Category: Beauty | Date : October 22, 2014

Your worst r dé flexe beauty dé Whether cigarette! And champagne too!

Your secret AD & egrave ; ‘s a sleepless night after my secret & egrave ; ? S an all-nighter Water! Lots of water! and sleep.

AD & egrave ; ‘s sleepless night, you should sleep and dé avoid crossing people.

A fragrance that suits you ? Rose ! Particular & egrave ; larly & laquo ; Tonight or Never & raquo ;, Annick Goutal.

I am very egrave & ; s pink is my thesis dé matic, I love roses! For each r & OCIRC, the fragrance I have a diff dé annuity tr & egrave, s often around the rose, always around flowers.

Molly, I use Roger & Gallet because it is a very pink & egrave ; fra s & icirc ; che.

Otherwise, I recommend Penhaligon’s fragrances, and laquo ; Elisabethan Rose & raquo; and & laquo ; Red roses & raquo; Jo Malone, which is crazy!

What relationship do you have with the perfume? It’s addictive! It is reassuring, and I feel when I scented, clear the counters & agrave ; z dé ro.

It is a ritual that allows me to tell me & laquo ; hop ! pschiitt, pschiitt & raquo;.

A secret beauty é ;, board, your m & egrave, you would re sent I do not think I come from a family o & ugrave ; we dé was tr & egrave ; Pench s dé the beauty dé.

My m & egrave, re hydratait much skin, it’s the only thing I can say.

So hydration is perhaps & ecirc, be the only secret she has delivered me dé because it does dé really was not a goal in itself, the beauty dé.

As com dé dian, what is your best hygiene & egrave ; not beauty dé • The dé makeup! And the & acirc ; ge helping, when I m & ecirc, me & tr egrave, s care.

I ‘m used to moisturize my skin every morning, I clean my skin every night tr & egrave, s deep dé ment, I use a day cream, a night cream, tr & egrave, s often a J base ‘ é have a beauty routine ; long and tr & egrave ; agr s dé reliable !

If you had two hours & agrave ; consecrate yourselves, and agrave ; How do you occuperiez ? I think I would make a careful.

I dé SkinsCeuticals covered, so I think I would make the care & agrave, out there.

An unforgettable massage? Au Mandarin Oriental, there is a massage 2:30 which is amazing ! It’s their signature massage, which I did after egrave & s A shooting tr & egrave ; tiring s.

What your speech m & egrave, re Had the s dé This production does dé ? Was not something he had to do too much, in my.

The s dé production, c ‘ dé was unnecessary ! The form of s dé nearest my m & egrave production, re, I think it would be simplicity é ;, the spontaneous dé it dé and openness.

How & acirc ; ge have you found dé ? your style I think at 25, I commen & ccedil ; ais & agrave ; know what does not suit me at all! I had an id é e of what was me and what to which I dé quickly.

And then we want to try everything ! But it is very egrave & ; s good, I would have tried dé all styles! I still m & ecirc ; always liked me dé fashion, trinkets, I had all the colors of hair, I dé t & eacute; grunge, I dé t & eacute; post- punk.

Your outfit for s dé produce I am dé ? Site.

And probably, as I love the dresses, a pantsuit.

What you do to your body? Du sport! I make bikhram yoga, I made & agrave ; high dose but I do it much less.

It is a yoga that dé rolls in a heated room dé e & agrave ; & 40 deg ;.

It is tr & egrave, s dynamic, tr & egrave, s physical.

This is almost the m dé meditation because the effect of the fact that heat is only printed on the body movement.

Who embodies it to you? Julianne Moore ! Because I find it codes beauty dé not forced dé ment dé vidents, m & ecirc ; me now if they are found dé vidents I remember her in movies & laquo ; Batman & raquo ;, ugrave & o ; we dé was seized ! I do not like beauty dé s smooth, I like that there are accidents, I think I ‘m more touch dé e by women who have dé pass something as a beauty dé tr & egrave, s plastic.

Julianne Moore r dé not lay conventional codes.



Category: Science | Date : October 22, 2014

While Spain announces gu dé rison of caregiver contaminated dé e Ebola virus, the Bar Council of Nurses has pr dé feels dé Tuesday r dé a survey & ecirc results, you on the fa & ccedil, one whose authority dé s have g é r é ; the health crisis during the repatriation of two missionaries in August & ucirc, t and September.

The findings point to the lack of pr dé and repair deficiencies in the training of health professionals dé most exposed dé s danger.