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P dé diatres Association fran & ccedil ; comfortable p dé pediatrics outpatient come to be closer to those of the Association fran & ccedil ; comfortable p dé diatres endocrinologists lib dé eral order to dé laborer documents & agrave ; destination for caregivers so they can r dé lay & agrave ; all questions posed by worried relatives & agrave ; the onset of signs of puberty dé pr dé Coce their child.

These two associations want dé also launch a dé study on this problem & egrave ; myself increasingly en dé fore and concerns more often girls than boy & ccedil ; ons.

In their communiqu é ;, they remind : & quot; puberty The dé is a chained & icirc ; ment complex ph dé name & egrave, physical and psychological ties that drive & agrave ; the transformation of a girl into a young woman and a little boy & ccedil, we young man.

She dé latch now & agrave ; which leads me hormonal & agrave ; progressive maturation of the system & egrave ; enabling the central control puberty dé situ dé e in the brain at two glands. hypothalamus and pituitary & quot ; Normally, girls, everything begins between 9 and 12 years by the dé development of breasts and he spends an average of two years before the arrival dé e of Premi & egrave, res r & egrave ; rules.

At the boy & ccedil, we, the increase in testicular volume occurs between 11 and 13 years.

But voil & agrave ;, breasts may appear & icirc, be among girls under 8 years old and testicles gar & ccedil ; onnets may change before & acirc ; age of 9 years.

These pubertal signs are accompanied by organ maturation g dé nitaux and a thrust dé e growth.

Some parents dé crivent dé also changes in mood can dé voquer an entr é e pr dé Coce in the & quot; crisis of adolescence & quot;.

All these signs should encourage & agrave ; consult.

The m dé doctors then propose a number of tests for the diagnosis of puberty dé pr dé Coce, dé complete its origin and choose the appropriate treatment dé.

According p dé diatres, the two main causes of puberty dé pr dé Coce are overweight and endocrine disruptors retrouv dé s in our environment.

But the majority dé comes from the chemical industry as hormone treatments containing oestrog & egrave ; nes synth & egrave, or x is dé no- oestrog & egrave ; nes, chemicals whose shape resembles & agrave ; that of oestrog & egrave ; nes.

P dé diatres believe that counseling is n dé necessary to help young & agrave ; overcome the physical and psychological changes pr é ; coces.

A council that makes sense with reading r dé results of a dé study Toulouse r dé recently pr dé feels dé e & agrave ; a congress & egrave, s & agrave ; Marseille : according to this study, 72 % of girls who had a puberty dé pr dé Coce have sex & agrave ; the & acirc ; age 14.

These are often accompanied dé s behavior & agrave ; risk : no contraception, more and / or more partners & acirc ; g dé s and no pr dé prevention of STDs.

The sp dé Specialists speak carr dé ment of a new pathology that grows to a break with the family and promotes entr é e in dé delinquency.



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& laquo ; We need to talk ! Talk around you, and agrave ; your friends & agrave ; your family & agrave ; everyone! & raquo; chanted Julia Lalla – Maharajh and Naana Otoo – Oyortey two women c & oelig ; heart of the problem & egrave ; mutilations g me dé nitales f dé minines at the Women ‘s Forum.

Mutilation g dé nitales f dé minines are harmful practice that involves the partial or total removal of organs g dé external nitaux a girl.

Unfortunately, they are often accompanied dé marriages are forced dé s and domestic violence.

This practice has no purpose m dé dical and leads & agrave ; sirables throughout life, many physical effects ind é.

Excision & agrave will ; against the rights of women and children.

More than 125 million women and girls are touch dé es by mutilation g dé nitales f dé minines just in Africa.

30 million girls are at risk of undergoing FGM in the next 10 ann dé es.

Most girls are mutilated dé es before & acirc ; age of 5 years, or between 5 or 14 years in some countries.

O & ugrave ; are practiced dé ‘re mutilation g dé nitales f dé minines ?

Europe, Am dé North America or Australia, the practice is also.

In Europe, an estimated & agrave ; 500,000 the number of women touch dé es by excision with 180,000 girls who could & ecirc ; very lives each ann dé e.

In France, 50,000 women are victims of genital mutilation.

Why excision continues to exist ?

Mutilation g dé nitales existed before the BC & egrave ; ment of Christianity and Islam.

There are several reasons why the continued excision, including the belief that it is a rite of passage, a religious command of a hygiene issue & egrave ; do and honor.

And the problem & egrave ; my social standard is that it causes people & agrave ; perp dé kill what they think is expected of them into society dé t & eacute;.

Fear of exclusion, stigmatization and not finding of dé lice for their daughter so many reasons that can push parents & agrave ; & laquo ; cutting & raquo; daughters.

D é j & agrave ; 12,000 community dé s have abandoned dé the practice of female circumcision in Africa in countries like Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia or S é n é ; gal.

The cons dé happy sequence of long efforts that go through the explanation idiots dé quences n dé annals of FGM and informing the public.

What is important is the community dé s.

Because it is they who are c & oelig ; heart of change.

This means that the community dé any enti & egrave ; must re & ecirc, be Involved dé e in the choice of abandoning this practice.

And that calls for a collective process of dé lib dé ration, followed g é n é ; ally by dé public declaration of members dé eminent of the community dé.

The message is then distilled dé via diff dé means ent communication.

This mani & egrave, re, other community dé learn s abandonment of the practice and this may lead & agrave ; other dé declarations.