Category: Health | Date : April 1, 2015

But not any price ! Lately d & eacute; j & agrave ;, we face a return of m & eacute; natural methods, without chemicals and with the impact dé ecological as low as possible.

Here are three trends that you may quickly succumb.

The diaphragm is a l & eacute device ; g & egrave ; larly difficult appr & eacute; hender and most sp & eacute; Specialists recommend to be guided by a professional for the first & egrave ; re using.

This silicone cap is placed int & eacute; laughing reproductive tract f & eacute; for feminine & eacute; & iuml avoid the spermatozoa ; the move.

The id & eacute; e is therefore to provide a r & eacute; m & eacute response ; mechanical, it is all the m & ecirc ; pr & eacute me f & eacute; ble to use with spermicide.

In perfect use & raquo ;, the diaphragm is 94% effective.

The main causes of dé failure are: lack usual, handling errors, non-use times of the cycle.

Its use is so tedious and less effective than most other contraceptives, however, his appearance purely m & eacute; s mechanical & eacute; product increasingly those who want to limit the hormonal effects.

WARNING: the use of a diaphragm emp & ecirc ; not che transmission of STDs.

The cup for menstruation.

Tampons and towels in the closet, a protection p & eacute; periodical of a new genre is doing the & eacute; mules : the menstrual cup.

However, women attempt the adventure to help science find solutions for the everyday women.

The first mod & egrave ; the silicone Mooncup appeared much r & eacute; recently Overseas.

Since this device & quot; & eacute; ecological & quot; continues to gain followers.

In France, the trend is significantly lower.

However, new brands are trying to ins & eacute; rer on the market & eacute; and conqui & egrave ; rent more and pus followers.

Revenue – home as hygiene products & egrave ; do.

Last gestures that are increasingly replaced & eacute; s by natural substitutes? Those for body care such as & eacute; compilation.

Exit the rose and chemical wax and places the dé sugar compilation.

M & ecirc ; something me with moisturizing or income to take care of her hair more and more fans share their tips on r & eacute; social networks or on their blogs, allowing each to concoct its own product beauty & eacute; !.



Category: Health | Date : April 1, 2015

The & quot; New & quot ;, responsible contracts these offerings that enable organizations compl & eacute; mentary B & eacute; n & eacute; acquirable a fiscalit & eacute; all & eacute; g & eacute; e, will dé sormais r & eacute; lay new crit & egrave ; res, dé finished in a dé decree published in November.

They will apply any individual contract signed or renewed & eacute; From 1 April 2015, while the collective agreements will up & agrave ; end of 2017 to adapt.

Curb inflation view prices and d & eacute; trimmings fee..

R & eacute; form and establishes reimbursement ceilings and floors for eyeglasses, minimum 50 euros 470 euros maximum for simple glasses and 200 750 euros for complex lenses.

Reimbursement of frames is PLAFONN & eacute; 150 euros, which means that if the co & ucirc mount; you 150 euros, simple & ecirc glasses may not, be assumed that up & agrave ; 320 euros.

The warranty applies for p & eacute; period of two years, one year for children and for any renewal of spectacles & ucirc ; a dé evolution of sight.

The ministry & egrave ; re of Health & eacute; wants to curb price inflation optics, assuming that the more companies reimburse patients more prices rise.

In the m & ecirc ; logical to me, these officials contracts can not bear the d & eacute; trimmings fees that & agrave ; 100% of the S & eacute tariff; cu from 2017 for m & eacute; doctors do adh & eacute; not to rant Acc & egrave contract; s care, which aims to contain the co & ucirc ; ts consultations.

Thus, these contracts may cover more than 56 euros for a sp & eacute consultation ; cialist whose base price is 28 euros.

Establishment of a minimum guaranteed a base.

Finally, they will take over the int & eacute; gralit & eacute; hospital day pass without limitation hard & eacute; e, that is & agrave ; -dire patient participation fee of h & eacute; bergement and maintenance li & eacute; s hospitalization non refundable & eacute; e the s & eacute; cu.

The int & eacute; gralit & eacute; mod & eacute ticket; tor also will & ecirc ; be covered for all the care and height of the base price of the S & eacute; cu, except for spa treatments, some m & eacute; drugs or hum & eacute; opathie.

Less reimburse patients rather OCIRC & ; t r & eacute; guler prices of optics..

If the introduction of floors and ceilings is a & quot; r & Small eacute; evolution & quot ;, there is no certainty that it will lower prices, it is feared to interassociative Collective on Sant & eacute;.

& quot; The risk is that patients are obliged & eacute; s take surcompl dé comments or to move towards non- responsible contracts & quot ;, is it tells the collective, who regrets that the Government r & eacute; gule not directly the rates of optics.

Especially as the contract prices may rise, given the co & ucirc ; ts and engendr & eacute upheavals ; s by r & eacute; shape the world of complete dé comments, which pr & eacute; Parent also the g & eacute; n & eacute ; realization of complete dé tional health & eacute; all salari & eacute; s.

& quot; This is frankly a shame to have imposed & eacute; so much stress & quot; for effects to be & quot; Limit & eacute; s & quot ;, as determined by the Director g & eacute; n & eacute; ral of ADEIS, consortium of institutes pr & eacute; clairvoyance, J & eacute; r & OCIRC ; me Bonizec.