Category: Science | Date : September 20, 2014

Margaret Thatcher, after seven years & egrave ; ‘s the dé goal of his disease, is convivial e é e & o ugrave in Parliament ; his statue in bronze is dé voil dé e.

Nicknamed é e the Iron Lady, she notices & quot; she would pr é f é r é e iron & quot;.

Then entrust esp dé rer it would keep its T & ecirc, you, for another statue of her, that the marble & agrave ;, had dé t & eacute; dé capit dé e by a vandal in 2002.

The journ dé e world against Alzheimer’s disease is the opportunity to tr & egrave, s numerous papers on & agrave ; both the disease itself m & ecirc, me – new knowledge, the dé tracking pr dé Coce and research to finally effective treatments – the hard life of those around the sick or the lack of childcare facilities and funds.

This ann dé e, no dé not roge & agrave ; r & egrave ; rule.

Once again, the number of people suffering from this dreaded disease NeuroD é g é n é ; operative is r dé Actualis dé 850 000 in France and 225 000 new cases diagnosed dé each ann s dé e, according to the Association France Alzheimer *.

But among all the requests re & ccedil ; ues by the press, a book, or rather a chapter brings a note of ga & icirc, t & eacute; : The book is dé written by a neurologist more s dé rious.

Moreover, Dr. Bernard has a doctorate in neuroscience Croisile and chief of the neuropsychology & agrave ; the h & OCIRC ; Neurological Hospital in Lyon.

His book is titled ** & quot; Alzheimer.

What to know? That fear? Esp dé rer & quot ; Fruit of several years dé ‘re working, it said, the book & quot; offer the design & clear focus and complete egrave, you & quot; awaited by.

But dé ton by a singular chapter titled dé : & Quot; ‘s incredible humor of patients, another r dé cit of Alzheimer’s & quot;.

And to quote the wit of Margaret Thatcher.

The humor is not the privileged & egrave ; ge a British lady, the author notes.

In the middle of difficulty dé s daily and incoh dé ences arises sometimes & quot; A dé spark refl dé as vivacity dé an intelligence certainly r dé pick, but not dé hue & quot; : & Quot; While life is r dé tr dé cit, these patients often have intact judgment, even of humor, m & ecirc ; me if Alzheimer and humor seem two words ind dé hundred & agrave ; append, sounding like an oxymoron surprising.

And yet.. & quot;.

Giovanna, a former anesthetic dé persists, said: & quot; For anesthesia dé persists, it’s a shame, I have insomnia & quot; ! Another woman he dé dé clar ;, with sadness : & quot; I dé t & eacute; g & acirc ; é t e by my husband and now I became g & acirc ;. Teuse & quot; When they speak of s dé days in an institution, it can give : & quot; I’m not me int dé gr dé & agrave ; r dé presidency, I dé sint dé gr é ;. ” The author also explains that patients have fam & ccedil ; ons explain their dé failures.

When asked the name of pr dé President of R dé service, for example, they dé not declare to know.

But they add, they did int dé not feel & agrave ; policy.

If they are unable to give their num dé ro t dé the dé phone is, they say, because they never call ! As agrave & ; Sch dé e current Cassio do not remember, just because it has not worked for a long time.



Category: Health | Date : September 19, 2014

SML, like other unions, is opposite dé because he believes it will promote & quot; Probably overconsumption of care m dé dicaux am without dé improve the acc & egrave ; ‘s care for those who need it & quot;.

Polling dé s on m dé attending physician, a device that should & ecirc, be dé broadened at least 16 years of age, Fran & ccedil ; ais think it should & ecirc, be relaxed, but still consider it a dé the é ; ment essential care initiative coordinated dé s and allowed better monitoring of patients.

The m dé doctors are more s dé v & egrave ; res on the efficiency of the device, only 42 % of them holding that allowed better monitoring, while 78 % consider binding consultation with some sp dé Specialists.

The revival of the file m dé dical staff – log sant é ; IT – facilitate the work of professionals in the opinion of 9 people interviewed dé are about 10 and will take better care of patients.

There is also an dé the dé ment essential care initiative coordinated dé s and represented dé feel a source of dé savings for S dé cu.

The craze is less shared dé by m dé doctors.

According to them, this tool will not facilitate their work and will not be n dé necessarily source dé savings.

Source: Survey OpinionWay r dé alis dé Online August 21 & ucirc, t 2 September AUPR & egrave ; ‘s a dé sample of 1,068 people and 1,330 m dé doctors lib dé eral for SML..