Category: Science | Date : August 1, 2014

” Not without my app “, that is how we can summarize the work done by a team of young oncologists specialized in radiotherapy.

Recently published by the serious Journal of Radiation Oncology, they explore to both the benefits of applications and concerns about.

Explanations of Dr. Jean- Emmanuel Bibault, president of the Association of internal radiation oncology, one of the signatories of this work.

Dr. Jean- Emmanuel Bibault : There are about three years, we have free available to internal Cancer via Apple and Android application simplifying the production of calculations to determine the proper dose of radiation to prescribe each patient.

The latter depends on the type of tumor, thus its sensitivity ray, its location and organs that currently around and the evolution of the disease stage.

There were 13,000 loads in the world and wanted to know if the doctors really served to modify their treatment to better suit.

How did you and what were the results ?

We launched a survey of our members to see how they use our app and they checked all applications they used were well validated medically.

Results: almost 100% internal had a smartphone and the majority of them had loaded more than five medical applications, including ours and others to adjust the dose of chemotherapy or other.

About 80 % used daily by these applications to modify or modulate the proposed treatments their patients or verify the absence of adverse interactions.

The results of the second part of the survey are less pleasing : only 60% of medical interns say they worry about the validity applications that they use.

Risk often comes full non- physicians goodwill who create applications not always relevant or too irregularly awarded to day.

But there are currently about 60,000 health applications in the broad sense of the term, and the audit work is very complex in the absence of quality label.

This is a big problem that must be paid by the National Council of the College of Physicians or the High Authority health.

The National Council of the College of Physicians has issued several recommendations, calling doctors regulation to avoid any risk to patients.

Your survey also shows that Facebook is a meeting place between doctors and patients..

Indeed, 20 % of internal oncology interviewed were contacted by their patients via Facebook.

Most often, they say they have not responded to their solicitations.

In its recommendations, the National Council of the Medical Association also advises physicians to interact with patients via social networks, where people often share enough personal information.

Better exchange by mail, on the basis of mutual consent.



Category: Science | Date : August 1, 2014

I ‘m pissed that we would use the word ” autistic ” to describe a person who is not absolutely.

Pissed that we associate autism waterproof person, devoid of emotions, uncaring, cold, withdrawn, closed to other.

Yes, a lot of autistic people have a first shut But above all, do not believe that these people do not see you, do not feel you.

Moreover, it is completely the opposite.

They treat them differently from you.

Many of these stimuli are perceived more intensely you.

They have difficulty the filter, at capture relevant information.

The consequence is, it is true, often a fallback, a way to stop the bombing, to protect themselves from these stimuli, you feel about themselves sentence and easily decode.

Ultimately, these people are too permeable.

unlike the idea conveyed, they experience emotions like everyone else, but the difference is in how to express.

My son is highly sensitive, certainly more than the ordinary average.

But sometimes a special way : pain perceived as very intense for you are very intense for them.

I ‘m sick of autism are systematically belittled, seen as inferior, as if ordinary people were perfect.

Yes, we often say they have little empathy.

But is that ordinary people show empathy when they feel that the indifference to organized massacre animals that have lived their lives in agony from start to the end ?

These perfectly ordinary teenagers who prey on weaker, making their life hell, putting them down, busting their lives forever, they show empathy ?

Yes autism have difficulty communicate, yes, but are they the only ones have these difficulties?

When I see the conflicts, wars broke out, people who insult, do not listen to, who are willing to all for what the other has, who lie constantly All are absolutely not autistic.

Mostly they want to, they want to have friends, relationships.

But at the end of 1000000 attempts that result in a total failure, they stop trying.

What bothers me most about this misuse of the term ” autistic ‘ c’ is that it encourages the spread of ideas, false.

It really does not need that in our case, this is really not helping autistic people to do this.

So the authors of these sentences are fashion but that hurt : even if you are not affected by this syndrome, stop associating it with misconceptions.

Out of respect, the willingness not to interfere.

Finally, here’s a video that shows what autism.