Category: Psychology | Date : September 18, 2014

While today almost two union ended in a divorce in France, those couples who stay together dozens of ann dé es are enough intrigue.

What is the secret of those couples who arrive & agrave ; cross ann dé ‘re together? To find out, Deborah Carr, Professor of Sociology & agrave ; the university dé Rutgers and al & egrave ; leagues from college dé Michigan.

A dé wife combl dé e ls dé vo & ucirc, you of a happy marriage.

The dé team has analyzed dé of data dé are dé churl 394 couples having dé t & eacute; husband dé s on average for 39 years.

We asked them about their quarrels, their Comp dé mutual standing and also they were asked if they felt appr dé it dé s their half dé.

The husband and wife were then record their dé motions in a 24 book during and lead a normal life.

From these questionnaires significant degree dé participant satisfaction, m & ecirc ; me if men seemed to show a little more enthusiasm for their union as their dé wife.

& quot; I think it is d & ucirc ; the fact that when dé wife is happy with her marriage she tends agrave & ; do much more for her husband, which has a positive effect on the lives of the latter & quot ;, a comment dé.

And add, & quot; Men talk less openly about their relationship and degree dé marital happiness could not be found among their wives & quot;.

Illness, dé painful evidence for the couple.

In case of sickness & c OCIRC, t & eacute; the dé lice, the happiness of his partner dé was likely to decrease, and agrave ; According to Professor Carr, who also points out that the reverse does dé was not forced dé ment true.

& quot; We know that when a spouse is sick, it is often the dé wife who takes care of the husband which may av dé rer tr & egrave ; & quot s stressful ;, has explained dé Professor Carr, adding, & quot; But often when it is the woman who gets sick, it’s not her husband who takes care of her but rather & OCIRC, t daughter & quot;.

Search for recipes marital happiness is a matter of dé study in vogue.

In March, for example, a dé study of the university dé Chicago indicated that the health dé husband dé was a key factor for a relationship quality dé.

But unlike all last & egrave ; res research to date, those of the university dé Chicago had concluded that c ‘ dé was the husband and not the dé wife cl dé a happy marriage.

The ann dé e & egrave last, re, another dé study men dé e & agrave this time ; Berkeley had dé j & agrave ; underlined dé r & OCIRC and the dé ending happiness of women for a union continues.

These three dé studies have int dé ress dé es & agrave ; couples of & acirc ; ucirc ge m & r.

The authors of the last article egrave, re dé study, that of the university dé Rutgers, emphasize the impact not n dé negligible that may have a relationship on health dé people & acirc ; g dé es.

& quot; The quality dé marriage is important because it helps to cushion the effects n dé annals of stressors that occur later in life, it also helps couples & agrave ; face & agrave ; difficult choices about their health dé & quot ;, concluded Professor Carr.



Category: Health | Date : September 18, 2014

Voil & agrave ; a id é e re & ccedil ; ue swept dé e a setback by the Opinion Way poll for the Pr é Group ; see published dé Wednesday, September 17.

77% of children & acirc ; g dé s 3 & agrave ; 12 years practicing an activity dé Physical & agrave ; a weekly basis, when they are 68 % & agrave ; play games vid é o.

Only the t dé the dé vision and reading are better than the sport, with 91% and 87% respectively of followers.

Exercise at least once a week is fine, but in practice every day, it’s much better.

& quot; The dé school can achieve & agrave ; alone the minimum recommendations to practice 60 minutes of Events ; daily physical.

& Agrave ; the dé school, time to exercise is effective r dé product by the time pr dé preparation, time to return to the gym or agrave & ; the pool..

Children must have an activity dé school physical & quot; says Professor Jean- Fran & ccedil ; ois Toussaint, director of the Research Institute biom dé of association and dé pid dé epidemiology Sports & agrave ; Insep.

And on this point, the Fran & ccedil ; & ais could ecirc ; very best.

Because only 59% of parents with at least one child & acirc ; g dé 3 & agrave ; 6 years enrolled their prog dé provi- & agrave ; an activity dé physical school.

Yet parents have good int dé gr dé id é e sport dé was b é n é ; fic in life, to feel better in your body, to adopt good hygiene & egrave, not life or dé avoid the problem & egrave ; my of sant é ; future.

The activity dé Physical & icirc appears, m & t ecirc, me as a way to pr dé prevention against the ob dé dé sit ;, stress and cardiovascular disease.

For those who have registered their small & agrave ; an activity dé physical school, the desire of the child dé t & eacute; the first written & egrave, re choice before m & ecirc ; thinking & agrave ; its dé panouissement staff or benefits on his health dé.

If all children & acirc ; g dé s 3 & agrave ; 12 years do not practice sports outside the dé school, it’s because 63 % of Parents & egrave considered ; rent a binding organization.

Also, 61% of them, the co & ucirc, t registration is indeed a brake.

This dé study was dé t & eacute; r dé alis dé e & agrave ; from a dé sample of 1,004 people represented dé sentative of the population of children aged 3 & parents agrave ; 12, between June 30 and July 7, 2014.