Category: Science | Date : March 29, 2015

During digestion, the sugars in foods are transformed & eacute; s glucose that enters the bloodstream gr & acirc ; & what to villosit eacute; s in the lining of the intestine & ecirc, the.

The average concentration of glucose in the blood, glycerides & eacute; mie varies during the journ & eacute; e.

But an average value is held gr & acirc ; that the intervention of two antagonistic hormones glucagon and insulin.

This is the pancr dé have that d & eacute; cr & egrave ; te production levels of these hormones : apr & egrave ; s a meal, lib & eacute; ration Insulin allows glucose to g & eacute; n & eacute; trate into the cells that need it for function.

The surplus is mainly stock & eacute; in the liver and muscles.

And it can out of the liver, if necessary, to emp & ecirc ; expensive risk of hypoglyc & eacute; mie.

The vid & eacute; o produced by Canop & eacute; Inserm Universcience, MGEN and Educagri explains well the return r & eacute; lar the dé balance of glycerides & eacute; mie, except among people with diab & egrave ; te.

Many other vid & eacute; bones are visible on the Corpus site.



Category: Nutrition | Date : March 27, 2015

Do not zap dinner : & quot; If the body does not Eng & eacute; r & eacute; a contribution & eacute; nerg dé enough tick suffers sleep.

It must be enough food in the evening to & quot; hold & quot; until morning & quot ;, says Professor Damien L & eacute; ger, pr & eacute; President of INSV.

The meal must of & ecirc, be consistent, but & eacute; ger and easy dig & eacute; rer.

Prot & eacute; ines noon and slow carbohydrates evening : rich foods prot & eacute; ines, such as meat, increase alertness, so it is best to consume noon.

To d & icirc ; dinner, the f & eacute; culents are privileged & eacute; gier for their slow carbohydrates that promote sleep.

Dairy products are dé also advisable & eacute; s.

It is also important to d & icirc ; dinner Feb. 3 hours before bedtime.

The tea, evening ritual some plants poss & egrave ; tooth of properties & eacute; t & eacute; s calming, such as linden, chamomile, passionflower, hops or val & eacute; riane.

Taken as a tea, they facilitate falling asleep.

Above all, instaur & eacute; daily in a relaxing atmosphere, the ritual of tea of cr & eacute evening an e dé sleep conducive State.

Warning cif & eacute; ine : the caf & eacute; and cola are not the only contain caf & eacute; ine the th & eacute; and cocoa are sources dé also.

Moreover, its effects are slow to dissipate : the half & eacute; of the quantity & eacute; Eng & eacute; r & eacute; e is still pr & eacute; feel the blood after 4 or 5 hours & egrave ; s decision.

This is why it is better & eacute; avoid to consume AD & egrave ; s 15h.

Alcohol, sleeping enemy : & quot; Alcohol acts on sleep in two stages, with round effects facilitators around and disrupting & quot ;, commented Professor Adrien.

If it promotes sleep shortly thereafter & egrave ; s his decision, he entered & icirc, do other disorders hours later : sleep l & eacute; ger, r & eacute; nocturnal awakenings or m & ecirc ; nightmares me and apn & eacute; e sleep.