Category: Health | Date : December 17, 2014

This is the new trend in mati & egrave ; re injection : the magic anti- hangover potion recipe made ​​in stars and f & ecirc ; tards ! No more sore cr & acirc ; does and dé tat nausea & eacute; g & acirc them ; this & agrave ; super vitamin injections & eacute; es.

Vanity Fair France says m & ecirc ; me that several types of rem & egrave ; for there dé j & agrave ; Overseas.

In Las Vegas, for example, Dr. Jason Burke, anesthesia & eacute; & sists dipl OCIRC ; m & eacute; the prestigious Duke University, has launched & eacute; the & laquo; IV Treatment & raquo; : A rem & egrave ; miracle against the hangover ! Through $ 200 and one hour of your time, treatment nicknamed & eacute; also the & laquo; Party Girl Drip & raquo; * clean your blood vessels of any trace of alcohol! & laquo; Do we really r & eacute; & agrave solve ; losing a journ & eacute; e enti & egrave ; re our pr & eacute; cious holiday because we drunk the night before? I say NO.

Come to me almost insconscient and in less than an hour, you will be close & ecirc ; ts & agrave ; conquest & eacute; er the world & raquo; d & eacute; he declares in the largest S & eacute; serious, & laquo; it is a dé major development for m & eacute; medicine, which attacks the problem & egrave ; me size people who like to amusersurtout & agrave ; Vegas! & raquo ;, says Jason Burke.

This is not an isolated case & eacute ; : Several buses and institutes sp & eacute; cialis & eacute; s in these miracle intravenous open & agrave ; across the country.

As told Vanity Fair, the stars are d & eacute; j & agrave ; totally addict & agrave ; this kind of cure.

Rihanna praises the benefits of Twitter, while Cara Delevingne post his perf ‘ on Instagram.

This type of treatment & eacute; t & eacute; cr & eacute; & eacute; primarily for businessmen Surmen & eacute; s or stars who chained & icirc ; naient filming as Madonna and Cindy Crawford.

But r & eacute; Recently, the & laquo; IV & raquo; have & eacute; t & eacute; dé tourn & eacute; s to relieve f & ecirc ; tards rich.

There are several months, journalists have test Neon Magazine & eacute; this treatment in the clinic of Dr. Burke and had underlined & eacute; the effectiveness & eacute; these treatments, wondering if it ‘ dé was really a good idea & eacute; e, or if there were side effects.

For now, no dé study that contradicts the efficiency & eacute; these anti- cooked and no m & eacute cures; doctor has yet positioned & eacute; against.

It is, however, recalls dé declarations of British journalist Graeme Archer of the Daily Telegraph that emphasized the importance of a good hangover !.



Category: Health | Date : December 17, 2014

With the law & quot; Hamon & quot ;, the end of pharmacies monopoly to sell pregnancy tests tomb is & eacute; e in 2014.

According dé study of the association Rural Families, she translated into practice by setting & agrave ; disposal of these products in the supermarket & eacute; s and hypermarket & eacute; s, while the hard discount does not seem to have followed.

Tests available in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The consumer association has dé studied & eacute; & eacute ;, this market after eight months & egrave ; s the entr & eacute; e into force of the & quot; & quot Hamon Act; consumption which repealed the monopoly of pharmacies for dispensing pregnancy tests.

& quot; The sale of the pregnancy test has actually dé goal & eacute; in the GMS as pr & eacute; seen by law but & quot ;, & quot; The hard discount have not at all & quot ;, r & eacute; sum & eacute; Chantal Jeannet, Vice -pr & eacute; SPEAKER rural families to the press.

The association, which has relev & eacute; prices in pharmacies and supermarkets and hypermarkets, noted that & quot; Pregnancy tests are not system dé matically cheaper in supermarkets than pharmacies & quot;.

The three diff & eacute; ent types of tests are available, mainly sold & agrave ; unites & eacute;.

Prices, regardless of brand or place of sale, ranging from 0.59 for a strip test type – the simplest – & agrave ; 14.50 euros for a num é test ; America.

The simplest test & agrave ; less than one euro are available in all points of sale, while the num é tests ; tal, the most expensive, are not r & eacute; f & eacute; renc & eacute; s in supermarkets, according to Rural Families.

The association estimates that pharmacies & quot; Provide a better choice & quot; offering & quot; More often more r & eacute; f & eacute; references & quot;.

She, however, & quot; Consumers do not have a choice & quot; because the number of r & eacute; f & eacute; ences about & eacute; es in a store is less than two.

Pregnancy tests are available in a multitude of brands and r & eacute; f & eacute; ences, said rural families, who made a price comparison on the single test Clearblue digital, showing & quot; A & eacute; cart fairly bewildering & quot prices; between pharmacies, said Ms. Jeannet, 5.40 & agrave ; 14.50 euros.

Source : Observatory of prices m & eacute; drugs – Rural Families.