Category: Health | Date : July 28, 2014

except for people who suffer from achluophie, darkness promotes restful sleep, but also has a significant influence on health !

Is beneficial for the treatment against breast cancer !

The new study by researchers at the University Tulane, USA, demonstrates the effects of the dark Total Health of patients treated for breast cancer.

Indeed, the ” Black ” Full allows tamoxifen to act effectively on diseased cells.

Experience shows that the brightness single door ajar totally annihilates the effects of the molecule.

Prevents certain diseases.

In normal times, the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain secretes melatonin at the nightfall.

Similarly, many studies have shown the links between sleep and depression.

In case, the disruption of hormones due to exposure light during sleep time ” The advent of electric light has enabled us to dispose of our natural cycles of day and night, explains the researcher Tracy Bedrosian, which can have potentially disturbed our biological rhythms “.

Obesity limit.

Sleep in the dark would also affect the weight! Indeed, a bad beat or poor quality Sleep can be directly linked to weight gain.

A recent study has found a link between sleep and metabolic changes, always because of hormones.

These are researchers who have demonstrated philadelphia the link between the absence of period of ” darkness Total ” childhood and the development of eyesight problem such as nearsightedness.

However, researchers are still cautious about this finding, since myopia especially an inherited trait, which distorts the results a bit.



Category: Health | Date : July 28, 2014

today the head of the project ” Baseline Study”, Andrew Conrad, a molecular biologist who joined in March 2013 Google X, has been a team of 70 100 specialists in physiology, biology, optics, imaging, molecular biology.

The first 175 volunteers will be subject to and different tests: complete genome, genetic histories but also their parents, their reaction metabolism certain foods or drugs, cardiac stress response, etc.

Data collection that could benefit from the development of portable devices to measure heart rate, oxygenation level or other parameters and the collapse in the price of se quençage genome linked technological advances.

Studies collecting data on a large scale are not a novelty, which is however in the Google project is the amount data collected and the power of unmatched calculations of the firm.

The aim is to define what a healthy body and thereby identify ” biomarkers ” hitherto unknown to assess a risk to health or a therapeutic target.

For example, this study may reveal that certain characteristics of an individual allow it to break down fatty foods more efficiently than another, then that would be more risk of cardiovascular disease.

The hope is to develop a personalized prevention medicine, but also to identify ways to develop new therapeutic targets and thus new treatments.

” It has nothing revolutionary confided Dr. Conrad Wall Street Journal.

We just ask the question differently : to be proactive, what do we need to know? You need to know What does a fixed element, which works well “.

Who better than Google may rule the big data in health I need regular.

Better identify the interactions between DNA, enzymes, proteins, epigenetic factors in a complex organization that the human body is a challenge.

For the face, you’d better have a big budget for a good capacity processing data and an army of professionals to guide this sort and interpret.

And today, Google has all these elements !

According to the Wall Street Journal, these data will be anonymized and this project will be supervised by institutional committees to control how the information will be used.

Is that so much information could interest more widely understood that the mere owner.

These data could be worth gold for insurers who want to reduce their risk.

They could change the outcome of a job interview or a marriage contract is thus understandable why Google also advance cautiously, the omnipresence of the California firm can end up worrying.

Google is interested more in health.

In September 2013, the company announced creating for Calico to address the challenges ” From the age and associated diseases “.

This division is headed by Arthur Levinson, former head of Genentech, a biotech pioneer.

Google has also invested almost $ 4 million in a company specialist in the analysis of the genetic code, 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki, whose co-founder is married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

the market World Health is evaluated to 10.8 trillion in 2017, according to researchers from the Freedonia Group.

2 – The X Prize Foundation launched the Archon Genomics X Prize competition, which will offer a reward of $ 10 million for the full decoding of the DNA code of 100 centenarians.

3 – In China, the Beijing Genomics Institute wants DNA sequencing gifted with an IQ above 160.