Category: Nutrition | Date : October 13, 2015

This is the 26th consecutive year that you hear about.

The week of taste returns until October 18 to advocate, once again, the irresistible gustatory pleasures.

This week’s flagship initiative, the taste of this year ‘s workshops resume Service.

This national enthusiasm mobilizes professionals throughout France.

Chefs, artisans in the catering trade, farmers, producers participate the event to share their passion for taste.

There must be a workshop near you ! Take the opportunity to taste, observe, discover and treat yourself !

As every year, schools, colleges, high schools will be in the heart of the Taste Week device.

Many institutions organize meetings with leaders to introduce children to the pleasure of good food and, why not, generating vocations.

During the 2014 edition of the Taste Week, nearly 200 000 children who could benefit from these ” lessons ” organized in schools.

The week of taste has crossed the border since this is available in Asia.

One more opportunity to learn about other culinary cultures.

Workshops are also organized during this week in catering schools, to publicize the Japanese, and learn to cook with the chefs ! An international competition to reward the best apprentice bento cuisto.

Sugar is no exception in this week of taste.

It is the honor in a competition.

The premise is simple, answer a question a day on this theme and win prizes.

For all initiatives and taste of the Week calendar, please visit the Facebook page of the event: here.

Source: Website of the Week of Taste in 2015..



Category: Science | Date : October 13, 2015

Here the first plate issued Sophie Robert : The déconvertis of psychoanalysis.

Together they evoke their attraction to psychoanalysis and the circumstances of their deconversion of a movement they do not hesitate today to qualify sectarian.

Citing their experience, they talk dependency brain wash the analyst on the couch we can make someone believe anything Jacques Lacan was a real addiction money Jacques Alain Miller thought he was St. Paul etc.

A methodical deconstruction done with class, and in full knowledge of the facts.

I hope this issue will help open the eyes of the general public on this cherished sectarian media practice, permeating all administrations / institutions / departments and areas of education, health, social and judicial.