Category: Health | Date : April 18, 2014

already one hour they speak and the questions are presented in this coffee table Parisian.

If their tone is jovial, the topics they cover are far from trivial.

” For me, the main thing is the proximity geographical.

So as you hire you to not to leave Paris..

” No, Alan and Julie are not trying to separate.

They are not parents, either, and meet for the first time, having exchanged Web.

For these two have one thing in common : a child so badly they are willing to consider the design and then raise it together without love or even live together.

Fr, Julie, 42 – who do not return itself – summarizes: ” Co-parenting, it starts like a divorce : you find yourself in organize your future life with a stranger in order to preserve the interests of the child that you have not done yet! Younger, I preferred expect.

Today, I go out with a guy who does not live with me and did not want a child because it is already divorced father.

I do not have the age to wait and do not feel able to raise a kid alone.



Category: Health | Date : April 18, 2014

Two months : this is the time you have to participate in the investigation launched on April 14 by the League against cancer, who wants to know unreimbursed expenses remained the management of women operated on for breast cancer.

In the third and final report of the societal Cancer Observatory, released April 17, the League against cancer highlights the ” Rest in load ” experienced by people with cancer.

Nearly half patients interviewed by 103 departmental committees of the League in the work of the Observatory evoke expenses not covered by health insurance, they evaluate to 2 / 3 € 1,000.

In breast cancer, we know that mastectomy is a surgical procedure that is not fully repaid by the social security ; costs remaining the management of patients are also regularly reported.

However, the importance of these costs remains unclear, imprecise their amount and most importantly, we know the impact it has in the choice of a patient whether or not to breast reconstruction, says League.

Evaluate the inequality access reconstructive surgery.

It is launching an investigation to make an inventory of the difficulties faced by women who have had a mastectomy and encrypt ” Remains to load ” arising, assess their financial impact on the selection of patients and finally evaluate the inequality access reconstructive surgery.

With the aim to improve existing devices taking load.

League so called women who had a mastectomy following breast cancer or As a precaution, who opted whether for breast reconstruction, participate in their investigation.

Open from April 14 to June 15 and is available online on the website of the League or on paper in its departmental committees.

Source: “The League against cancer survey from April 14 to June 15, 2014 – Breast cancer, mastectomy and costs remained the burden on women, ” League against Cancer, News Press, April 3, 2014..