Category: Health | Date : April 18, 2014

Philippe Bloch, co -founder of Columbus Coffee, investor, speaker, presenter and columnist, decided wake of France! With its anti -depression * lexicon, it identifies 12 expressions rotting our daily pessimism they send and restores fishing with his boundless optimism.

Have you noticed we spend our time wish us good luck ? Leaving the bakery, coffee, elevator office The term ” Good luck ” to replaced the traditional ” Good day! “.

Why do we need so much courage to face our day? Does this mean that work is associated to suffering? Is it ever a source of fulfillment of creativity or pleasure ?

” We all need to tomorrows build “.

The problem is that what drives it is the projects: vacation, moving, wedding, baby, new business record if we find no perspective in the work, how ê be motivated being in the routine, without a project?

How to get rid of this expression? To begin, simply replace good luck by good day! It already avoid to start the day by saying that it takes courage to face our day!

” Do not tell me again good luck! Glossary anti -depression in immediate use of French ” Ed.




Category: Science | Date : April 18, 2014

Definitions For the artificial intelligence vary, but take one of the simplest that you can find in the Larousse encyclopedia online: ” Set of theories and techniques used to raliser machines capable of simulating the human ” intelligence.

Indeed, the victory of Deep Blue supercomputer face the great master of chess Garry Kasparov in 1996 was anything but Thoric.

The question mark that day, this is the place that could occupy these machines ‘ thinking ‘ in our society of tomorrow.

In this context, Hollywood does not lack ideas for this imagine that a more distant future: over ralises blockbusters in recent decades, it has seen robots errands, the mnage, conversation or in On another note, trying to reduce the human race ing.

Yes, the concept of “Intelligence” artificial suggre a decision -making capacity, which would tend to make its unpredictable fashion rationalization.

On socital point of view, the emergence of these entities also have a non- ngligeable impact on humans, since many jobs could be crs all levels : design, manufacturing, maintenance, training..

The debate remains wide open.