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For a bun boh & egrave ; me easy, just to bring a little & eacute; elastic and some clamps & agrave ; chignon.

We begin by smoothing hair are curly & eacute; s and the brush.

We keep the line that pr & eacute; f & egrave ; re in the middle or on the c & OCIRC ; t & eacute ;, with or without fringe.

A low -tail horse is tied, then loosen the & eacute; & acirc elastic of cr ; not for cr & eacute; er a sort of nest, between the clip and the t & ecirc ; you.

The id & eacute; e is to come and jam roll lengths in the hollow cr & eacute; & eacute; between cr & acirc ; and not the & eacute; elastic.

Wrap hair in the palm of horse -tail.

If you do ma & icirc ; trisez not the technique of winding the -tail horse toward the int & eacute; laughing, grab a headband & eacute; elastic, place it around your cr & acirc ; do and wrap your lengths around the & eacute; elastic for a bun r & eacute; tro and romantic.



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In France, h & eacute; mopathies or malignant blood cancers represented & eacute; & egrave feel 6 ; me cause cancer, with 35,000 cases per year.

These blood cancers include many diseases that have some commonalities.

Among these diseases, leuc & eacute; mie lympho & iuml ; chronic and lymphoma & agrave ; mantle cell forms are little fr & eacute; but quent aggressive h & eacute; malignant mopathies.

LLC, a fr & eacute; increased frequency of relapses and r & eacute; resistances to treatment.

Although leuc & eacute; mie lympho & iuml ; a chronic disease that is & eacute; g & eacute evolves in n & eacute; ral slowly, with an average survival of 18 months & agrave ; 10 years depending on the stage of the disease, relapse and r & eacute; resistances to treatment are increasingly fr & eacute; quent with time.

Pr forms & eacute; feeling a d & eacute; l & eacute; ing 17p and TP53 mutation are aggressive forms because these conditions cause your icirc ; NEET loss of g & egrave ; not tr & egrave ; s important TP53, which dé detects the pr & eacute; sence tumor cells and d & eacute; latch the death of these cells.

This m & ecirc ; g & egrave me, do help & agrave ; tumor suppression during chimioth & eacute; therapy.

But with time, del 17p and TP53 mutation are more fr & eacute; quent which came & icirc, not a relapse or a r & eacute; sistance treating chimioth & eacute; therapy, the disease is becoming more and more aggressive.

Lymphoma & agrave ; Mantle cell is a rare disease occurring more particularly & egrave ; larly men & acirc ; g & eacute; s 65 years on average.

It is a disease with a poor prognosis with a mean overall survival of 1 & agrave ; 2 years after & egrave ; s & egrave Premi ; re relapse.

A th & eacute; & eacute therapy CIBL e new class.

The Ibrutinib, developed by Janssen- Cilag International and Pharmacyclics is the first tyrosine kinase inhibitor of Burton, and is the Premi & egrave ; re th & eacute; therapy CIBL & eacute; e against CLL and MCL administered & eacute; e in monoth & eacute; therapy by orally once daily.

This m & eacute; dicament acts by binding & agrave ; BTK enzyme, which like idiots & eacute; frequency blocking the transmission of survival signals in malignant B cells.

By blocking this prot & eacute; ine BTK, Imbruvica & reg; help & agrave ; and remove & agrave ; r & eacute; reduce the number of cells canc & eacute; ous and that & agrave ; slow the d & eacute; development of cancer.

The treatment of adult patients with leuc & eacute; mie lympho & iuml ; chronic with re & ccedil ; u at least one ant treatment & eacute; laughing, or Premi & egrave ; re online if d & eacute; l & eacute; ing 17p or TP53 mutation patients in whom an immune chimioth & eacute; & eacute inadapt therapy is e.

The treatment of adult patients with lymphoma & agrave ; relapsed mantle cell or r & eacute; refractory.

Imbruvica & reg; repr & eacute; feel a new hope for patients fulfilling the conditions for the given indication as & eacute; es efficiency & eacute; show for the LLC, an am & eacute; significant improvement in survival after disease progression & egrave without ; s 9.4 months of treatment.

These r & eacute; results are significantly sup & eacute; line laughing compared to patients & eacute; s with ofatumumab.

As for the LCM, a rate of r & eacute; response 68% a & eacute; t & eacute; observed & eacute; patients r & eacute; refractories with a hard & eacute; e m & eacute; diane progression-free survival of 13.9 months without.

This dé study did not include a comparison with other treatment.

Finally, on the tol & eacute; ance, the most common side effects fr & eacute; quent & eacute; were the diarrhea & eacute; e, musculoskeletal pain, respiratory infection sup & eacute; EXTERIOR, redness, nausea & eacute; es and fi & egrave ; vre and decreased neutrophil and constipation.

Less fr & eacute; quently have & eacute; t & eacute; observed & eacute; s a year & eacute; mie, pneumonia and decreased platelet.

In France, Ibrutinib is available from April 2014 as part of a temporary authorization for use in the cohort and the LCM LLC.

More than 300 patients are treated & eacute; s in the indication of the MA European & eacute; enne.

Source: Communiqu & eacute; Press laboratory Janssen October 17, 2014: & quot; The Ibrutinib, breakthrough innovation in the treatment of two types of blood cancers obtained an MA European & eacute; enne & quot ;.