Category: Psychology | Date : October 24, 2014

Last Friday, an agreement in principle dé was announced dé between authorities dé s Nigeria and leaders of Boko Haram for the lib dé ration lyc dé Ennes, Remov dé ‘re six months t & OCIRC, t by the Islamic sect.

A week later, the hopes were agrave & ; new flight dé s while a new enl & egrave is announced ; tively 25 new girls north -east.

For now, the dé details on this abduction is not known, but one of the residents who would assist dé & agrave ; Op dé ration, has recounted dé that the kidnappers have arrived dé s night and forced all women & agrave ; follow before rel & acirc ; most expensive & acirc ; g dé es.

For now, no other dé tail is known or av é r é ;.

In the m & ecirc, me time, the talks that dé currently run on Chad, soul & egrave ; wind doubts ! Indeed, the man who is supposed dé repr dé submit Boko Haram and n dé negotiate on behalf of the sect would not be part of the Shura Council of the organization and would not habilit dé & agrave ; speak for him.

Furthermore, until we know more, mobilization remains enti & egrave, to re dé deliver the girls from their captivity dé !.



Category: Beauty | Date : October 24, 2014

Yes, you know : the foundation is the base of makeup! But before m & ecirc, I apply it – which is not so simple – you have to pick the right foundation.

One that will emphasize your face, brighten your complexion without getting fired & agrave ; orange.

Julien Michelet, color specialist at Clinique France gives us all his tips to avoid mistakes of foundation and make the right choice.

How to choose the color of your foundation ?

Michelet Julian : You have to watch her ​​face and rep dé rer o & ugrave areas; Skin is clearer and darker dé e, rash, T & acirc ; tasks, the buttons This allows good Conna & icirc, be herself and to know where & ugrave ; color test.

It is not especially Conversely, to not end up orange!

The id é place, al to test the foundation is on the c & OCIRC, t & eacute; the m & acirc ; jaw.

If two colors are close to the natural color, we pr é f & egrave, re clearest, which will be easier & agrave ; apply.

The undertone is also tr & egrave, s importantly ros é ;, beige or gold dé I need regular. The ros é ‘s are perfect for gray dyed & agrave ; outlaw on redness.

Beige are more universal and dor dé s suit with dyed hal dé s.

How to choose the texture of foundation that suits us ?

Oily skin pr é f & egrave ; rent powders, m & ecirc ; me if some liquid foundations are fat body.

S skins & egrave ; tasks better like cr & egrave, my, more comfortable.

Textures & egrave cr ; my cover better than liquid and powder textures, so be r dé fl dé chir finish sought- dé : Covering or natural.

On mature skin, a little shine will rejuvenate and restore life to the complexion.

As for young skin, they want the oily areas matte maximum.