Category: Nutrition | Date : April 15, 2014

Nearly half of French workers said they gained weight since they were hired, according to a study Viadéo I Love my diet coach /.

Employees find it difficult to keep the line due to stress and lack of time for sports.

When we pay attention to the line, it is essential to pay attention to his lifestyle at the office.

Because the activity professional can negatively affect the shape and form ! Indeed, 42.7 % of respondents say they have less time to play sports while 38.8% are stressed.

These employees are part of the 47 % who admitted have gained weight since their hiring.

At mealtime, it is even more complicated to opt for the best nutritional choice : 32 % of respondents eat and 21% outside the lunch restaurant business, while only two out of ten employees bring their tupperware.

And workers concede : 67 % say eat healthier at home and at office.

In total, 95% of French respondents said they had a few extra pounds.

In most cases, those who took the lead following a nutritional program only.

The study cites a large study including the handles, conducted in 2010, that ” 80% of people who started a diet so only regained lost weight or more and that too with an increase in body fat versus muscle mass ” emphasizes the study.

This study was conducted between 21 December 2013 and 6 January 2014 among a sample of 1,100 people.



Category: Beauty | Date : April 14, 2014

Everyone does not have the chance to sunbathe at the first rays of sun Or envy of damaging the skin through exposure ! But this is not a reason to see a pale and dull complexion.

This summer, the focus is on powders sun for a light and natural really discreet result !

Made famous by the now cult Guerlain Terracotta powders, sun are our best allies makeup in summer.

In summer, they replace loose powders and blush to sculpt the face and intensify the tanning.

Many are those who believe that the terracotta is for darker skin or already tanned, they dry out the skin and make the skin orange Finishes prejudice! Today suns powders come in a variety of colors to suit all skin tones – to provided you have a light hand when applying – and are soaked moisturizing and antioxidant to beautify our skin !

The beauty tip to properly apply the powder sun.

unlike loose powder, terracotta does not apply all over the face, but the contours and curved parts only.

For a perfect result, here’s a tip: swipe your powder sun forming a large brush 3 with your brush.

Leaving the center of the forehead, sweep the temple to return to the cheekbone, then finish with the lower jaw and chin !

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