Category: Beauty | Date : December 22, 2014

Ind & eacute; modable, the bun has ceased & eacute; of dé ann & eacute evolve ; e in ann & eacute; e.

In ann & eacute; es 70, he sometimes wears down, distinguished & eacute; and romantic.

Here are some tips for a good bun 70′s r & eacute; succeeded, with Fabien Provost, artistic director of Franck Provost.

Bring your hair to the rear & egrave ; re, smoothing and flattening them on top.

Tie your hair into a low ponytail, toward the rear & egrave ; re without too tighten your dé elastic for a bun a little l & acirc ; che and vaporous.

Finally, wrap and set your length in a bun & agrave ; the help of & eacute; hairpins & agrave ; hair, around the dé elastic to disguise the.

Tips: To shine brightly, n’H & eacute; & sitez not agrave ; sprinkle your hairstyle a spray l & eacute; g & egrave ; larly brilliant.



Category: Health | Date : December 22, 2014

The return of cong & eacute; maternity é ;, the salari & eacute; ea the right to work temporarily & agrave ; part-time and this right is exercised pr & eacute; cis & eacute; ing on the position she had Exit & eacute;.

The boss who challenge the possibility & eacute; a part-time job on this pr & eacute; cis must prove, says the Supreme Court.

It follows that, unless incompatibility & eacute; dé shown & eacute; e between the workstation and part-time, the company can not dé decide that the p & eacute; part-time period is dé would roll on another extension, m & ecirc ; me & eacute; equivalent.

Judges have given & eacute; wrong & agrave ; an employer who refused & agrave ; a salari & eacute; e the opportunity & eacute; to find & agrave ; part-time job she Exit & eacute ;, the grounds that he was a management position n & eacute; cessitant an availability & eacute; Total.

This employer accepted the part time, but suggested that it exerts on a post tr & egrave ; s neighbor.

The company relied on the labor code, which suggests that the salari & eacute; e, & agrave ; After the cong & eacute; & eacute ;, maternity can find a similar job, & agrave ; dé be his pr & eacute; c & eacute; employment tooth.

But this argument does not & eacute; t & eacute; accept & eacute;.

The salari & eacute; e who refused & eacute; any job that pr & eacute; c & eacute; tooth Justice considered & eacute; r & eacute; that refusal does dé was not a mistake and that the dismissal occurred while dé was in cons & eacute; r & sequence without cause eacute; al and s & eacute; rieux.

Pr & eacute law; see that the hard & eacute; e can work & ecirc ; be abaiss & eacute; e, up & agrave ; sixteen hours a week during this p & eacute; period.