Category: Science | Date : August 30, 2014

The links between cancer and dé pressure are subject to multiple jobs.

This enabled us to dé show & agrave ; last fall that unlike id dé are re & ccedil ; ues, the dé pressure was not the bed of cancer.

They dé also dé earned dé the effects of input dé e ‘s disease on mood.

A m dé ta- analysis published dé e dé goal in 2011 in the Lancet Oncology was estimated dé & agrave ; more than 10% the proportion of cancer patients pr dé feeling a form of dé g & egrave, re dé pressure & agrave ; less than 14% compared to patients with a major form.

And it is they who are in need of treatment sp dé cific, according dé study which has just & ecirc ; be published é e Lancet this time in Psychiatry.

She dé t & eacute; men dé in e & Eacute ; pod, & agrave ; Using data dé are from more than 21,000 patients flavou dé s for cancer.

The authors, Dr. Jane Walker of the university dé Oxford and al & egrave ; guages ​​have found dé rate dé pressure s dé v & egrave ; much larger re in these patients than in the population g é n é ; eral.

It dé was 13% in patients suffering from lung cancer, 11 % for cancers gyn dé ecological, 7% in colorectal cancer cases and 5.6% in cancer g dé nito -urinaire.

However, 73% of 1,538 patients dé major depression were not receiving treatment for this disorder, the authors report.

But there are solutions appropriate dé ‘re like the new call é program; Depression Care for People with Cancer, part int dé and parcel of cancer care.

It is based on a dé team of infirmi & egrave ; res oncology and psychiatrists sp dé cially form dé s working in consultation with the dé team m dé of association of the patient and his m dé attending physician.

It includes anti-D dé pressers and psychoth dé therapy.

R its dé results have dé t é ; compar dé s & agrave ; those obtained with the usual care program.

AD & egrave ; ‘s six months, 62 % of patients with b é n é ; fici dé DCPC program r dé laid eggs to treatment – the s dé v dé laughs dé their dé pressure was diminu dé half of dé – Against 17% in the control group & OCIRC, the, report the authors of this study in the Lancet.

This b é n é ; fice was maintained for twelve months.

The program also am dé lior dé significantly anxi dé t é ;, pain, fatigue, ability dé s functional and quality dé overall life of patients.

In addition, the co & ucirc ; this approach does dé was modest.

All this proves the n dé cessit dé properly diagnose and fight dé pressure in patients canc dé ous victims of & quot; Double trouble & quot ;.



Category: Health | Date : August 29, 2014

For 17 years, Laura Sykora practice yoga every day.

This is the best way to start his journ dé e.

Moments she shares with her ​​granddaughter.

The endearing images of Laura Sykora and daughter.

Laura Sykora fits a little time each day to do what she loves : yoga ! And as the activity dé s family are very egrave & ; ‘s important, she takes advantage and involves his daughter & acirc ; g é e 4 years.

These moments of complicity dé they share are tr & egrave, s beautiful & agrave ; watch.

Everything is r dé united to soften us the beauty dé photographs, the originality dé their outfits and big smiles.

We understand why ! With more than one million fans on his instagram account, the m & egrave ; family man is a star of the web.