October 21, 2014

How & acirc ; age do you become old? Are there signs that prove that one is old or is it a matter of dé state of mind ? These are questions that everyone is asking or is brought dé & agrave ; arise.

While esp dé life expectancy is increasing and that today’s fifties claiming a second youth, Damart with the help of the polling institute OpinionWay * soul & egrave ; ve a question dé delicate : & agrave ; what & acirc ; age do you become old?

46, the & acirc ; ge o & ugrave ; we get old for children.

It’s all a matter of perspective, it is apparent that dé tude ! Indeed, there is a clear diff dé ence according to & acirc ; ge of r dé respondents.

This survey s dé adorns r dé responses of children from adults, and dé a marked diff dé ence in their appr dé ciation of old age.

For adults, it becomes & laquo ; old & raquo; & agrave ; age 70 ! It is also the & acirc ; ge r é f dé ence for health professionals dé they estimate an average of the first accident of health dé s dé ous around 73 years.

For young g é n é ; rations, it’s a different story ! Children in fact believe the & acirc ; ge charni & egrave, re before sinking into the box & laquo ; Senior & raquo; 46 would.

A dé cart ann dé ‘re idiots dé show who is due mainly to the fact that children do not go completely & egrave ; ment account of passing time.

Adults feel younger than three years on average.

Another key figure dé that emerges from this dé study: the & acirc ; ge felt over & agrave ; the & acirc ; ge r dé el people.

If tr & egrave, s vast majority dé Children feel total ad dé equation with them & acirc ; ge, & agrave ; pr & egrave few months ; s, as adults & agrave ; them feel younger.

Indeed, only one r dé laying on two estimates & ecirc ; & laquo be ; consistent with sound & acirc ; ge & raquo;.

Others feel mostly younger than three years on average.

Getting old is no longer R & ecirc ; ves ?

AD & egrave, the s & acirc ; ages, it is the moments of life that are int dé ress the dé study.

For children, it is retired Whom the Bell Tolls and announces the entry dé e in the & acirc ; senior ge ! For adults, retirement is the opportunity to r dé Aliser its r & ecirc ; ves and it is precisely when we have more r & ecirc ; ves as we get old !

Madonna and Pierce Brosnan are mod & egrave, the gender.

Madonna and Pierce Brosnan are those that identify the most votes with 40 % each ! When you know they have respectively 56 and 61 years, we realize that we too would like them later.