Category: Science | Date : July 1, 2015

Today I want to talk about G & eacute; raldine Ayache, teacher sp & eacute; cialis & eacute; e who makes a work rem dé great mediation with Julien, but not with him : in fact, G & eacute; raldine intervenes aupr & egrave ; s more children autistic, mentally disabled, various dys and dé also an autistic child pr & eacute; feeling great difficulty & eacute; s & eacute; so small with a future promised wheelchair accessibility sp & eacute; cialis & eacute; but now a bright dé student & eacute; g & panoui acirc ; it all she undertook to do progresserLe here in this article, advertising & eacute; in 2011.

Today, Julien is halftime with G & eacute; raldine, which makes it follow by adapting the course of CNED within its MUSICAM Association and worked with him in diff & eacute; ent areas : communication, dé Noise Awareness, neat & eacute,, independence, socialization, behavior, etc.

How did you come from your m & eacute; tier of origin to support & eacute; & eacute ducatif to handicap children s ? My m & eacute; tier of origin is to teach the violin, the dé musical veil and musical training in diff & eacute; annuities associative structures, municipal some radiation r & eacute; Regional, aupr & egrave ; s of adults and children from the & acirc ; age 3 years and special needs.

I never s & eacute; lectionn & eacute; my & eacute; l & egrave ; ve compared their level or ability & eacute; s Particular & egrave ; res.

Just to want to make music and / or violin.

I quickly finding & eacute; learning the music and especially the violin helped some of my & eacute; l & egrave ; ves progress in motor skills & eacute;, Coordination, reading, concentration, etc.

Passionate & eacute; e to transmit I cr & eacute; & eacute; Then, there are more than 30 years, an approach to down & eacute violin e on dé composition spots and structuring of work to make all available violin, which uses a lot: motor skills & eacute;, Coordination, reading, breathing.

I always purposively & eacute; thus : Help me help you.

For personal reasons ( after accidents ) I dé velopp & eacute; for my m & ecirc ; me techniques and proc & eacute; d & eacute; s reconstruction gesture with g & eacute; n & eacute; realization and cr & eacute; ing a m & eacute; method of dé cognitive development and motor.

The r & eacute; results are spectacular : for example one of my & eacute; l & egrave ; ve left had its price Paris, remport & eacute; international competitions and a soloist with an orchestra in China, no one glimpse ccedil & ; u he dé was left.

In fact, I have always worked & eacute; aupr & egrave ; s diff & eacute people ; ent.

I continued p & eacute research; Pedagogic like cr & eacute; ing a m & eacute; method of learning the violin of dé veil from 3 years late 2 & deg ; cycle and a m & eacute; method of learning reading and numeracy for children from 3 years.

Gradually, before the success & egrave ; s my job aupr & egrave ; s several dé l & egrave ; ves including my son, I did, on the recommendation of center dé tracking autism Grenoble and r & eacute; bucket health & eacute; ANA & iuml ; S, the & quot; r & eacute; & eacute; education & quot; aupr & egrave ; s of adults and children with or without special needs dé intellectual ciency.

I dé also performed & eacute; aupr & egrave training ; s various organizations, aupr & egrave ; s professional orthoptist, speech therapist and I auto form & eacute; e.

I suggest using all learning in all areas : life, school learning acad & eacute; nomic : graphics dé writing, pr & eacute; reading, reading, math, communication, m & eacute; morisation, attention dé development of autonomy, joint production of sounds, breath, voice work, motor skills & eacute ;, breathing, dé noise Awareness, neat & eacute ;, etc.

I can occasionally intervene anywhere & ugrave ; & raquo ;, I work mostly in an association, which allows for access & egrave ; s an important mat & eacute; p riel & eacute; Pedagogic.

I try dé develop to the maximum the comp & eacute; skills of each, according to his expectations.

What is your mani & egrave ; re teaching ? On what p & eacute; pedagogy / media / m & eacute; of learning methods you bases you I have a range of approaches my disposal including : ABA, TEACCH, Pecs, Makaton, LSF, Braille, Borel Maisonny carriers and matt & eacute; riels many and varied & eacute; s and books, computer, video & eacute; o, tablet, musical instruments.

I adapt and cr & eacute; e media over the individual needs.

I have my own approach and according to the time I use this or that.

Are you recognized by public Institutions & eacute; ? L & egrave ; ve come from word of mouth or recommended & eacute; s by CADIPA or r & eacute; bucket Ana & iuml ; s or professional health & eacute; I met & eacute; the d & eacute; could & eacute; Martin Pinville in spring 2013, which I requested & eacute; to continue my work and train people.

The & eacute; l & egrave ; ves who register halftime music dé school can b & eacute; n & eacute; acquirable courses CNED registration r & eacute; Rules & eacute; e.

What is your price possible means of payment rates vary according to the formulas chosen : individual lessons, and group and en dé frequency.

Can you dé Music’Am write your Association ?

Is a 1901 law association that offers training relevant to the dé artistic development and intellectual, with such music education, acad é teachings ; nomic various learning, courses, courses for all, adults, children.



Category: Health | Date : July 1, 2015

The id & eacute; e is not new, and yet it is not r & eacute; alit & eacute;.

The principle of sport prescribed prescription continues to make its way, especially as Fran & ccedil ; ais almost unanimously approve.

96% of sond & eacute; s & egrave considered ; eg rent this kind of limitation would allow people with long hard & eacute affection ; e to stay upbeat.

Almost as many believe their dé state of health & eacute; could m & ecirc ; me & ecirc ; be am & eacute; lior & eacute;.

In the majority & eacute; of cases persons interviewed & eacute; es believe that funding should & ecirc ; be supported by S & eacute; SAFETY & eacute; social.

Mutuals and insurers would support the project in a second time.

It is true that today the benefits of an activity & eacute; adapted physical & eacute; e are no longer prove and we have many dé scientific studies that go in this direction.

The activity & eacute; Physics allows action including the s & eacute; dentarit & eacute; and eacute ;, in inactivity & am & eacute; liorant the quality & eacute; of life of the person as well as maintaining its autonomy and minimizing the effects n & eacute; gatifs aging.

This device Ordinance on Sports is a r & eacute; it opportunit & eacute; for Fran & ccedil ; ais r & eacute; int & eacute; grate sport in their lives.

1,005 interviews & eacute; t & eacute; performed & eacute; es of the Internet 18 to 23 June 2015 in France, dé national sample represented dé sentative of Fran & ccedil ; ais & acirc ; g & eacute; s 18 years old.