Category: Science | Date : December 20, 2014

The f & eacute; brilit & eacute; wins all parents who have not yet found & eacute; to satisfy their prog & eacute; PROVISION and know that dé sormais, they no longer gu & egrave ; re time.

But beware, this is not a reason to jump on the first comer gift.

& quot; We pr & eacute; conisons parents to provide & agrave ; their prog & eacute; PROVISION games can dé velop their dout & eacute; rit & eacute; & quot ;, reminds B & eacute; n & eacute; dictates Thiriez infirmi & egrave ; re able dé ricultrice and active member of NAPCR dipl & OCIRC ; m & eacute; ( e) s and & eacute ; students ).

& quot; The ergonomics of the toy must & ecirc ; be adapted & eacute; e & agrave ; the & acirc ; child’s age.

It is also important to observe system & eacute; s cally standards & eacute; SAFETY & eacute; EC. & Quot ; A useful recommendation to limit the desires of all of Parents & quot ; g & eacute Small ; ned & quot; buy pr & eacute toys seen for the slice of & acirc ; ge sup dé higher..

Well chosen, game soci & eacute; t & eacute; favor dé exchange between adults and children and are Particular & egrave ; larly stimulants.

They allow toddlers r & eacute; Aliser of dé covered paramount, whether the pleasure of sharing a part, the win but also lose.

Musical instruments as well as rhymes or music CD can be a perfect way to stimulate the senses and dout & eacute; rit & eacute; the youngest & acirc ; ge.

& quot; & Eacute ; Avoid instruments & eacute; combining electronic music, light & egrave ; re and vibrations, they are too challenging for small & quot ;, estimates could dé ricultrice.

& quot; Pr & eacute; f & eacute; rez simple objects, such as maracas, tambourines or b & acirc ; rain tones, they will delight children and adults by allowing them to accompany their songs. & quot ; But beware ears..

Books are dé obviously useful to stimulate the imagination of children, increase vocabulary and learn to read.

As for tablets and dé notches, they should not & ecirc ; be used & eacute; s passively, in the absence of an adult.

& quot; Like the t & eacute; l & eacute; vision, the tablet is not a form of childcare.

Many applications are qualitative and allow & agrave ; the child to draw or r & eacute; Aliser learning.

Its c & OCIRC ; t & eacute ;, and as each ann & eacute; e, the DGCCRF advanced a significant number of non-compliant with current standards toys, and therefore potentially dangerous.

According to figures from the Derni & egrave ; re campaign, the rate of non- conformity & eacute; is 11.7 % before the f & ecirc : your end ann & eacute; e.

Pros & eacute; avoid the aftermath of No & euml ; the tragic, it recalls the great principles of r & eacute rules on toys.

It must first be the CE pr & eacute; feel, although visible, legible and ind & eacute; l & eacute; bile, as the icon for the class & acirc ; & agrave ge ; Fate of the toy & eacute;.

Finally, the instructions must & ecirc ; be & eacute; written by fran & ccedil ; ais..

and respect & eacute; e !.



Category: Health | Date : December 19, 2014

The researchers analyzed & eacute; exposure to fine particles m & egrave ; res of 1767 children before, during and after & egrave ; s pregnancy.

R & eacute; result, women who & eacute; t & eacute; expos & eacute; es & agrave ; a high concentration of fine particles during pregnancy and particularly during the last quarter saw the risks of having a child with autism double.

The link between atmospheric pollution & eacute ; America and autism is more dé emptied during pregnancy before and after & egrave ; s.

& quot; Our r & eacute; results dé show that exposure of pregnant women & agrave ; polluted air & eacute; can have an effect on the occurrence of autism in her child.

The atmosphere & eacute pollution, but America is a factor on which we can act, rel & egrave ; wind authors of dé study.

In dé avoiding exposing pregnant women & agrave ; a polluted air & eacute ;, we r & eacute; would reduce this risk and thereby co & ucirc ; t crescent represents dé feel autism for families and soci & eacute; t & eacute; & quot ;, the researchers.

The fine particles contain toxic substances that p & eacute; n & egrave ; trent in cells and cause oxidative stress.

This can hinder the normal process of d & eacute; development of f & oelig ; tus, including training of the system & egrave ; nervous, the proliferating & eacute; ration and diff & eacute; cell ferentiation can cause cell death programm & eacute; e.

Other dé studies r & eacute; alis & eacute; es in rodents dé also set & eacute; HIGHLIGHTING that fine particles could cause lib & eacute; ration in the blood and brain mol dé particles that stimulate inflammation and alt & egrave ; & egrave rent the system, immune me n & eacute; onatal, recognized processes as causes of autism.

The link could not & ecirc ; be & eacute; ESTABLISHED between inhalation of particles of larger sizes and autism.