Category: Health | Date : March 5, 2015

Be r & eacute; ensure a c & acirc ; flax her boyfriend or just take the time to squeeze you into the arms of each other before work, will give you a good dose of courage to face this journ & eacute; e beginning.

& quot; Yes, but if I take the time small – dé lunch, I have to get over t & OCIRC ; t and & ccedil ; has put me in a bad mood & quot;.

Sweep immediately this id & eacute; e in the corner of your t & ecirc ; you, because it is completely & egrave ; false ment.

Hungry, you will feel tired & eacute; e and thus forced & eacute; ing more tense.

People in the m & eacute; tro that are not moving fast enough, cold, pollution..

any excuse will be good for R & acirc ; & l and ecirc ; cranky be.

Because & quot; France Info & quot; it’s nice, but take every morning the bad news in the face is not the top to start the journ & eacute; e.

Put OCIRC & c ; t & eacute; the information once in the week, and wait for your arrival & eacute; e to the office to check.

We do not ask you to do the posture of the sun salutation yoga.

But if we dé cidait of appr & eacute; t from things agr & eacute; reliable and as simple as a ray of sunshine that tickles your cheek.

They are always in the mood dé scabies, not your dog or cat d & eacute; & agrave decides everything ; suddenly ignore you or & ecirc ; be dé SAGR & eacute; reliable.

Furthermore, it is proved dé the animal has a soothing effect on humans so sit back five minutes on your couch & eacute; with him and take a small shoot a good mood.

Nothing more aga & ccedil ; ant than having to pr & eacute; & agrave ward ; hastily, without taking the time to ask 5 minutes.

Move your r & eacute; veil 10-15 minutes or choice, arr & ecirc ; tez push it when it rings and you ‘ll be much more serene.

7- Put your v & ecirc ; s clothes in & egrave ; che machine before you dress.

When it ‘s cold outside and you shiver out of bed, what more agr & eacute; reliable than wrapping yourself in the v & ecirc, horny clothes.

To feel beautiful and have confidence in yourself, it is best to wear v & ecirc ; clothes in which you feel good, and give us the feeling of & ecirc ; be canon.

Not to go through the box & laquo; shit, I have to leave in 10 minutes and I still do not know what to put & raquo ;, pr & eacute; adorn your outfit the night before for the next day.

You & eacute; viterez stress and dé nervement unnecessary.

9. See you re & ccedil ; u SMS your man during the night.

A small alternative for those who do not have the opportunity & eacute; to go & ucirc ; c & b in acirc ; lin morning because it is far or simply do not live together.

Small Forums & laquo; You sleep s & ucirc ; larly dé j & agrave ;..

Good night I love you & raquo; or & laquo; Good journ & eacute; e my ch & eacute; rie, I ‘ll call you tonight & raquo; prove that he thinks & agrave ; you and you miss him.

What r & eacute; c & heat oelig ; ur for journ & eacute; e !

Joy insured & eacute; e ! You will finally be able to stay warm and to sleep the morning & eacute; e.

Just the id & eacute; e to imagine this journ & eacute; e & agrave ; doing nothing will give you a smile.



Category: Science | Date : March 5, 2015

The World health Organization & eacute; has recommended & eacute; Wednesday limit the intake of free sugars, or hidden & eacute; s & agrave ; less than 10 % of the ration & eacute; nerg & eacute; tick Daily Allowance egrave ; re even & quot; If possible & quot; & agrave ; 5%.

The objective is to fight especially against the ob & eacute; sit & eacute; and dental caries.

10% represented dé feel 50 grams of sugar, which dé is equivalent & agrave ; Twelve spoon & egrave ; res & agrave ; caf & eacute; caster sugar.

The average consumption in the world of sugar per day per person was 63 grams in 2013 according to WHO, citing figures from the International Sugar Organization.

& quot; We have evidence s & eacute; fronted that contain & agrave ; less than 10% the daily consumption of r & eacute sugar; duced the risk of overweight, ob & eacute; sit & eacute; and tooth decay & quot ;, affirmed & eacute; Dr. Branca, after a proc & eacute; & eacute lasts launched consultation e there a year.

During this last & egrave ; re more than 170 comments from experts & eacute; t & eacute; analys & eacute; s.

& quot; If we take a bowl c & eacute ; r & eacute; ales in the morning, a beverage can sucr & eacute; e and yoghurt & eacute ;, sucr was d & eacute; j & agrave ; d & eacute; pass & eacute; this limit & quot ;, a d & eacute; clar & eacute; Dr. Branca at a conf & eacute; Press conference & agrave ; Gen & egrave ; ve.

& quot; A r & eacute; & agrave production ; less than 5%, or about 25 grams per day or six spoon & egrave ; res & agrave ; caf & eacute ;, provide benefits Supp dé comments for health & eacute; & quot ;, has explained & eacute; Dr. Francesco Branca, director of the d & eacute; Department of Nutrition for health & eacute; and d & eacute; Development & agrave ; WHO.

So what changed in the daily diet to follow the WHO recommendations ? For Professor Tom Sanders, nutrition expert at King’s College London, & quot; the 10% target is easy & agrave ; achieve in dé avoiding drinks sucr & eacute; es & quot;.

In contrast, & quot; the goal of 5% is much harder & agrave ; achieve, because it means not eat any g & acirc ; teau, cookie, and drink no drink sucr & eacute; e & quot;.

In the game, the ob & eacute; sit & eacute; but also diab & egrave ; te.

The challenge of this WHO fight is of importance in a dé study published & eacute; e & agrave ; In mid-January, non – communicable diseases such as diab & egrave ; te, cancer or heart disease is & agrave ; Originally 16 million d & eacute; c & egrave ; s pr & eacute; matur & eacute; s each ann & eacute; e in the world.

Some of these diseases are provoked & eacute; es by poor hygiene & egrave ; no life, such as abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or poor diet, too much fat or sugar.

WHO recalled Wednesday that much of the sugar consumed & eacute ; s today are & quot; Cach & eacute; s & quot; in foods that are not considered & eacute; r & eacute; s like sweets.

WHO wishes & eacute; also fewer advertising campaigns targeting children, chocolate bars & eacute; es or drinks sucr & eacute; es.

In the organization’s sights include the addition é sugars; s food products industry, and the pr & eacute sugars SENTS in honey, syrups, fruit juices and concentrated & eacute; s fruit.

On the other hand, are not concerned & eacute; s sugars in fruits and dé fresh vegetables and milk or artificial sugars.