Category: Psychology | Date : July 30, 2014

All means are they good to become famous ? not really.

Moreover, the articles dealing escapades Josie Cunningham, including ours, do not they feed their quest for fame ! Still, the former escort girl has struck another blow, proposing to his “Fans ” to attend childbirth for the modest sum of 13,000 euros.

Back to the top course in color of the young woman.

Indeed, this announcement follows numerous attempts by the young woman talking to her ! In April, Josie had said want to participate in abortions Big Brother, the equivalent of Loft Story, the Channel.

Finally, feeling the fetus kicking feet, she changes her mind, but calm.

“I realized the best thing to was to sell tickets for my delivery to home, “says the mother of 23 years.

” I am selling two tickets to $ 9000 and two VIP tickets $ 18,000.

They include travel and accommodation and purchasers can film the birth and take pictures.

in spite of the exorbitant price, the four places were sold in less than 15 minutes via Twitter.

All these actions lead to frighten and wonder how far Josie is able to go to become a star ! Knowing she already monetizing her fetus, future child will not be easy!.



Category: Health | Date : July 30, 2014

In Failing to reorganize its box, it works from the inside.

The game is calm emotions : stress, anger, anxiety, fear, frustration..

First, taking a step back vis-à -vis the situation.

To evaluate as objectively as possible, because identifying the source of your discomfort avoids impulsive and aggressive reaction.

Instead of letting your frustration take over, the risk of eventually express yourself barking, locate precisely what irritates you and relativisez ” Finally, is it so bad if it breaks me? That he will remain in a month? Probably not much.

” And take the floor its sequel ” Another point seems interesting to me, I would add..


When exchanges are electric and are flaming conflict the first difference of opinion, when you do not feel listened to, understood and respected in the business, our instinct puts us on autopilot, and reacts either by fighting or by flight.

In both cases, the ambient violence due to inflation.

Communicate better through assertiveness in learn to know say what we want, what we think, what we feel, as simply and directly as possible, while respecting the other.

Prevention, between meetings or two calls as often as necessary during a few seconds or minutes, adopt a comfortable position and breathe calmly and deeply, relaxing muscles shoulders and jaws.

To go to pool, steam room, sports to the gym, the Power Plate, jogger or lunch with friends in a nearby park or invest in an Ayurvedic massage.

We return relaxed and able to tackle without nervousness tension and meetings of the second part of the day.

It is registered a period of non-violent communication,.

You print in the head this revolutionary axiom ” You can not listen to another if we do not first listen itself.

Moral: be selfish, you will happy.

During the two-day course, you learn to master the four stages of the process : 1) monitor the situation ;.

4) submit a request to or other self.

Finally, basic to convert this space grows torture -au- crime or depression what your business a place of creativity rewarding favorable civilized exchange, and why not fulfillment.