Category: Nutrition | Date : September 18, 2014

Consumption of dairy products & agrave ; high fat would help lower the risk of diab & egrave, you type 2.

This para & icirc ; difficult t & agrave ; believe, but this is the conclusion & agrave ; which have arrived dé s researchers knew dé have a dé study pr dé feels dé e during a congress & egrave ; European s dé in the diab & egrave ; you.

Good or bad for health dé I need regular. For several years dé es, milk is & agrave ; cause various pol dé mic.

According to Dr. dé cente dé study pr dé feels dé e at the congress & egrave, s annual of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and agrave ; Vienna, Austria, it seems that whole milk can help & agrave ; r dé reduce the risk of dé velopper a diab & egrave, you type 2.

For dé study the effects of milk consumption on diseases m dé Metabolic, researchers followed 26,930 people & acirc ; g dé are 45 & agrave ; 74 years & agrave ; 60% of women over 14 years.

AD & egrave, s taking into account factors such as BMI, their activity dé physical, their smoking may add risk, the researchers analyzed dé Food issues and have corr dé the dé e the risk of ecirc & ; diab be dé tick.

A & agrave effect ; attributed to non- saturated fatty acids dé s.

According to the findings of Prof.

Ulrika Ericson and al & egrave ; leagues, people who record the contribution as idiots dé fore milk products tr & egrave, s caloric r dé duce their risk of dé velopper of Diab & egrave, you type 2 23%.

The researchers explain these dé thundering r dé results by the benefits of non- saturated fats dé pr dé paths in dairy products.

By cons, they point out that saturated fats dé are contained in red meat increases the risk.

For example, they noticed dé that everyday at least 30ml of cr & egrave consumption me dé was associated dé e & agrave ; a decreased risk of seeing dé velopper disease by 15%, and the fact ing dé rer 180ml whole milk ferment dé cause your icirc ; born a decrease of 20% risk.

The ann dé e & egrave last, re, a scientist from Harvard, David Ludwig was alert dé the public in a dé study showing pr dé presence of added sugar dé in milk dé cr dé m dé to offset his lack of taste & ucirc ; t.

Finally, a pr é c dé dente dé concurrent study had shown dé an adequate intake of dairy products every day could r dé reduce the risk of diab & egrave, you type 2.

These scientists CHU Qu dé & agrave beak ; the university dé Laval had also underlined dé the benefits of dairy products on health dé m dé tabolique.



Category: Psychology | Date : September 18, 2014

While today almost two union ended in a divorce in France, those couples who stay together dozens of ann dé es are enough intrigue.

What is the secret of those couples who arrive & agrave ; cross ann dé ‘re together? To find out, Deborah Carr, Professor of Sociology & agrave ; the university dé Rutgers and al & egrave ; leagues from college dé Michigan.

A dé wife combl dé e ls dé vo & ucirc, you of a happy marriage.

The dé team has analyzed dé of data dé are dé churl 394 couples having dé t & eacute; husband dé s on average for 39 years.

We asked them about their quarrels, their Comp dé mutual standing and also they were asked if they felt appr dé it dé s their half dé.

The husband and wife were then record their dé motions in a 24 book during and lead a normal life.

From these questionnaires significant degree dé participant satisfaction, m & ecirc ; me if men seemed to show a little more enthusiasm for their union as their dé wife.

& quot; I think it is d & ucirc ; the fact that when dé wife is happy with her marriage she tends agrave & ; do much more for her husband, which has a positive effect on the lives of the latter & quot ;, a comment dé.

And add, & quot; Men talk less openly about their relationship and degree dé marital happiness could not be found among their wives & quot;.

Illness, dé painful evidence for the couple.

In case of sickness & c OCIRC, t & eacute; the dé lice, the happiness of his partner dé was likely to decrease, and agrave ; According to Professor Carr, who also points out that the reverse does dé was not forced dé ment true.

& quot; We know that when a spouse is sick, it is often the dé wife who takes care of the husband which may av dé rer tr & egrave ; & quot s stressful ;, has explained dé Professor Carr, adding, & quot; But often when it is the woman who gets sick, it’s not her husband who takes care of her but rather & OCIRC, t daughter & quot;.

Search for recipes marital happiness is a matter of dé study in vogue.

In March, for example, a dé study of the university dé Chicago indicated that the health dé husband dé was a key factor for a relationship quality dé.

But unlike all last & egrave ; res research to date, those of the university dé Chicago had concluded that c ‘ dé was the husband and not the dé wife cl dé a happy marriage.

The ann dé e & egrave last, re, another dé study men dé e & agrave this time ; Berkeley had dé j & agrave ; underlined dé r & OCIRC and the dé ending happiness of women for a union continues.

These three dé studies have int dé ress dé es & agrave ; couples of & acirc ; ucirc ge m & r.

The authors of the last article egrave, re dé study, that of the university dé Rutgers, emphasize the impact not n dé negligible that may have a relationship on health dé people & acirc ; g dé es.

& quot; The quality dé marriage is important because it helps to cushion the effects n dé annals of stressors that occur later in life, it also helps couples & agrave ; face & agrave ; difficult choices about their health dé & quot ;, concluded Professor Carr.