Category: Beauty | Date : August 27, 2014

Gentlemen, and if you go through the box before the hairdresser rentr dé e ? Inspired dé by ‘re backstage dé wire dé man ‘s fall-winter 2014-2015, we rep é r é ; ten hairstyles & agrave ; r dé Aliser based on your professional world.

Tell me how you headdresses, I will tell you who you are!.



Category: Science | Date : August 27, 2014

& quot; There ‘s no way for you to go hungry & quot ! ; How many times this injunction she launched dé e by m & egrave ; res family conscious of good dé development – physical and intellectual – their prog dé provi- or companions attentionn dé are? & Agrave ; Rightly or agrave & ; reason? It’s hard to say, since the work on the subject are contradictory.

R dé Recently, two dé studies am dé Rican questioned this sacred meal, yet often pr dé feels dé as the most important of the journ dé e.

The second has not shown dé diff dé ence in weight between those who go hungry and others.

Or their dé health condition dé or the importance of their lunch.

On the other hand, there are countless surveys & ecirc, concluding that your children breakfast dé fast work better in the morning & agrave ; the dé school than other.

But to eat at r dé veil, must still be hungry.

A problem & egrave ; myself increasingly en dé fore if one believes a dé study published Credoc dé e in March.

According to the authors, 29% of young Fran & ccedil ; ais under 14 years jumped the little dé lunch at least once a week in 2013, against 11 % a decade earlier.

For people over 15 years and over, the proportion n ‘ dé was only 21 %.

The experts regret that ph dé name & egrave ; & agrave not leading ; a decline in the diversity dé and food & agrave ; the gradual loss of family morning ritual.

As for the members of the Association fran & ccedil ; comfortable di dé t dé cians and nutritionists, they Pench dé s on snacks, may offset shortfalls.

The morning is n dé necessary, they say, for children who have a small hollow in the morning dé e, for example because they took a small dé lunch tr & egrave, s t & OCIRC, t because of busing in rural.

They don ‘ dé not evoke youth who went without eating.

This snack should always & ecirc ; actually receive dé e at least two hours before dé lunch so as not interfere dé -operate with the app dé tit when placing & agrave ; table.

& quot; And do not make a fifth & egrave ; my meal, which would be a contribution dé nerg dé tick not justified dé & quot ;, pr dé cise Marie-Line Huc, di dé t dé ticienne lib dé speaking, represents dé Feeling AFDN of the committee dé nutrition GEM- NCR.

Finally, these sp dé Specialists consider it essential to go & ucirc ; ter AD & egrave, s class for & quot; Holding & quot; to d & icirc ; dinner.

Agrave L & ; still, it must & ecirc ; be taken at least two hours before dinner and have at least two of the following foods : fruits, dairy products, c é r é ; aliers plus a drink.

& quot; ‘s go & ucirc ; ter remains the dé ger, vocation n ‘ dé as neither compensate the dé deficit of dé lunch or replace the d & icirc ; ner & quot ;, adds Marie-Line Huc.