Category: Science | Date : September 18, 2014

The latest figures from the World Health Organisation dé confirm the extent of the problem & egrave ; me dé j & agrave ; pr & egrave ; 5,000 s of people contaminated dé es and pr & egrave, s 2 500 dead.

The rst & egrave, re -contamination of Fran & ccedil ; comfortable makes us closer.

Samantha Power, Ambassador am dé Rican & agrave ; UN, announced dé Monday the Council s dé SAFETY dé UN hold a & quot; r dé union emergency & quot; Thursday & after egrave, s afternoon on dé pid dé crumb ravaging West Africa.

What’s worse is what fears Philippe Douste- Blazy, m dé doctor, pr dé President of UNITAID.

En: Why Does one come & agrave ; stem this dé pid dé love?

Philippe Douste -Blazy : Because people are not well informed dé are ways of contamination, so that the dé pid dé mie s’ dé tends.

I recall that the transmission is by direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of humans and animals infected dé s.

And also because, for the first & egrave ; time since October 1976, when the dé covered with this virus by Peter Piot, the dé pid dé mies have dé shine dé almost simultaneous dé ment in several countries.

It all seems to be part of a gu dé risseuse Sierra Leone was believe she had powers to arr & ecirc ; ter the fi & egrave ; vre h dé morragique.

She died of Ebola, but the damage dé was made ​​and homes were dé clar dé s in many places.

Moreover, while the ravages of the virus dé were previously limited dé s & agrave ; a number r dé product of sick, in rural areas, the dé pid dé crumb dé now develops in cities.

The dé economies of countries touch dé s are falling apart and inflation explodes.

Structures sant é ; is dé t dé riorent, health professionals dé are dé edge dé s, and this is the dé overall health condition of the population in P & acirc ; tit, because there are many other diseases & agrave ; treat ! As for the possibility dé th s dé peutic they are tr & egrave ; limit s dé es.

I remember that no vaccine is yet homologu dé.

We are only at the first trials in humans.

It takes a r dé fast response, massive and coordinated dé e.

No one should believe that Ebola is a problem & egrave, r me dé Regional.

AD & egrave, s cr dé ation of a military command center & agrave ; Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, Obama announced dé the establishment of a bridge dé nothing to transport medical personnel and matte dé riel faster towards West Africa, as well as an interm basis dé diary S é n é ; gal.

The Am dé Ricans will help & agrave ; the construction of new treatment centers and agrave & ; training – essential – health workers, men and women can care without taking risks and also help and inform people correctly.

This is the estimated amount dé by Dr. David Nabarro, coordinator of the fight against Ebola at the United Nations to halt the dé pid dé mie.

To think that this problem & egrave ; does not concern me we would be morally and dé thiquement reprehensible and g dé opolitiquement stupid.



Category: Beauty | Date : September 17, 2014

Pros & ecirc, be a Guerri & egrave, re the office, there is no point shackled & icirc ; ner working hours t & ecirc ; baiss you dé e.

The dé magic equation would alternate 52 minutes of work and 17 minutes of break & ecirc, be hyper productive.

S not ucirc & r sharing your boss id é e, but this is what finding dé Latvian business.

AD & egrave, s several hours cons dé secutive, we know it takes the brain to rest dé avoid staying v dé g dé tative before his dé notch neurons compote.

This is what is called work smarter.

M dé method comes from & ecirc, to be demonstrated dé e Concretely & egrave ; ment within draugiem Group, a Latvian company, which produced a dé study relay dé e by the site ‘s monthly Fast Compagny.

& Agrave ; DeskTime using a marketed é software ; by the company, they followed what did the employee dé s on their computer.

Gr & acirc ; & agrave this ; This cookie install dé on computers, it is indeed possible to dé detect the activity dé the employee dé s on applications class dé ‘re like & laquo ; Productive & raquo ;, & laquo ; non- productive & raquo; or & laquo ; neutral & raquo;.

R dé result : 10% of Salari dé s most effective taking breaks r dé guli & egrave ; larly.

And the champions of productivity é ;, these breaks as 17 minutes to 52 minutes of work.

D dé connect compl & egrave ; ment during the break.

This short p dé period of work allows employee dé s of & ecirc, be fully concentrated dé s what they do and therefore to & ecirc, be effective.

The break below the rest before tackling a new t & acirc ; che.

Attention, we are talking about real estate, not 17 minutes pass dé es & agrave ; dé encrypt its wire NEWS dé Facebook or agrave & ; trouble talking with his office & al egrave ; guage right.

Unclear whether the R & egrave ; rule of 52 minutes / 17 minutes is the best but breaks r dé guli & egrave ; res during the journ dé e are anyway & ccedil, we needed.

And, just because we are not concentrated dé s mani & egrave, re dé scabies throughout the journ dé e.

Would that during digestion : in June 2013, a dé study British relay dé e by the Daily Site Mail and r dé alis dé e by researchers from London offices, showed that & agrave ; 2:55 p.m. our peak productivity dé is at its lowest.

So after & egrave, s have curly dé your work, read this article and whisked dé straining your muscles break room or dé hear your song pr é f é r é ; !