Category: Health | Date : July 31, 2014

By subjecting a large number of proteins of this parasite antibodies naturally produced by the immune system of infected children in Kenya, scientists have identified antigens previously unknown.

They also found new ways to use these antigens, which cause an immune reaction, involving them in vaccine to enhance protection.

Face resistance to antimalarial treatment.

” The antimalarial drug resistance is a growing problem that makes it necessary to develop vaccines to combat Plasmodium falciparum before it makes sick people infected,” said Dr. Faith Osier, of Institute Kenya Medical Research, lead author of the study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

She said the study ” Provides a large number of new vaccine candidates that offer real hope “.

Malaria is responsible for over 600,000 deaths per year worldwide, mostly young children in sub -Saharan Africa.

Identify ways natural protection for some children.

The researchers followed more than six months, a group of children carrying malaria parasites.

Some have developed the disease, while others were protected by natural antibodies that prevented pests from entering their blood cells and saved severe symptoms.

Blood samples they have identified antibody combinations may confer complete protection against malaria, said these researchers.

“Clinical trials of anti- malarial vaccines focused in the past on a single target and had limited success, ” said Dr. Julian Rayner of the Sanger Institute in the UK, one of the authors of the study.

“With this approach, we can systematically test a greater number of targets as well as combinations of targets,” he says.

Apart from the growing resistance to antimalarial drugs, mosquitoes are less affected by insecticides.



Category: Beauty | Date : July 31, 2014

Ultimate weapon of seduction, trend 2014-2015 Make Up fashion this winter will.

Pallets full of proposals and vibrant hues to from autumn to take our eyes and mouth.

Smoking evening smoky black abandons ” old-hat ” with new colors: ocher smoked, vibrant blue and true guard of honor for Green! With pallets highly concentrated pigments, smoky, contrasting and terribly sewing this winter starts on a neutral base that is personalized with 3 4 successive colors with iridescent shades for Armani, degraded way ” Tie and die” for Nocibé superimposed for Guerlain and beautifully nuanced Yves Saint Laurent around a bohemian gray with metallic percussion green hues.

To intensify the look, eyebrow wants thick and designed pampered by brands Make Up this year, which provides an integrated illuminator to pencil eyebrow for Estée Lauder, a wax colored powder for A suitable brush and pencil.

As for eyelashes, there are growing in excess, to extreme for Yves Rocher mascara with peptides Hibiscus.

The blues of the season ? A good excuse to pamper yourself and give free rein to new desires : This winter red lips will be bright for Guerlain, Givenchy Iconic, orgasmic for Armani, Yves Saint Laurent for rock, emotion is the common denominator all these ” Lipsticks wear ” that parent bolder colors, frank, and ultra-shiny and merge into galba our lips.

It contrasts with the gray weather and we dare color raspberry and Artdeco Givenchy, Guerlain rosewood or purple with Bourjois the day, fushia revlon and Yves Saint Laurent bright or intense coral Too Faced evening, and we love this season for the red lacquered called ” Vinyl ” the molten lacquer effect on lips Yves Saint Laurent, and Marc Jacobs, and Gemey Maybelline Too Faced.

For those who prefer the gesture of the pencil lips, new darling of vanity for their soft texture and easy to apply, they only have to draw from new orange shades, coral at Dessange, sorbet at Clinique and Pinky Sisley.

Complexion, nude and light for winter 2014-2015.

Base makeup, skin must be perfect and new products of the season combine to concoct a very soft skin.

We put on a foundation blur effect to standardize and blur imperfections.

side textures, if you like the lightweight, liquid foundation is preferred, applied a brush ; if you like moisturizing materials and rich cream texture is chosen.

The powders are in silky September, for matte complexion after correcting small defects with corrective sticks.

To give good looks, it relies on rosy blushes that make us a porcelain complexion, inspired English Rose complexion of English.

Dark and chic nails for winter 2014-2015.

Moles, gray, burgundy dress for our nails in the colors of autumn, the varnish of the season offer dark and chic colors.

Flashy colors, coral and pink we abandon to keep only nude polish or very dark.

side textures, we love the jeans varnish effect, holographic polish that changes color depending on the light and varnishes grains 3D effect.

If you keep the glitter for the holidays, you can allow metallic polish for shine ! And the good performance of varnish, varnish attempts gel, combining bases and colors to keep her manicure zero defects as long as possible, until twelve days !