Category: Health | Date : November 26, 2014

The & quot; Lack of information or training & quot; the mode of use of these & quot; & quot transdermal devices; is indeed the primary cause of reported errors m & eacute; dicamenteuses who report & eacute; s.

Thus, for not odd, carefully follow these three tips: 1.

Follow the instructions This para & icirc ; t & eacute; but emptied read and follow the instructions dé delivered & eacute; es on the leaflet provides d & eacute; j & agrave ; of dé eliminate many errors.

Thus, we must first remove the patch usag & eacute ; before putting another.

It should not dé write about the patch and not the dé cut, unless the instructions permitted.

Patches & ecirc must ; be stock & eacute; s out of sight of children.

Besides, the & eacute; s elimination & eacute; curis & eacute; e of usag & eacute patches ; s possible to limit the exposure of children & agrave ; accidental overdoses, adds the health agency.

Inform health professionals & eacute; its treatment must absolutely say m & eacute; at doctor of a point on treatment history that we put the patches in order to dé avoid of dé might apply overdoses and interfere dé ences with other m & eacute; drugs.

Furthermore, & quot; The pr & eacute; presence of m & eacute; rates in some patches can cause br & ucirc ; burns at r & eacute; realization of an MRI pr & quot ;, & eacute; cise the ASNM.

By cons & eacute; fore & quot; We need systems & eacute; cally inform health professionals & eacute; & quot; that you wear a patch & quot; before & quot; to make this imaging study.

Avoid heat sources Heat or strong fi & egrave ; vre can cause overdose, changing the speed of passage & agrave ; through the skin and the dose of m & eacute; dicament.

It is therefore necessary to & quot; & eacute; avoid significant sources of heat, r & eacute; Aliser of activities & eacute; s sports in hot weather, exposure to the sun fa & ccedil ; it prolonged & eacute; e or without prot & eacute; ger patch by v & a ecirc ; ment & quot ;, advises health agency.



Category: Psychology | Date : November 26, 2014

At 60, Angela Merkel & agrave ; t & ecirc ; te of Germany, one of the major European powers ! Which earned him to & ecirc ; be & eacute; read the most powerful woman in the world in 2012 and 2013 by Forbes Magazine.

Economist and Professor & eacute; m & eacute; rite am dé Rican, Janet Yellen succ & egrave ; of & agrave in January 2014 ; Ben Bernanke as pr & eacute; SPEAKER Board of Governors of the R & eacute; serve f & eacute; d & eacute; US speaking, is the body that g & egrave ; re and control & OCIRC, the Federal Reserve Banks and helps & agrave ; implement the policy my dé am silent dé -American on the totality & eacute; territory !

First lawyer, businesswoman and Economy Minister Nicolas Sarkozy as she finally succ & eacute; d & eacute; & agrave ; Dominique Strauss- Kahn & agrave ; t & ecirc ; te IMF in 2011.

Geun -hye Park, pr & eacute; SPEAKER of the Horn & eacute; e South.

Premi & egrave ; re & agrave woman ; acc & eacute; & agrave der ; pr & eacute; residence of the Horn & eacute; e South, Park Geun -hye is committed to the Horn & eacute; e South, a power to be reckoned with culturally and politically.

Virginia Rometty, former Director & eacute; cutive IMB.

A 57 -year-old Virginia & laquo; Ginni & raquo; Rometty leads one of the most important companies in the world : IBM ! In 2014, it is considered & eacute; r & eacute; e as one of the five most powerful women in the IT sector.

As the eight other women in this ranking, Maria Barra is a personality & eacute; s the world’s most influential.

Former Director & eacute; General Motors cutive since late 2013 & laquo; it belongs to those who have men & eacute; the recovery of the group, [] which resulted in the launch of new products acclam & eacute; s critically & raquo ;, pr & eacute; cise the communiqu & eacute; GM.

She’s m & ecirc ; rentr me time & eacute; the Administration Board of the company.

H & eacute; riti & egrave ; re the Empire ore Hancock Prospecting, Gina Riehart is the richest woman in the world since May 2012 with a fortune of 29.5 billion euros.

M & eacute; training doctor Margaret Chan is the current director of the WHO since 2007.

Commit & eacute; e in the organization since 2003, she ENTAM & eacute; a second term in 2012 & eacute; as the only candidate & agrave ; the estate of his post.