Category: Psychology | Date : September 22, 2014

Four girls dé t é ; Warnings & agrave ; view this Saturday & after egrave ; having s post dé a video é o showing one of them hit and humiliate a teenage girl in a park in Nancy.

Rel & acirc ; hp dé ‘re in journ dé e Sunday, the lyc dé Ennes & acirc ; g dé are 15 & agrave ; 18 then have dé t é ; convoqu dé are in court and the author hits a dé t & eacute; indictment for & laquo ; willful violence in r dé union and person vuln dé Maple & raquo ;, the victim suffering from the dé ger physical, has dé clar dé & agrave ; AFP prosecutor Nancy.

The other three girls should, too, compared & icirc, be promptly before a judge.

AD & egrave, s more insults and verbal attacks, the girl does dé tanis dé e re & ccedil ; ilo blows to the face before fleeing.

Fi & egrave ; their res shot teen dé dent then publish a video é o aggression on r dé social networks.

But tr & egrave, s fast, the fabric of the m & ecirc, and the v dé Genuine vendetta organizes to punish criminals, while the victim is flooded dé e messages of support.

While twittos give themselves & agrave ; c & oelig ; ur joy and r é v & egrave ; slow a bunch of data dé are about the personal data that dé beatings, the police stumbled upon the vid é o and moves rapidly.

This is not the Premi & egrave ; once re r dé social networks are mobilized to condemn a malicious act.



Category: Health | Date : September 22, 2014

& quot; My name Aedes, Aedes albopictus, but you can call me Aida & quot ;: a small animation humorous pr dé feel the tiger mosquito is capable of transmitting the dengue virus and chikungunya, and means to prot in dé ger.

R dé alis dé by the Research Institute for dé development, this 5-minute film pr dé feel & quot; Under a humorous angle, but scientifically accurate & quot; biology tiger mosquito.

& quot; & agrave I’m single ; recognize & icirc, be with my legs slender, my tiny waist, and especially my inimitable black and white & quot ;, is pr é stripes ; feel Aida, mosquito – tigress.

She tells us her short life, his loves, his relationships with men..

The film explains how the mosquito transmits the disease and how to prot dé ger : empty all r dé tank of stagnant water, wear v & ecirc ; clothes spanning..

Native to Asia, the tiger mosquito, which makes Conna & icirc ; be overseas, is now pr dé feels & quot; In pr & egrave, s 20 dé departments m dé metropolis & quot ;, emphasizes the IRD.