Category: Psychology | Date : July 25, 2014

As Napoleon said, you should never say never! And this is not Raymond Bardet, mayor of Ville- la-Grand, who can say otherwise! Indeed, the critic of the marriage law for all just celebrated the wedding of his own gay son !

Yet last year, it was demarcated by staging a parody of a gay marriage ceremony, with its Director of Technical Services – capped a whiteout – and loaded communication.

And when asked about the subject, he continues to believe that gay marriage is ” against nature “.

” I understand that those who get along well and are of the same sex can marry, but it is not natural, “he said.

But when his son showed him sexual orientation and proposed marriage, Raymond Bardet did not hesitate a second! ” When my son asked me, I told him immediately ” yes, ” because I did it for her sister and we get along well,” he told.

Adding that he had been surprised to learn the sexual orientation of his son.

I put two or three days before you really realize.

The elected Haute-Savoie nevertheless clear he would leave his deputies celebrate future gay marriages !.



Category: Health | Date : July 25, 2014

Clear excess summer, find a silhouette coveted..

The objectives can be many and sport is a lethal weapon to achieve.

But attention to not to mix everything and consider sport as a miracle cure.

Here are five misconceptions restored by the French Federation of Physical Education and voluntary gymnastics to motivate September, to with good reason.

Who does not return to the sport once motivated to lose a few extra pounds? And yet, the activity physical does not lose weight, rather it allows you to draw a pretty silhouette, smooth, enhancing tone muscular.

Because the federation is clear: to lose weight, ” You have to spend more calories than those supplied in the diet.

Sport does not lose weight because if it contributes well to increase energy expenditure, it also determines an increase in food intake “.

2 / A workout should last at least 20 minutes to be effective.

Everything depends on the intensity exercise actually.

“Everybody does not consume energy to the same speed, which speed varies according to personal factors, his state of health, and the drive level ” says the French Federation EPGV.

A sports fan who spends himself for ten minutes will burn too fat.

3 / Drinking plenty of water is essential for sport.

In reality, it is recommended drink ” appropriate way, depending on his thirst without excess or deficiency “.

Thirst is actually a sign of dehydration supposed alert.

4 / Pain is a sign of efficiency.

And no! “This is a signal that our body sends to express a dysfunction,” said the organization.

This is especially alert to avoid injury or accidents.

Athletes should under no circumstances develop that kind of pain.

When you sweat, water loss is temporary and can actually see immediately on the balance.

But the joy will be short lived because once rehydrated, weight regain its initial level.

Sweating is essential for cooling the body.

“Of course, achieving a level of exercise leading to sweating is a powerful protector in terms of health ” reassure the federation.