Category: Health | Date : November 24, 2014

The Agency biom & eacute; Medicine launches internet campaign aupr & egrave ; s the general public to recruit & quot; Donor happiness & quot;.

This happiness is to help couples who can not & agrave ; have children by donating sperm and ova, still insufficient in France.

With the slogan & quot; The most beautiful gifts are not forced & eacute; ing the largest & quot ;, inserts are diffuse & eacute; s on websites and in some newspapers such as Le Monde, the Agency biom & eacute; medicine, a dé public establishment in charge of li & eacute issues; es to donate organs, tissues or cells in France.

The egg donation are possible in France for women 18 & agrave ; 37 years and those sperm for men 18 & agrave ; 45, & agrave ; provided such employees are in good health & eacute; and have had at least one child.

Two news sites and num & eacute; ro green.

B & eacute; n & eacute; ciaries of oocyte donation in France are women & acirc ; ge procr & eacute; er but infertile or couples who might transmit a disease g & eacute; n & eacute; severe tick & agrave ; their natural child.

B & eacute; n & eacute; ciaries of sperm donations are couples & acirc ; ge procr & eacute; er who can not have children because of infertility & eacute; man or a risk of serious disease transmission & agrave ; the child or & agrave ; the woman by the Joint.

The Agency has two sp & eacute sites cialis & eacute; s the question of & quot; Don & gam egrave ; your & quot ;, and a num & eacute; ro green.

According to the latest figures, 422 women had a donor egg and 164 children are n & eacute; s, while 2,110 couples & eacute; were officially waiting for a gift.

& quot; The activity & eacute; egg donation remains inadequate to the needs & quot ;, despite & eacute; an increase in funding and the opening of new collection centers rel & egrave ; ve Agency.

1,141 children are n & eacute; s & m this ecirc ; ann me & eacute; e of these donations.

According to Dr. Merlet, m & eacute; doctor in charge of AMP & agrave ; Agency of biom & eacute; Medicine, & quot; should be 900 donors and 300 donors per year to achieve the dé balance in 2015 & quot;.

Source: Communiqu & eacute; Press Agency of biom dé Medicine – November 21, 2014..



Category: Psychology | Date : November 24, 2014

Once a week & agrave ; Marie Claire, we take the pulse of women.

Around the table r & eacute room; union, as a & eacute; team -house above the bed of a convalescent, one wonders, we inqui & egrave ; you, it s ‘ & eacute; nerve sometimes.

It is a joy and we dé SESP & egrave ; re on the status of women.

Requiring extreme & ecirc vigilance me and a good dose of optimism.

How not to annoy when in France, d & eacute; could & eacute; es wipe sexist insults in m & ecirc ; me of assembled & eacute; national e, or when companies violate the & eacute; equality & eacute; wage ? How not to r & eacute; volter face figures & shy ; & eacute ;, -a ACCOUNTING h & eacute; weary, Print & eacute; cise- & shy ; violence against women : rape every eight minutes, a woman died at the hands of her husband every other day ?

At Marie Claire, there are secrets collected interview is remembered, and pictures & agrave ; Never grav & eacute; es in our m & eacute; memory : those of the Afghan girls or y & eacute; m & eacute; nites husband & eacute; es & agrave force ; bluestem old, these young Filipino good Maltrait & eacute; es with their rich employer, these Congolese women whose bodies, rape & eacute; and mutil & eacute ;, is a battlefield..

The list of our d & eacute; & ucirc go ; ts and our neck & egrave ; res would be infinite if there was hope.

One Port & eacute; by r & eacute; sistantes, courageous, historical figures or h & eacute; ro & iuml ; nes whose daily struggles s ‘ & eacute; crivent each month in our magazine.

R & ecirc ; ve a colorful world o & ugrave ; all women, without exception, could cover the skirt shorter if they feel like, to marry for love, ask no limit & agrave ; their ambition, whether & agrave ; t & ecirc ; you of a State or on a football field.

A world of science fiction? No, r & eacute; alit & eacute; we want for tomorrow.