Category: Health | Date : August 19, 2014

This project of 7.9 billion yen should in particular contribute to dé tracking of breast, stomach, esophagus, lung, liver, v dé gall bladder, the pancr dé as, the c & OCIRC ; lon, ovarian, prostate and bladder.

It could also help & agrave ; dé detect pr dé cocement pathologies dé g é n é ; operatives including Alzheimer’s disease.

This is v dé rifier pr dé presence in the blood of micro- acids ribonucl dé ic, whose increase is assumed dé e report dé development of cancer.

Over 2500 varieties dé t dé these mol s dé particles have dé t & eacute; recens dé are in the human body and could serve as & quot; Markers & quot; for dé detect diff dé ferent types of cancers, m dé method much faster than existing tests sometimes heavy batteries today.

Several dé research teams in Europe and the United States int dé also feels r & OCIRC, the microRNA in cases of various cancers, but researchers Japanese esp & egrave ; rent to advance further in their investigations, which does however still pending & agrave ; r dé realization of a commercial test.

The program is men & eacute; by the Japanese Organization news dé energies and industrial technologies which supports programs for large-scale research in various fields, with the participation of several companies including Toray Industries and Toshiba has big ambitions in the field m dé dical.

This project will build on the data dé are 65 000 patients provided by the National Cancer Center.

& quot; If we can & agrave ; dé velopper the world’s leading test of high pr dé decision in Japan, this may extend to several years dé ‘re the hard dé e of people’s lives and contribute to dé development of Japanese industries & quot ;, has ensured dé Tomomitsu Hotta, pr dé president of the center, cit dé by Kyodo agency.

According to the World Health Organisation é ;, cancer is a major cause of mortality dé Worldwide, & agrave ; Originally 8.2 million dé c & egrave, s in 2012.



Category: Beauty | Date : August 19, 2014

Varnishes & agrave ; nails whose innovative formula guarantees a long lasting hard dé e.

These polishes big freeze public are the perfect alternative to gel manicures about dé ‘re living.

Savant m dé mixture of polym & egrave ; acrylic res, agents g dé lifiants and copolymerization & egrave ; crystalline res that enhance and extend the nail polish held.

While these gel polish, lip or promise kept ?

To find out, I test dé varnishes gel ! The formulas for these gel lacquers and varnishes often combine bases & agrave ; nail.

Yet few t dé m dé rary, I remain faithful & egrave ; & the agrave ; the application of a care base.

AD & egrave, s base, I apply the gel polish that I chose, in two layers.

I do not apply top coat shine obtained since the gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; the gel technology is dé j & agrave ; superb! Five days later, I ‘m in love ! The color is really beautiful and dé clatante.

As agrave & ; the promise of long lasting hard dé e, I ‘m convinced ! AD & egrave, s swims and three good laps dishes, nail gel is agrave & ; penalty dé curd dé on the tip of my nails.

I am especially s dé pick that application of varnish is made tr & egrave ; ‘s easy by the brush patent dé.

It is their long held without ecirc & ; be too aggressive for our nails.

N dé anmoins, varnish holding a week is good.

And more than enough ! Because, besides the fact we love often change color, do not forget to leave your nails breathe between two poses polish.

AD & egrave, s applying a gel polish, if in doubt, it is better to double the time off to nail perfect health dé !.